17 Traditional Kitchen Style Ideas That Will Impress You

traditional kitchen style ideas

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In this modern era, the traditional design remains the top choice for a few reasons. It always provides comfort and warmth. Not to mention, it features stunning details and moldings. If you love it, take a gander at our traditional kitchen style ideas.

Perhaps, you think that the traditional design is just for large and luxurious home. No, it is totally wrong. Despite your limited budget and space, you can attain your dream classic kitchen. Let’s explore some key elements below!

Green Accents

traditional kitchen style

When it comes to the traditional culinary space, opt for sage green as the accent color. The sage green pendant lights blend well with wooden floor, kitchen island’s top, and window blinds.

Glass windows bring morning sunlight into the kitchen. White Shaker-style cabinets, countertop, and backsplash expand the area.

Nature-Inspired Kitchen

traditional kitchen style

Here, the exposed brick ceiling, stone backsplash, raw wooden dining table, and clay floor tiles lend the timeworn appeal. A pair of wrought iron orb chandeliers boosts the old-world charm.

The marble countertops exhibit sumptuous air. Meanwhile, fresh sunflowers in the glass vase liven up the whole kitchen scene.

Artistic Backsplash Inset

traditional kitchen style

This cooking area is beyond spectacular. It employs a curvaceous ceiling, polished stone floor, marble countertop, wooden post, and cabinetry.

An embossed backsplash inset is like a piece of art. Then, the daylight enters the space through an arched window. Lastly, a vintage wrought iron chandelier produces a peaceful ambiance.

Cottage Vibes

traditional kitchen style

The homeowner uses buttery cream hue throughout the cooking space. It creates a calm and mind-relaxing aura. In addition, the carved detailing on posts and cabinets contribute to classic roots.

The crystal chandelier and wall sconces illuminate the area after dark. French ceramic dishes are elegantly displayed in the cabinetry and on a round dark table.

A Modern Touch

traditional kitchen style ideas

Admire both modern and traditional kitchens? This idea is exactly for you. The black cabinet, white countertop, ceiling vent hood, and monochrome kitchen island carve a modern aesthetic due to their clean lines.

Patterned wood floor, stainless-steel faucet, tableware, and wall sconces promote a country look. And the glass windows offer a scenic nature view.

Inviting Colors

traditional kitchen style

In this European-style culinary space, the cabinets are painted in caramel and cream shades. They instantly deliver a serene ambiance to the kitchen.

Brown kitchen island showcases the color change in an obvious way. The room relies on natural light from glass doors and windows. Vibrant colors on floral blinds revolutionize the area.

Custom-Made Kitchen Island

traditional kitchen style ideas

This culinary space involves two-tier mahogany kitchen island. It gives a personalized touch to the area. The wooden floor keeps the area cozy and warm.

Stacked stone backsplash introduces the rugged texture. Ivory cabinets contrast nicely with dark wooden range hood. The houseplants naturally decorate the room. While a trio of long pendant lights radiates glow in a soft manner.

Melting Pot

traditional kitchen style ideas

As seen in the picture, the kitchenette gets global influence. The backsplash is ornately dressed in Spanish square tiles. Undoubtedly, the lantern pendant lights, bamboo blinds, and ceramic jars are so Japanese.

Dark wooden cabinetry, sink, kitchen island, and dining chairs inject the homey feeling into the kitchen. Underfoot is a wooden floor.

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Spacious and Swanky

traditional kitchen style

The dark cabinetry and pale yellow walls generate a fabulous contrast. Unfinished wooden Cathedral ceiling, exposed beams, and white soapstone countertops infuse a rustic character.

The dining area is adorned with a caramel rug. A backsplash inset steals the spotlight. There are also potted greenery and fish wall decor that make space feel complete.

Shabby Chic Marries Traditional

traditional kitchen style

This farmhouse cooking space is filled with casual vibes. Thanks to the white distressed wooden cabinets. Oxidized metal kitchen sign and stainless-steel appliances emanate the rustic-industrial flair.

Old jade green kitchen island stands out against butcher block and weathered wood countertops. Orange backsplash inset and green flowers jazz up the zone.

Unfinished Business

traditional kitchen style ideas

Dark wooden furniture overwhelms the space, but not the light ones. In this room, the unpolished wooden cabinets keep the room relaxed.

We also love the contrast between black countertops and wooden units. Stone floor tiles pamper the feet. And the plants in clear glass vase bring perky life to the area.

French Country Kitchen

traditional kitchen style ideas

This kitchen makes you feel like going to France. Two wrought iron lantern pendant lights elicit old world atmosphere. The window curtain, dining table, and chairs are so elegant.

The hexagon stone tiles on backsplash develop a sense of rustic. White ceiling, cabinetry, and range hood open up the area.

Timeless Warmth

traditional kitchen style ideas

Here, the wooden floor, kitchen island, high stools, and Shaker-style cabinets evoke an intimate ambiance. White ceiling and dining table rival the dark cabinetry as well as the black countertop.

Dishware, vegetables, and fruits deliver splashes of color to the zone. And glass industrial pendant lights serve as a wow factor.

All about Textures

traditional kitchen style

The homeowner brilliantly outfits her kitchen with stained wood cabinetry, kitchen island, and floor. They produce a cozy environment quickly.

Granite countertops and custom stone backsplash satisfy the desire for abstract patterns. The pendant lights lend a slightly modern touch. Low back stools offer a sense of comfort.

Go Neutral

traditional kitchen style

This space confidently boasts white chalk painted refrigerator, kitchen island, display cupboard, and base cabinets along with ivory cabinetry and backsplash, they soothe the room.

Vibrant flowers embellish the kitchen. While pendant lights ensure that the kitchen gets a good amount of brightness.

Magnificent and Casual

traditional kitchen style

Fancy something traditional and upscale? Give this idea a try. French country wooden range hood, cabinetry, stone backsplash, and floor layer the area with textures.

Three wrought iron pendant lights carve classic appearance that transcends the trends. A Persian rug on the floor draws attention.

Sunny Setting

traditional kitchen style

The picture shows that traditional culinary space can be open and bright too. Big thanks to the white ceiling, curved stool, backsplash, exposed wooden beams, countertops, and walls.

Blackened metal framed windows to let the sunshine into the zone. Unfinished wooden pieces and concrete floor tiles are rustic in nature. White flowers, brass pendant lights, and mini houseplants complement the look.

In essence, ideas of traditional kitchen style are infinite. The units certainly can also be mixed and matched to fit your need. Anyway, which kitchen tempts you the most?

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