17 Modern Kitchen Style Ideas You Can Proud Of

modern kitchen style

FeastHome – Modern design is so popular because it emphasizes on functionality and simplicity. It also keeps the visual clutter at bay. If you love straight lines and clean space, chances are these modern kitchen style ideas tug at your heart.

But modern cooking space may feel bare and uninviting. That’s the reason you must inject character and color into it. In case you do not know where to start, please take a look at the amazing inspirations below.

Terrific Monochrome

modern kitchen style

Black and white culinary spaces are on trend. So, why not go modern with these two neutral palettes? The white ceiling, floor, cabinetry, walls, dining table, and chairs open up the room.

Black countertop, kitchen island’s top, and high stools create a nice contrast. And clear glass pendant lights radiate the ambient glow.

Spacious and Mess-Free

modern kitchen style

This kitchenette is mostly white. As a result, the area seems larger than it is. The black and white wall-mounted shelf gets the attention instantly.

Kitchen island comes with space-savvy open shelves. They hold cookbooks and dishware. Meanwhile, long crystal and metallic pendant lights make a luxury statement.

Serene and Pretty

modern kitchen style

Instead of hanging cabinets on the wall, you should choose open shelves. Like the one pictured here, the open shelving develops a light and an airy environment.

The kitchen island and high stools heighten the modern appeal. Underfoot is a light grey wood laminate floor. Flowers and books give the space splashes of exquisite colors.

Classy Nordic Kitchen

modern kitchen style

This cooking area boasts a navy wall panel and floor cabinets. They transform the area from ordinary into astonishing. Two large windows offer a breathtaking skyline view.

Concrete floor, stone backsplash, chairs with wooden hairpin legs and blackened metal dining chair lend a rustic beauty. Potted greenery improves the mood.

Refined Rustic

modern kitchen style

Are you a big fan of rustic design? Try this idea at home. The white space scheme keeps the kitchen bright and breezy. Morning sunlight enters the room through windows.

Wooden floor oozes warmth and coziness. Dark grey metal chairs, marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, white cabinets, and beadboard ceiling infuse heaps of texture into the area. What else could you ask for?

Sensational Wood Accents

modern kitchen style

This cooking area looks trendy and sexy at the same time. Thanks to the one-of-a-kind ceiling. The dark wood accents on the wall and floor cabinets generate a homey atmosphere.

White square tiled-backsplash works as the backdrop for stainless-steel utensils. Plus, polished stone floor pampers the feet.

Modern Marries Rustic

modern kitchen style

Who says you can’t combine rustic with modern? Of course, you can. In this case, the wooden floor meets sharp edges of the kitchen island and wooden floor harmoniously.

Three-tone furniture is a sight for sore eyes. Light bounces off the metallic refrigerator. Track ceiling lights brighten the whole space during the nighttime.

Eclectic Elements

modern kitchen style

If you do not like a completely modern culinary space, give this idea a chance. The kitchen involves vintage Chinese ceramics, antique golden and black floral tea kettles.

The wooden cabinets provide an intimate ambiance and streamlined appearance. While mosaic tiles on backsplash take the center stage.

Soft Hue

modern kitchen style

The walls are painted in sage green. They successfully freshen up the cooking space. Not to mention, the white ceiling and cabinetry pair perfectly with kitchen walls.

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Terracotta floor tiles deliver warm elegance to the interior design. Patterned window blinds beautify the kitchen.

Fun and Roomy

modern kitchen style

In this kitchenette, blackened metal framed windows let you enjoy the view while cooking or eating. The wooden floor serves up peanut brown shade.

Moreover, the rest of the room is kept white. The painting, yellow accent wall, cylinder pendant lights, and orange tulips rejuvenate the space.

Neutral Lover

modern kitchen style

Bored with an all-white modern kitchen? We promise you can’t say no to this cooking area. The black cabinets, open shelves, and floor are juxtaposed with the white ceiling as well as the wall.

Cider brown wall panel, dining chairs, and lower cabinets soothe the environment. A quirky black pendant light carves a sense of drama.

Industrial Flavor

modern kitchen style

Sometimes, a modern-industrial kitchen is associated with cold space. That’s indeed wrong. The slim cone metal pendant light and track light fixture still make the area stylishly mesmerizing.

Wooden panel backsplash, dining table, floor, and built-in cabinets warm up the kitchen. White flowers in the vase give the area a touch of nature.

Chalkboard Backsplash

modern kitchen style

If you think marble is so costly and subway tiles are too common, look no further than chalkboard backsplash. It doubles as a unique kitchen sign.

Red cookware and bowls pop against the black matte backsplash. Concrete countertop, metallic range hood, wooden cabinetry depict a rustic character. The sunlight comes through the full-width window in the space.

Kitchen Goals

modern kitchen style

This urban area plays a few important roles at once from kitchen to sitting room. The kitchen itself is dominated by black and white space color scheme. They lend a sophisticated appearance.

Multipoint pendant lights with exposed wires set an industrial chic. Wooden floor adds rich texture to the room.

Close to Nature

modern kitchen style

Do you feel good in nature? You obviously love this kitchenette. The windowed walls bring the outdoors indoors. Beige curtains exhibit a soothing ambiance.

You can spot a cute breakfast nook. Then, there are white-painted exposed wooden ceiling beams too. The clean lines continue in the wall-mounted black cabinet and brown rug.

Aesthetic Value

modern kitchen style

This kitchen features white cabinets and a black kitchen island. They produce a streamlined look. The skylights and window walls provide plenty of daylight.

Black concrete is not only durable but also offers comfort underfoot. The dining area can be turned into a functional home office. Additionally, leafy plants revitalize the entire zone.

Sweet Contrast

modern kitchen style

The white ceiling, sleek cabinetry, backsplash, and walls make the culinary space visually more expansive. Brownstone floor showcases rugged texture.

Dark brown dining chairs, black lower cabinet and kitchen island’s top balance out the crispness of white. Mini houseplants and flowers deliver feminist to the room. Lastly, white rectangular pendant light is a showstopper.

Modern kitchen style

is all about embracing the minimalism. However, that does not mean you can’t put your creative spin on it. As long as you stick to the basic keys, space retains its original personality.

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