Apply 1 of 16 Purple Kitchen Island for Perfect Look

FeastHome – There is a well-known sentence which most people put their belief in, “kitchen is the heart of the house”. It is hard to deny that because cooking can become a heart-warming activity for your family.

You can elevate the function of your kitchen by applying purple kitchen island in the center of that room.

Why the existence of kitchen island is so important? It’s because that spot is not only for table and chair but also for the social area. When breakfast time is coming, you and your family can talk with each other first as morning ritual before everyone runs off into their own business.

Based on that reason, I think it is not too much if we pay more attention to the kitchen island. Make this spot into your private personal area. Imagine that a good design will bring your family to enjoy more with this morning ritual. So, let’s check out these amazing ideas of the purple kitchen island!

1. Nothing Is Wrong With Off White

purple kitchen island

Even though you choose an out of the box color for your island, doesn’t mean you can let go of a classic color for the entire design of your kitchen. Nothing can beat the harmony from off white or broken white compared with your dark purple kitchen island. Add a classic hanging lamp to complement the look.

2. Open Concept for Additional Storage

kitchen island ideas

The kitchen island offers a great unusual way to add more storage for your kitchen. There are lots of ways to incorporate additional storage. Try a traditional cabinet or drawer.

Want to put two different storages at the same time? Use a couple of cabinet underneath the island with drawers on top of it will be perfect.

3. Bright and Sunny For A Warm Kitchen

purple kitchen island

No matter when your favorite time is to use kitchen island: day or night, but letting the sunlight to enter brighten up your kitchen never goes wrong. Put the island in the center of the room or close to the window. Enjoy the sunlight with family while in breakfast is always becoming the best time of your day.

4. Industrial Kitchen with Purple Island

kitchen island ideas

Industrial kitchen décor is always a big hit because it looks functional, represents your great taste, and particularly is efficient to be applied at the kitchen.

Instead of wired, turns out it looked stylish as long as you can transform the old objects into something fresh and modern without abandoning the nostalgic atmosphere.

It has been a popular trend among interior designer, while you combine old fashion kitchen’s materials with modern furniture for the island.

5. a Little Natural Touched to Liven Up Your Kitchen

kitchen island ideas

When you have a lot of wooden ornaments on your kitchen, show it just the way it is. Maybe at the beginning, you feel odd to mix purple with brownish wooden color. In fact, it is a smart idea to bring natural elements into your kitchen and your purple island is totally fine with that.

6. Modern Minimalist Purple Island

kitchen island ideas

Just because you have the eye-catching color for the island, doesn’t mean you can’t put more than one element into your kitchen. Wine-like purple color can be combined with a white and grayish accent, along with blue ocean or Tosca backsplash. Still matching, right?

7. A Rustic Purple Island to Make It More Comfortable

purple kitchen island

Sometimes, the more traditional design you get, the more comfortable it will be. It is also applicable for kitchen island. You can put two rattan chairs into your side open island. Since the color of your chair is a little bit metallic, imitate that into the other furniture and wall.

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8. Make Sure the View Is Eye Pleasing Enough

kitchen island ideas

If you have a backyard garden with pool or soothing greenery view, use it to be the view for your island. This social area is supposed to be comfortable for you to spend your time, no matter how long it is.

That is why place your island in front of the big window which directly connecting to the open outdoor space.

9. Make It Playful With Unique Ornaments

kitchen island ideas

A kitchen island is not merely about functional space but also to elevate the taste throughout the detail. You can use three unique lamps instead of the ubiquitous one.

10. Big Space Island

purple kitchen island

If you are lucky enough to have a big kitchen, then you can make a wide-open island, too. It is leverage for you since you can put the chairs on one side and the other bigger side is for accessing the drawer or storage. You can combine purple with another color like orange or brownish wooden into your island.

11. A Classic Elegant Style

purple kitchen island

Who said purple can’t be a cheerful thing? Turns out, it can! All you need to consider is the ornament and dominant color. Choose crème instead of white and lilac orchid to fill the table.

If you love to put an elegant yet feminine accent, this is the best you can have. An island with natural rattan chairs which the color is preserved just the way it is beyond astonishing. As an ornament option, add various flowers can cherish the room and boost your mood every day.

12. Sophisticated Room

kitchen island ideas

The sophisticated design maybe rarely found in the kitchen. But it still can be a good idea especially if you avoid something traditional. Pay attention to the lighting and furniture if you want to make it works.

13. A Kitchen Made Of Wood

kitchen island ideas

If you are extremely into wooden decoration, then you can put it to be your entire kitchen’s design. From the drawers, hanging storages, island, and chair. Don’t forget to be consistent with the color.

14. Beauty in Simplicity

kitchen island ideas

Having an island in your kitchen in a simple way can be a great way to communicate your personality. No need too many ornaments or furniture, you still can use the island in a proper and functional way

15. How to Get Around the Limited Space

kitchen island ideas

Sometimes, the only reason for not having a kitchen island is because people think they don’t have enough to do it. In fact, as long as you know the trick, you can have a proper island without compromising the function of the kitchen itself.

Place the island right against the wall, across the stove or any other kitchen’s equipment. So it looks like an aisle.

16. Round Island, Why Not?

kitchen island ideas

If you think choosing purple as the island’s color is not unique enough, you can make it into round table with storage underneath instead of box-shaped.

Well, which one is your favorite purple kitchen island? Even though it is not common, but as long as you can make it a good decoration, purple will look nice with your kitchen.


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