17 Black Kitchen Island to Bring the Masculinity throughout


FeastHome – The black kitchen island serves various purposes through your homey home. Not merely about how to be visually anchored in that space, but it’s also about how to improve efficiency and functionality.

Since almost everyone realizes the importance of this area, the topic on how to decorate it is popping up significantly.

Choosing color is an essential stage in doing home décor. And the current trend right now is more people tend to be braver in picking contrast color for their favorite room, including the kitchen. You can expect a light-colored kitchen contrasted by the black island to make it bold. And it is awesome, though!

Talking about the black island, it is usually compared with off-white or cream palette. One reason why people do that is to make the black itself to be more outstanding. And here are some ideas of black kitchen island for your astonishing room.

1. Creating More Seating Space Black Kitchen Island

black kitchen island

Whether you are lacking a proper dining table or looking for more casual seating bar option, adding extra chairs to the island is the easiest way to improve functionality, especially if you use this area to be a place where everyone can talk about their rushing day. It also makes the atmosphere more sociable.

2. Make Your Style Bolder Black Kitchen Island

kitchen island ideas


A black kitchen island is fairly noticeable and contributes a huge impact on the entire style of your kitchen. When you put a contrast thing inside a room, it becomes an instant visual appeal none can deny.

3. Contemporary Kitchen + Black Island = Perfection

kitchen island ideas

For a number of reasons, black looks astonishing to be used for the kitchen. The conspicuous one is how the majority of modern kitchen uses pale hues and neutral color and it needs bold color to highlight the different space. Not to mention, how black can blend into almost every style of your kitchen.

4. It Is About Lighting

black kitchen island

Besides contrasting color, how you choose the lighting offers a different alternative to bring your kitchen more outstanding. It’s better for you to combine two sources of lighting: natural light and electricity.

You can utilize access to the backyard as a natural source of lighting and hang pendant lights to make it prettier.

5. Another Way to Contrast the Color Black Kitchen Island

kitchen island ideas

If most of the black kitchen island use the said tone for the entire island and white for the kitchen, you can mix everything.

Pick island’s furniture with black for the table and white for the top and the chairs. You can also put black appliances into the kitchen, like this big cupboard, to contrast the wall painting.

6. Keep It Simple

black kitchen island

Some of the design enthusiasts believe in the term “beauty in simplicity”. If you stick to the function, don’t get rushed on searching for too much detail or ornament. Just a simple table with drawer and chairs is enough. As long as you can combine the color nicely, everything is just perfect.

7. Storage Everywhere

black kitchen island

It is an undeniable fact that you need many drawers or any other form of storage for your kitchen. Having an island can be the smartest move on adding extra storage.

8. Scandinavian Kitchen Style

kitchen island ideas

Are you craving something authentic? You can implement a Scandinavian style, especially if you demand something relaxing and soothing, like black and white, without ruining your high level of taste.

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9. Can’t Get Enough with Modern Minimalist

kitchen island ideas

An open kitchen with modern minimalist design is suitable if you require clean look without too much additional stuff. It can give you the illusion of a bigger space, too.

10. Spread the Workflow

kitchen island ideas

Having stovetops or incorporating sink to the surface of the island can be the best way to spread the workflow. Pay more attention to the details, like plumbing or ventilation, since the installation can be trickier than your expectation.

11. Your DIY Project

black kitchen island

If you doubt too much on deciding whether or not you need an island but on the other hand you don’t want to lose the hype, just make it small but functional. You can do this as your DIY project. Just put two pieces of wood and install it like a surface and foot of the table. Voila, it’s done!

12. Say No to the Ordinary

black kitchen island

Square-shaped island perhaps looks too old. If you are starving for something different, here we have a round-shaped island.

If you want to use the island for more than one purpose, give a pole from the surface to the roof. Don’t let it empty; put a nice lamp on that pole or another ornament to elevate the visual and aesthetic.

13. Dining Table Replacement

black kitchen island

Since the function is quite the same, maybe you are wondering, “Why do we have a dining table and island at home?” Well, actually you can erase one of them. But my suggestion is to stick with the island and make it your dining table replacement.

A small island is enough if you live with your spouse only with no additional family member. Make it clean from any disturbance. If you need a bottle of pepper, ketchup, or any other stuff near you, put it inside the drawer or storage underneath.

14. Rustic Grayish Style

black kitchen island

Even though the ordinary style is mixing black with the neutral light color, but actually, you can use a grayish or dark grey for the furniture to complement your black island. Turns out, it gives rustic vibes and still good to be seen.

15. Looks Softer With Cream

kitchen island ideas

Cream is another most matching color to black besides white. Look at the color combination above: you can use cream as the dominant color and black kitchen island only from the surface of that island. It gives a little bit warm feeling when you choose to use an undertone hue.

16. Be Bold and Darker

black kitchen island

If your entire home is using light neutral color but you want to show the existence of the kitchen way more than any other room, choose a bolder color for the whole look. For the drawer and cupboard, you can choose grey and black for the wall. It looks so edgy and masculine.

17. Casual Bar Island

kitchen island ideas

Make a statement to your guests or family member that this casual bar island is for entertainment purpose. The warm ambiance, which makes everyone feel comfortable there, is a good start. Thanks to the yellowish hanging lamps, it contributes a lot to establish the atmosphere.

So, what do you think? Have you chosen your favorite black kitchen island yet? All you need to do is evaluate the whole design of your home, then pick one of those inspirations above to jazz up your kitchen space.

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