17 Splendid Industrial Kitchen Style Ideas

industrial kitchen style

FeastHome – Industrial kitchen style always brings the rustic charm to your cooking space. And the good news is you do not have to spend a lot of money to achieve the look. These 17 industrial kitchens will spark creative ideas as well as making you amazed.

1. Concrete Floor and Wire Pendant Lights

industrial kitchen style

Concrete elements like concrete walls, countertops, and floors are typically found in an industrial style because they provide an unrefined finish which looks bold and elegant.

This kitchen features polished concrete floor for an elegant look and comfortable steps. Polished concrete backsplash coming in the black finish makes the kitchen look bolder.

Besides the concrete flooring, some wire pendant lights hanging above the kitchen island enhance the industrial style nicely. Wooden cabinets come in ash finish, matching the concrete floor well.

2. Black Cabinets and Stainless-Steel Pendant Lights

industrial kitchen style

Black and gray are the most common color hues used in an industrial style since they can make space look bold, which is what an industrial style is all about.

This kitchen looks great with the simple black cabinets. The absence of unnecessary trims defines the boldness of an industrial kitchen perfectly. Instead of opaque cabinet doors, the homeowner prefers translucent glass as the cabinet doors.

Three stainless-steel pendant lights bring focus to the essential spot in this kitchen – the kitchen island.

3. Reclaimed Wood and Bar Stools

industrial kitchen style

Incorporating rustic elements in a kitchen is the most convenient way to create an industrial style. This kitchen, for example, features reclaimed-wood kitchen island and pendant-light holder that brings in the rustic touch.

Five leathered bar stools line up in front of the kitchen island accentuate the rustic look. And the rug lying on the polished concrete floor is the icing on the cake.

4. Leathered Stools

industrial kitchen style

This kitchen does not feature a concrete floor, which is usually found in an industrial kitchen style. It uses the wooden floor instead that provides a warm ambiance to the cooking space.

Leathered black stools offer the ultimate comfort for multiple users. And more importantly, they infuse the industrial style well.

5. Exposed Brick Wall

industrial kitchen style

If you want to adopt the industrial style, you need to get rid of plaster and let the brickwork exposed. This unfinished project is the ultimate weapon for this style. Therefore, the owner of this kitchen lets the exposed brick wall spread its charm.

Some industrial pendant lights hang over the kitchen island in various heights to boost the charm.

6. Concrete Floor and Exposed Brick Walls

industrial kitchen style

This kitchen has all you need to create an industrial kitchen style. The polished concrete floor is flawless and offers an unrelenting charm to space. The exposed brick walls and wooden beams sharpen the style immensely.

7. Staggered Finish Industrial Kitchen Style

industrial kitchen style

Industrial and rustic styles blend nicely here. The wooden floor and exposed beams infuse the rustic appeal to space, not to mention the distressed wooden cupboard and cabinets.

Leathered armchairs and gray cabinets embody the boldness of the industrial style. The most appealing thing is the staggering finish found on the floor that naturally defines the cooking area. The staggered finish is also found in the backsplash.

8. Exposed Lighting and Piping Fixture

industrial kitchen style

An unfinished kitchen is not a disaster. In fact, it can be a new style in your kitchen. Let the brick wall and pipes exposed to create an industrial kitchen. You will be amazed by what your unfinished kitchen can do.

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When it combines with industrial lighting, you will make a stunning kitchen that can make everybody willing to stay a little bit longer.

9. Vintage Chairs and Piping Kitchen Island

industrial kitchen style

Vintage furniture not only pays tribute to the past but also accentuates the industrial style well, just like what you can see here.

The piping kitchen island is surrounded by five vintage chairs with different shapes, materials, and styles. The piping legs of the kitchen island are painted bright yellow to add pops of colors. Some greenery is added to make the kitchen look more beautiful.

10. Stone Flooring

industrial kitchen style

The stone floor in this kitchen offers a distinctive charm to space. It substitutes the concrete floor well. A few tints of black matte found in the movable kitchen island, exhaust hood, and pendant lights emphasize the style.

Besides being stylish, this kitchen also looks airier, thanks to the glass ceiling that allows more natural light to come into the kitchen.

11. Add Some Stainless Steels

industrial kitchen style

If you want to bring the industrial style in your existing kitchen without costing you a fortune, you can try investing in stainless-steel elements.

This modern farmhouse kitchen features a little bit touch of industrial style, thanks to the stainless-steel pendant lights and an exhaust fan that have added the charm.

12. Distressed Wooden Furniture

industrial kitchen style

Steels are usually used to fill in the industrial space. However, if you want to have a warmer ambiance, you can opt for distressed wooden furniture.

This kitchen features a distressed shiplap floor and kitchen island. The dining table looks eminently rustic as the distressed finish is not alleviated with stain, which makes the natural look reinforced.

13. Stick to Neutral Colors

industrial kitchen style

Painting your kitchen neutral colors is the instant way to create an industrial style. This kitchen uses gray and beige hues which make it look simple yet elegant. The pendant lights reinforce the industrial style nicely.

14. Give a Facelift with Greenery

industrial kitchen style

To perk your industrial kitchen up and make it less stark, you can try adding some greenery. This kitchen looks dramatic with the ivy that dangles above the kitchen island.

15. Concrete and Wooden Countertop

industrial kitchen style

Rustic meets industrial. The countertop makes an epic combination of both styles. Half of the countertop is made of polished concrete, which represents the industrial, while another half is made of wooden boards to bring in the rustic style.

16. Natural-Stone Walls

industrial kitchen style

The natural look is not only achieved with installing exposed brick walls. Exposed stone walls can also provide the same charm.

This kitchen looks great with the exposed stone walls. Instead of plaster, whitewash is used for the finishing touch to match the walls with the cabinets.

17. Stainless-Steel Cabinets and Glass-Tiled Backsplash

industrial kitchen style

Stainless-steel cabinets make this kitchen bring in futuristic as well as industrial style. The glass-tiled backsplash looks sleek and splendid. It also reflects more lighting.

Creating an industrial kitchen style is not that hard. You only need to incorporate natural and unfinished look. Stick to neutral colors will be your safe bet. But if you think it is too stark, you can add a few tints of bright colors or some greenery.

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