17 Mediterranean Kitchen Style That Do Perfectly

FeastHome – It’s no secret that the Mediterranean kitchen style is one of the most popular in the world of architectural and interior design. This style encompasses many territories drawing from countries in southern Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia.

Even though each locale has its own exceptional offerings, the region shares lots of common design which are admired all over the world.

Whether it’s an aquatic palette boasting the beaches of the Greek Island or the use of radiant textiles from Morocco, the Mediterranean design is warm and undeniably chic.

If you are interested in infusing your home kitchen with this beautiful style, here I have plenty of inspirations to get you started. So, let’s check this out!

1. Contemporary Mediterranean Kitchen Style

mediterranean kitchen style

The Mediterranean kitchen offers lots of wonderful alternatives to mixing traditional and contemporary elements together. This gorgeous kitchen makes a great instance in this case.

It features a perfect mixture of modern pieces, such as the sleek kitchen island and cabinet combined with old-fashioned accessories. Then, the ornate furniture is all painted in white, promoting a traditional Mediterranean design with such modern flair.

2. Spacious with No Island

mediterranean kitchen style

If you have such a narrow kitchen, you should look at this idea. This kitchen doesn’t feature any island to provide more space for the homeowner to perform daily cooking. Instead, it comes with a breakfast nook.

The Mediterranean style in this kitchen is emphasized by the wrought iron furniture that makes a nice complement to the solid wood furniture.

3. Bold Hardwood Blends

mediterranean kitchen style

Bold hardwood designs are matched perfectly with a clean floor style in this kitchen. Then, you shouldn’t miss the stone accent walls that deliver a stunning rustic flair into this kitchen.

Completing the Mediterranean look in this space is the European-style wrought iron stools. There’s no doubt that this kitchen is elegant and functional at the same time.

4. Wonderful Use of Color

mediterranean kitchen style

This Mediterranean kitchen is infused with wonderful use of color. There are some beautiful colors combined in this space, creating a livelier atmosphere.

More interestingly, this kitchen is also rich in textures. In addition to the tile backsplash, there are exposed ceiling beams and brick accent wall that makes it a unique cooking space.

5. Stacked Stone Wall

mediterranean kitchen style

It’s safe to say that the champion of this Mediterranean kitchen is the stacked stone wall applied around the stove which brings the whole space to life. With ornate furniture and elegant pendant lighting, this whole kitchen is so eye-catching.

6. Inviting Simplicity

mediterranean kitchen style

Everyone can enjoy the simplicity found in this kitchen. With a country style blended with some modern flair, this Mediterranean kitchen looks so much inviting.

One of the best things about this kitchen is its beautiful countertop which matches the backsplash behind the stove.

7. Contemporary and Light

mediterranean kitchen style

This cozy Mediterranean kitchen has a simple design and is completed by a minimal approach. With some simple décor and minimal color palette, you will be able to enjoy the functionally of this space to its finest.

Besides, with great natural light pouring from the windows, this kitchen looks even more brilliant.

8. Warm Rustic Charm

mediterranean kitchen style

With a large center island, you have enough space to entertain family and friends in this kitchen. Everyone will love this kitchen’s classic Mediterranean designs which have a warm rustic appeal.

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Bold, warm, and elegant are all thoughts that come to your mind with this kitchen. The dark hardwood is flawlessly matched with the beautiful countertops.

9. Warm and Elegant Flair

mediterranean kitchen style

Warm and elegant can be the most ideal words to describe this Mediterranean kitchen. The big island becomes the focal point with its exceptional shape and beautiful countertop.

On the other hand, the kitchen cabinet is made so simple. This is the ideal area to handle many of your smaller needs. You can make your favorite drinks and entertain your family or friends.

10. Lit Mediterranean

mediterranean kitchen style

With skylights to allow the light pour in, you can surely enjoy the beautiful designs of this contemporary Mediterranean kitchen.

From the clean and sleek floor to the ceiling above the kitchen, you have great styles. Not to mention the adequate cooking space that looks gorgeous as well.

11. Combination of Regional Influences

mediterranean kitchen style

Sometimes a combination of regional styles is utilized when decorating in the Mediterranean space, like this lovely kitchen.

This kitchen has Italian influences within the dark rustic wood cabinets along with Spanish influences within the walls and ornate island.

12. Warm and Earthy Palette

mediterranean kitchen style

The gorgeous Mediterranean style is delivered well in this kitchen. It has a warm, earthy palette that gives that inviting charm.

The ceiling design lets more natural light come in and light up this kitchen. You’ll feel like you are cooking in an elegant European villa in this kitchen.

13. Lovely Country Charm

mediterranean kitchen style

With an explosion of style and simplicity, you can sense the European country style in this kitchen. With lovely décor to match the clean white walls and hardwood floor, this is a kitchen designed to feel like home.

14. Open and Spacious

mediterranean kitchen style

With this big and open floor plan, you will have enough space in this Mediterranean kitchen. The exposed beams over the living space giving the room character which matches the rest of the decors.

A dining table placed right beside the kitchen island provides extended space for entertaining your family and relatives.

15. Elegance on Display

mediterranean kitchen style

With a stunning stone approach for the floor and beautiful hardwood designs, this kitchen boasts a classic display of European styles. The design of the countertop makes it a perfect space to entertain your guests.

16. Classic and Beautiful Charm

mediterranean kitchen style

With a high ceiling and a splendid design, you can sense the complete elegance of this kitchen. The daring design choices have matched by equally bold colors infused to this space, creating a warm and welcoming kitchen.

17. Visit the Eastern with Moroccan Ceramics

mediterranean kitchen style

Don’t underestimate how many characters the floor can deliver to a room. This black and white patterned floor is the faultless fit for a kitchen with lighter styles and awesome décor.

With adequate natural light pour in, this is a kitchen that you’ll love to spend your time in.

Those are a few ideas to infuse Mediterranean style into your home kitchen. Hope you enjoy the ideas and have a good day!

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