15+ Stunning Ideas for Scandinavian Kitchen Style

scandinavian kitchen style

FeastHome – As I mentioned about Scandinavian kitchen style, you may picture a kitchen with white walls, clean lines, wood finishes, and lots of plants. It’s no doubt that some of the things pointed out before are the key to common Scandinavian design.

When it comes to the kitchen, it is actually one of the best spaces within your home to explore Scandinavia style. If you want to blend your kitchen design with natural elements, this style is just perfect for you.

If you need some inspirations to apply the Scandinavian style to your kitchen, here I’ve listed several ideas to help you get started.

1. Bring Nature Inside

scandinavian kitchen style

This Scandinavian kitchen looks so clean and airy with its white interior. The white subway backsplash is expanded to touch the ceiling, creating a beautiful texture in the plain white wall.

Besides, this kitchen also incorporates nature to its design. There are two glass vases holding greenery on the dining table and some other planters set around the kitchen.

2. Encourage Conversation

scandinavian kitchen style

The dominant white scheme of Scandinavian may seem too plain for some people. To make your space, even more, inviting for others, try to bring unique conversation pieces into your kitchen like this table and chairs.

In addition, there are also a few wrought iron pendant lights over the table that delivers a stylish charm to this kitchen.

3. Opt for Full Subway Wall

scandinavian kitchen style

When it comes to Scandinavian kitchen style, white subway wall tiles are a staple since it can be the best way to bring the pattern to the kitchen without infusing more colors into the palette.

This kitchen looks clean and amazing with its full subway wall and glass paneled windows. There are also wall-mounted shelves to provide additional space to store and display your collection of glassware and ceramic ware.

4. Incorporate Black and White Beauty

scandinavian kitchen style

Instead of a full white color scheme, this small kitchen incorporates black and white beauty to create a cozy and inviting space within your home.

This lovely kitchen also features a breakfast nook along with some pillowcases that make a comfortable space for enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

5. Let the Floor Be the Hero

scandinavian kitchen style

While maintaining the wall, ceiling, and cabinet white, the floor comes to be the champion to deliver such a unique pattern to the room. This kitchen also features a wooden table and two stools which makes a nice space for enjoying your breakfast.

6. Keep Everything White

scandinavian kitchen style

It’s no secret that white color is a key when it comes to Scandinavian style. This kitchen represents this style very well with its all-white design. Everything is white except the chairs and a few elements.

Thanks to the extended countertop, this kitchen also has a nice dining area that can accommodate more than two persons.

7. Add Other Light Hues

scandinavian kitchen style

Rather than keeping everything white, you can also infuse your Scandinavian kitchen style with other lighter hues like this one. Here, there are some soft wooden tones fit in the design, creating an elegant Scandinavian kitchen.

Moreover, this kitchen also has smart organizational solutions that make it a comfortable place without too much fuss.

8. Keep Everything Simple

scandinavian kitchen style

One of the advantages of the Scandinavian style is that it offers a simple design that looks elegant and inviting at the same time. As you can see, this kitchen looks so clean and elegant with its simple décor.

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There are only a few things that appear to decorate the room so that space can achieve that clutter-free feeling.

9. Add Unique Pattern

scandinavian kitchen style

One of the best ways to splash some pattern to your Scandinavian kitchen is by using the backsplash area. Instead of employing plain subway tiles, opt for patterned tiles to give your kitchen a fresh style like this one.

Besides the backsplash, the floor of this Scandinavian kitchen also showcases an elegant feature for the whole space.

10. Bring Patterned Rug

scandinavian kitchen style

While everything is white, the black and white patterned rug under the dining table creates a beautiful charm to this plain kitchen.

The wooden element presented by the dining table also completes the sense of Scandinavian style in this kitchen. Besides, it also features dried flowers as a hint of nature.

11. Include a Large Island

scandinavian kitchen style

While most of the ideas above incorporating a dining table that comes in natural wood color, this Scandinavian kitchen style has a large white island.

The hint of wooden elements, on the other hand, is represented by the countertops and floating shelves that hold some decorations.

12. Let the Light Pour In

scandinavian kitchen style

What makes Scandinavian design is perfect for small space is because it includes a white color scheme and encourages letting natural light come in.

Thanks to the glass paneled window, this small kitchen looks bright and more spacious. There are also some flower vases set on the countertop to complete this lovely kitchen.

13. Combine Old and New

scandinavian kitchen style

When you are remodeling your previous kitchen to this style, you don’t need to get everything new. You can also combine old and new elements to make space appear even more unique.

For instance, you don’t need to throw away your old kitchen island and let it be there to store your recipe books.

14. Add a Hint of Color

scandinavian kitchen style

Incorporating color to your Scandinavian kitchen can be simpler than you think. You can simply add green chairs like the picture above to deliver a splash of color to your Scandinavian kitchen.

These green chairs will be perfect to match the greenery you bring inside the kitchen.

15. Go for Dark Details

scandinavian kitchen style

Are you bored with the conventional all-white look? If you want to make your Scandinavian kitchen stand out, try to employ black details between the all-white elements in your space.

16. Be Flexible

scandinavian kitchen style

One of the best things about utilizing a Scandinavian style is that you can be flexible with your design. Thanks to its neutral backdrop, you can easily remodel your kitchen into another style when you feel bored.

17. Be Smart with the Details

scandinavian kitchen style

Try backsplash with pastel tones to add a lovely charm to your all-white Scandinavian kitchen like this one. You can also consider adding floating shelve to display anything that can complement the space.

Those are a few ideas to design a Scandinavian kitchen style in your home. Hope you enjoy the ideas listed above and have a great day!

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