16 Inspirations to Use the Stunning Red Kitchen Island

red kitchen island

FeastHome – Can you resist the enchantment of a red kitchen island? The color is a sign of everything tempted, from a great lipstick, fresh and hot chili sauce, into a slice of huge juicy meat ready to serve in medium-rare. In psychology, red is also known as a sign of brave.

Adding this bold color into your kitchen is the best choice. It will warm you up once you start to serve the delicious breakfast for the family? So, are you brave enough to be bold? Here they are the best way on how you can use a lot of red, something that you can never resist:

1. Sexy Stainless-Steel Red Kitchen Island

red kitchen

A kitchen made up of the stainless-steel might be a good idea if you don’t have enough time to tidy up your kitchen on a daily basis. But, at some point, the stainless steel is considered as less-sexy, and when you see the picture, you will realize that it is totally wrong.

All the red, stainless-steel made pieces of equipment in the kitchen enhances the sleek and modern nuance.

The kitchen combines the metallic red and silver in a very balanced way, and it makes the kitchen looks so compact. And look on the simple rectangular shapes of each thing, don’t you think it can maximize the storage?

2. A Glimpse of Minimalism Red Kitchen Island

red kitchen island

Minimalism is a concept defined by simplicity when you have fewer things on your own. It makes you value what you have better, and you can also do it in your red kitchen.

Present the real definition of minimalism with this glassy red kitchen set idea. The red accent on the cabinets and refrigerator warm up the kitchen and the use of black marble flooring give the kitchen a strong personality.

3. Highly-Functioned Kitchen

red kitchen

To have a complete, highly-functioned kitchen set, you can add some custom cabinets made up of the wood and painted in red metallic color. The combination of both red, silver, and dark brown, all in metallic concept, give the space a very high-fashion look.

4. Bizarre but Simple

red kitchen

Having the red kitchen ideas doesn’t mean that you must cover all the corners in the kitchen with the red color.

You can also enhance the appetite in the kitchen by splashing the bright candy apple red in the cabinet doors. And look at that bizarre lamp? It completes the happiness in the kitchen.

5. An Airy Red Space

red kitchen

The essential thing of having a vast kitchen is sufficient natural light. To make it happen, place the kitchen near a big glass door where light can come easily to the kitchen. And look at how the red glass cabinet can beautifully reflect the light!

6. Tempting Corner Red Kitchen Island

red kitchen

Give the kitchen a sophisticated ultra-modern look with the use of red-glass accent in all the cabinets.

Of course, the extreme glare is something that most people avoid, so, the white accent and the subdued brown flooring will make the ambiance more balance. Then, you’ve already had the red kitchen that is so inviting, but not too tacky.

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7. Ultra-Modern Red Kitchen Island

red kitchen

Yes, you can have an ultra-modern kitchen using the glossy accent in the appliances, but still conveys the ultimate luxury. The glossy red color dominates the custom cabinet and the kitchen island.

Meanwhile, the existence of silver color both in the wall and in the flooring accentuates a strong statement.

8. Sweet Escape Red Kitchen Island

red kitchen island

As long as it has a dry concept, the kitchen can be functioned as a sweet escape. The ruby red and ash color combination blend so well. They give you a cozy and subtle red without being too overwhelming.

9. Futuristic Red

red kitchen island

Look how appetizing the red color is in this futuristic kitchen them. Having a strong red kitchen nuance is not about splashing all the equipment with red color.

The use of red on a wall side and in the kitchen island can accentuate the red statement. And this color doesn’t really need to take over all the corners just to be bold.

10. Small and Simple Red Kitchen Island

red kitchen island

Turn your unused corner in the backside of the house into a passionate kitchen in red. However, the ordinary kitchen benefits from the attractive red glass choice in the cabinets.

11. A Strong Statement

red kitchen island

Surround your kitchen in bold accent with the shiny black and deep red colors. Accentuate the theme with the splashy red color in the backsplash. Those make the kitchen looks more glamorous and not too overwhelmed.

12. True Definition of Elegance

red kitchen

Being elegance in red doesn’t mean that you have to spatter all the corners of the kitchen with this tempting color. You can pick a strong choice for example in the surface of the kitchen island. The rest of the appliances are covered in deep brown color to strengthen the exclusivity.

13. Monochrome in Red

red kitchen island

How to present a monochromatic accent with the red color? You can complement the glossy-red appliances with the regular white tiles flooring. Add a refrigerator and a range in stainless-steel to evoke simplicity.

14. Classy and Modern

red kitchen island

Bring a sleek and contemporary look in your kitchen by presenting the lacquer kitchen set in deep red color. Complemented with the silver touch in the backsplash and the island, this is how you make red become not so overwhelming.

15. Old School Never Gets Old

red kitchen

This is how the farmhouse white and classic window blinds can bring you a modern old-school look. The red color in the cabinets’ door and the floating shelves are the points that can turn up the monotonous kitchen concept.

16. Glamorously Simple

red kitchen

The kitchen introduces you on how the subdued red can also look glamorous and classy. Opt for the blue tiles in the backsplash instead of the red color to give a pop of midcentury touch.

And those are some of the inspirations of red kitchen ideas as the ideal ways on how to enliven your house and add the option for working space beside the living room or even a private bedroom.


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