17 Brilliant Craftsman Kitchen Style Ideas

craftsman kitchen style

FeastHome – Craftsman kitchen style is well-known for its liberal use of natural woods, typically stained in a medium to dark tone. Besides, they are also renowned for their paneled door style along with their glass panel window.

While it is a bit difficult to identify a craftsman-style kitchen in a home compared to the other spaces, there are actually a few features each craftsman kitchen should have. The features include wood elements, subtle and muted color palette, and handcrafted tiles backsplash.

When it comes to the cabinetry, rich woods and lines are the secrets of any craftsman kitchen. But, you need to bear in mind to keep the details simple lacking intricate carvings.

To be more specific with the ideas, here I’ve put together some impressive craftsman-style kitchens to inspire you.

1. Craftsman Kitchen Style with No Center Island

craftsman kitchen style

This gorgeous kitchen combines craftsman design with more modern, elegant features. The open sense of this kitchen is inspired by more contemporary design.

On the other hand, the handcrafted details and natural materials are based on traditional craftsman style. Coming with no center island, this small open space is perfect to make your favorite cup of joe in the morning.

2. Craftsman Kitchen Style with Mosaic Tile Backsplash

craftsman kitchen style

This charming craftsman kitchen features simply craved wood cabinetry that equips most of the space. The mosaic tile backsplash behind the range and stove adds a charming touch to the kitchen.

Besides, the large center island offers extra space to prep your meals and to entertain your family or friends.

3. Sleek, Modern Craftsman Kitchen Style

craftsman kitchen style

If you are looking for a craftsman kitchen style that can perfectly fit in your contemporary home, this idea makes a good instance.

The bright and open feeling of this space is rooted in modern designs while the natural wood cabinetry hints a craftsman-style kitchen. Besides, natural light pours in well in this kitchen through the large glass panel window.

4. Rich Wood Kitchen with Traditional Flair

craftsman kitchen style

Actually, it’s not really easy to create a completely craftsman style in your kitchen, which is a reasonable excuse to show you this idea. This spacious kitchen has a few traditional details which don’t quite suit the craftsman-style look.

5. Craftsman Kitchen with Tiffany Pendant Lights

craftsman kitchen style

Tiffany style pendant lights are a staple in most craftsman kitchens. This Kitchen features two small Tiffany pendant lights above the rectangular center island.

Moreover, the wood flooring matches perfectly with the grained wood of the cabinets. The dark countertop, on the other hand, contrasts the wood cabinets in a great way.

6. Craftsman-Contemporary Kitchen with Long Center Island

craftsman kitchen style

A long black island isn’t something you will typically see in a full craftsman kitchen, but it can promote a great contrast piece to the rest of this space. The design of this kitchen features much trim work, natural wood tile, and simple windows.

7. White Craftsman Kitchen

craftsman kitchen style

Marrying a white cabinet with unstained wooden island, this kitchen looks impressive despite its simplicity. The wood flooring matches the island very well while the walls and ceilings are left white.

This kitchen is also designed with a number of glass windows and glass paneled doors that make the space rich in natural light.

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8. Spacious All-White Craftsman Kitchen

craftsman kitchen style

This all-white kitchen features a deep tray ceiling and a pair of simple pendant lights over the large center island. Adding beautiful contrasts to this space is the lighter wooden flooring.

When bigger is better in craftsman kitchen style, this space has enough room to achieve its true aesthetic.

9. Craftsman Kitchen Style with a Splash of Color

craftsman kitchen style

This is another great instance if you want to go for all-white craftsman kitchen. Instead of using the same color tone, this kitchen features some shades of white such as snow and daisy.

What makes this space looks even more alive is the light olive island and lighting fixture that delivers a splash of color.

10. Craftsman Kitchen Style with Interesting Countertop

craftsman kitchen style

The mixture of appealing granite countertop and rich wood cabinetry has made this kitchen looks so much inviting. It also features lots of space for you to prep your meals while entertaining your family or friends.

11. Elegant Craftsman Kitchen with Exposed Beams

craftsman kitchen style

Rather than stained to showcase its natural grain, the craftsman-style cabinetry in this kitchen is painted in light grey.

Along with the other earthy colors, this space seems so warm and welcoming. Moreover, you shouldn’t miss the exposed wooden beams that add style to the whole design.

12. Well-Designed Craftsman Kitchen

craftsman kitchen style

This craftsman kitchen style is perfectly designed to give everything you need. From spacious countertop to prep your meals to adequate space to make your drinks, this kitchen is highly functional despite its simple design.

13. Double-Duty Craftsman Kitchen

craftsman kitchen style

Thanks to the long center island and a few cushioned chairs situated around it, this kitchen makes an ideal and convenient space for dining as well. Adding a stylish touch to this all-white kitchen is the unique pendant lights over the island.

14. Ideal Craftsman Space for Entertaining

craftsman kitchen style

If you love to invite your guests to the kitchen and see you prepare their meals and drinks, you’d love this design for sure. With the large center island and adequate stools, you can let your guests wait for their drinks ready.

Not to mention the breakfast nook that provides extra space for enjoying a cup of morning coffee with other family members.

15. Craftsman Kitchen Style with Exceptional Island

craftsman kitchen style

This center kitchen island isn’t something you commonly find in a craftsman kitchen, but it surely boasts a nice addition to this space. On the other hand, the slate flooring hints a craftsman style in the right way.

16. Open Floor Craftsman Kitchen Style

craftsman kitchen style

This open floor kitchen has an adequate sitting area to accommodate a big member of the family. The black countertop makes a nice contrast to the rest elements which are dominantly in white.

17. Craftsman Kitchen Style with Adequate Natural Light

craftsman kitchen style

This space features several glasses paneled windows and a panel door as well, a typical element in a craftsman-style kitchen. The rich natural wood color within this space creates a warm feeling and welcoming sense.

That’s all a few craftsman kitchen style ideas that can inspire you to get started. I hope you did enjoy this list of craftsman kitchens. Thank you!

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