17 Stunning Boho Kitchen Style Ideas

boho kitchen style

FeastHome – Whether you are looking for ideas to create a stunning kitchen or to add boho kitchen style to the existing kitchen, check out these 17 stunning boho kitchen style ideas as they are quite simple, yet impressive.

1. Earthy Cabinets with Splash of Yellow

boho kitchen style

There are no strict rules about colors in Boho style. Therefore, you can go as wild as you want to create an eclectic look. You need to be careful, though. Concocting various colors thoughtlessly may end up in a haphazard look.

This kitchen looks great with the combination of veneered cabinets that feature natural earthy color and a few tints of yellow. Combining earthy and vibrant colors add balance to this kitchen.

2. Fiery Orange Pendant Light Boho Kitchen Style

boho kitchen style

The most conspicuous thing in this kitchen is the orange pendant lights that beef this kitchen up. They contrast this white kitchen that is dominated with neutral color hues like the wooden floor and dining table.

3. Pallet-Wood Kitchen Island Boho Kitchen Style

boho kitchen style

The clean-lined edges of the modern style blended nicely with the rustic touch of the pallet-wood kitchen island, bringing a rich pattern to this kitchen. The use of different shades of wooden hues enriches the look better.

White subway tiles are laid in herringbone style to match the kitchen island perfectly. For the finishing touch, three LED globe pendant lights with the copper fixture are suspended over the kitchen island.

4. Dramatic Light Fixtures Boho Kitchen Style

boho kitchen style

You can see the boho style melds with farmhouse style nicely here, especially the use of white finish and the shiplap walls. The greenery offers a lively lift to the kitchen while adding a little bit of Boho style.

Two sconces hang above the kitchen sink, shedding some light when you have to do the dishes at night. The design of the sconces makes them look dramatic.

5. Leathered Sofa and Colorful Rug

boho kitchen style

Mixing textures and patterns is a common thing in creating a Boho style. Therefore, do not afraid to have some experiments and see how they work.

If your existing kitchen adopts farmhouse style, and you want to add a little bit of Boho style, you can copy these ideas.

Try laying a colorful ikat rug on the floor in your kitchen to incorporate more texture and pattern. The leathered couch is also there to give you comfort.

6. Playful Pattern Boho Kitchen Style

boho kitchen style

This kitchen is the real safe haven for any Boho-chic lover. There’s this patterned backsplash that amps this kitchen up. The colorful rug lying o the floor provides comfort for your feet as well as adding more patterns to the kitchen.

Ivy and philodendron are placed on the shelves and dangle a little bit to enhance the dramatic backdrop. Some greenery is also added to make the kitchen more attractive.

7. Wicker Baskets and Red Chair Boho Kitchen Style

boho kitchen style

This small kitchen looks fabulous and bigger with the whitewashed exposed brick wall and white ceiling. Neutral color hues are used in every inch of this kitchen to bring in warmth.

Wicker baskets do a double-duty. They incorporate additional storage solutions as well as adding a textural element to the kitchen. A red chair is added to give a little bit of color accent here.

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8. Ornamental Element and Wooden Kitchen Island

boho kitchen style

This white kitchen looks more spacious and airier, thanks to the window that lets natural light to come into the kitchen and large tiles that expand the kitchen visually.

To make it less stark, some unique wall-arts are hung to add an ornamental element. The wooden kitchen island is eminently simple. And the wooden chairs round out it.

9. Add a Lively Lift Boho Kitchen Style

boho kitchen style

In Boho style, adding plants as the adornment of your kitchen is a must. Besides, plants can add a lively lift to it and provide better air.

Ivy is a top-notch choice when it comes to the indoor garden as it can dangle beautifully. Some succulent helps the ivy to perk the kitchen up. The Persian rugs and woven baskets add textural elements.

10. Greenery for Dramatic Backdrop

boho kitchen style

Incorporating natural element is the key to Boho style. Therefore, the more plants you use to embellish your kitchen, the better.

Just take a look at how those vines dangle dramatically over the kitchen sink and a large planter fill in the awkward space in the corner.

11. Exposed Brick Wall and Stripped Rug

boho kitchen style

To get the Boho style, you need to invest in slightly-worn furniture or décor. It does not have to be well-worn, though.

Try to find something that does not look too old and not new either, just like this exposed brick wall and distressed shaker cabinets. The striped rug keeps the style balance.

12. Bubble-Like Pendant Light with Copper Fixture

boho kitchen style

The combination of natural elements provided by the wooden drawers and island and the industrial style shown by the copper pendant lights makes this kitchen look classy. A round tray that has the same finish as the pendant light perfects the style.

13. Patterned Tiles and Sisal Rug

boho kitchen style

In creating a Boho style, you need to be bold in adding more patterns. This kitchen, for example, features patterned-tile flooring that embodies the Boho flair.

A gray sisal rug lies under the dining table to keep your feet warm and allow a different texture to pop here.

14. Marine-Life Kitchen

boho kitchen style

This kitchen emulates marine life nicely. Turquoise glass tiles make a splendid backsplash since they can reflect the light well and look like the scallops of a mermaid. The green floor and rug highlight the marine-themed perfectly.

15. Marble Countertop and Mosaic backsplash

boho kitchen style

The off-white shaker cabinets infuse the touch of the traditional look. The marble countertops and mosaic backsplash add the touch of elegance. Leathered stools provide a comfortable place to sit.

16. Turquoise Backsplash and Patterned Blind

boho kitchen style

Matching is not an important thing in Boho style. This kitchen has successfully emerged chic chaos by blending the turquoise backsplash with a patterned window blind.

17. Ikat Rug and Teal Kitchen Island

boho kitchen style

Some people may see this kitchen as a chaotic space, but for those who are keen on Boho style will see it as an exceptional beauty.

The teal kitchen island sparks vibrancy in this white kitchen. The ikat rug adds more colors to the kitchen.

You do not need to match everything to create a Boho kitchen style. Feel free to blend various patterns and elements from different eras. And do not forget to add plants to perfect the style.

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