15+ Gorgeous Tuscan Kitchen Style Design Ideas for Your Home

tuscan kitchen style

FeastHome – Over the years, more and more people are becoming interested in the Tuscan kitchen style design. This design is popular for its warm and convenient feel, as well as its gorgeous Mediterranean look.

If you’re interested to include the Tuscan look into your kitchen and bring a bit of Mediterranean culture into your home, you’ve come to the right page.

Here, I’ve put together a few best ideas to incorporate Tuscan style into your kitchen.

1. Bring Copper Cookware Display

tuscan kitchen style

This Tuscan kitchen features hanging copper cookware that becomes a popular element in many Tuscan style kitchens.

Besides, it also comes with a unique arched brick ceiling, a terra cotta tile floor, and sage green cabinets, creating a warm and comfortable area inside your home.

2. Opt for Exceptional Stone Accent Wall

tuscan kitchen style

Instead of a brick accent wall, this Tuscan kitchen features a stone accent wall that delivers an eye-catching look within the space. Adding an antique touch to this kitchen is the pair of candle pendant lighting.

Besides, wooden flooring is selected instead of terracotta flooring to match the cabinetry and other elements in this kitchen.

3. Go for Simple Tuscan Design

tuscan kitchen style

A big island makes this roomy Tuscan kitchen a perfect spot for entertaining. A range of brown shades melds together for a warm, unswerving look.

One of the best things about this Tuscan kitchen is its floor tiles which complement the space very well.

4. Match the Countertop and Accent Wall

tuscan kitchen style

If you want to make your Tuscan kitchen style design seems brighter than the two ideas above, this kitchen makes an ideal example.

This Tuscan kitchen features matching brick accent wall and stone countertops. Besides, the exposed ceiling beams and unique pendant lighting lend the kitchen an elegant blush of age.

5. Keep Everything in White

tuscan kitchen style

Instead of painting all the cabinets in dark brown colors, you can let the cabinets painted in a natural white like this one. The stove area, on the other hand, features natural wood color to create a nice contrast in this kitchen.

The tile backsplash behind the stove delivers a Tuscan style perfectly. Meanwhile, the terra cotta flooring sweeps the space with old-fashioned charm.

6. Settle on Open Floor

tuscan kitchen style

If you dream of a spacious open floor area, this Tuscan kitchen design makes a perfect instance. This big room includes a kitchen and living room area, making it a nice space for entertaining guests.

This kitchen features the trademark colors of Tuscan which reflect rich soil. Adding elegance to the kitchen space is the classic chandelier hanging over the island.

7. Choose Unique Details

tuscan kitchen style

When it comes to designing a Tuscan kitchen, adding details will be the key. Tuscan kitchen décor generally promote exploration of old-fashioned details. Here, the details including the unique backsplash infuse the space with a suitable Italian patina.

8. Give Variations to the Canvas

tuscan kitchen style

This Tuscan kitchen seems so inviting thanks to its warm and comfortable feeling. Smooth walls painted in a broken white boast a clean, consistent backdrop to place a variety of finishes.

One of the most appealing elements in this kitchen is the elegant pendant lighting which gives the space a long-lasting charm.

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9. Infuse Earthy Color

tuscan kitchen style

It’s no doubt that Tuscan style usually finds its inspiration from nature. This Tuscan kitchen seems to keep this in mind. Combining a shade of yellow colors including banana and mustard, this space looks so warm and charming.

10. Employ Stone Veneer

tuscan kitchen style

This beautiful Tuscan kitchen style design incorporates stone for its entrance. The cabinets and ceilings are painted in warm white while the black backsplash adds a nice contrast to the space.

To emphasize its Tuscan look, the kitchen has travertine flooring tiles. We cannot deny that the flooring looks perfect to give that old world charm in this space.

11. Fit In Tile Backsplash

tuscan kitchen style

A tile backsplash with adornments behind the stove is a perfect way to convey the Tuscan style to your kitchen.

This Tuscan kitchen features a diagonal tile backsplash for heightened visual charm. Besides, the pair of antique pendant lighting over the island has added a classical appeal to the space.

12. Let the Floor Speak Up

tuscan kitchen style

This spacious kitchen has a unique arrangement on its flooring tiles. The terracotta floor tiles are put together to show up a nice focal point to space.

Natural light also gets a great emphasis in this kitchen design through its large windows that don’t have curtains at all.

13. Pay Attention to the Cabinetry

tuscan kitchen style

The element that will mostly define your Tuscan kitchen is cabinetry. It’s because cabinets usually occupy a greater part of your kitchen’s wall space.

This kitchen may come with simple cabinets in natural wood color. But, the décor applied above it make the cabinetry looks more special.

14. Opt for Plank Flooring

tuscan kitchen style

It’s no secret that most Tuscan kitchen style design will go for terracotta floor tiles. But, you can also bring the look of old world wood into your Tuscan kitchen by installing distressed plank flooring.

This kitchen makes a perfect instance with its wood plank flooring that complements the space very well. The large window is left untreated to bring more natural light to this kitchen.

15. Go for Matte Finishes

tuscan kitchen style

When it comes to Tuscan-style kitchen, matte finishes generally prevail over glossy ones. This kitchen makes an ideal example of it.

On the other hand, the backsplash delivers a little shine to the design with its decorative look. Besides, the vintage rug lied on the floor adds a final splash of vintage style to this Tuscan kitchen.

16. Let the Light Come In

tuscan kitchen style

To deliver more natural features to the design, Tuscan-style kitchen often boasts a wide window with semi-translucent curtains or with no curtains at all. This kitchen is the best example for this case.

In addition to the natural light, greenery is also incorporated into this kitchen design to bring other natural features into space. Not to mention the earthy color palette that perfects the atmosphere.

That’s all some of the best ideas to inspire your Tuscan kitchen remodeling. I hope you’ve found your favorite Tuscan kitchen style design among the ideas shown above. Finally, happy decorating!

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