17 Best Rustic Kitchen Style Ideas

rustic kitchen style

FeastHome – The rustic kitchen style has comfortable warmth that can only be dreamed of by modern and minimalist hi-gloss. If you are planning a rural or rural style kitchen, think of ingredients that must be owned first and the rest must follow.

Each classic rural kitchen will have a cooking stove, a butler-style white ceramic sink, a wooden kitchen unit (finishing plain or painted) including rustic staples such as a dressing table and a cupboard. Along with these main ‘materials’ think about how traditional the kitchen you want.

Whether this kitchen will be rustically scrubbed without features and maybe some vintage kitchen ideas, or maybe you prefer a more modern rural approach with style and flowers, striped fabrics or even thick blue or red kitchen tiles for a slightly warm atmosphere.

1. Rustic Barn-Conversion Kitchen with Wooden Beams and Flooring

rustic kitchen style

If you are lucky enough to have a block in your kitchen – this is in an amazing warehouse conversion, then don’t be afraid to use it as best you can. Let the A-frame glow with complementary stripping floors and a simple scheme of white painted walls.

Avoid wall units and limit the base cabinet with just one walk on one wall, leave the other area free for dining tables and chairs, kitchen islands and painted cabinets. Put one or two striped rugs to break a little stretch of wood.

2. Rustic Kitchen with Wood Worktops and Open Shelving

rustic kitchen style

Simplicity is often the key to a rural kitchen. Teams of dark stained wood and wood are painted neutral in the same size for a balanced and unreasonable scheme. Here wooden tables are the perfect partner for open wood shelving units, kitchen doors, and wooden beams.

3. Rustic Kitchen with Ceiling-Hung Pan Rack and Purple Island

rustic kitchen style

Even if your kitchen is not complete with a rustic style, you can introduce a rustic feel with a central island and pan shelves.

In this black-and-white kitchen, large island units with distressed purple finishes and wooden tables make an amazing focal point that instantly transforms space into a rustic kitchen.

4. Rustic Kitchen in All-White with Freestanding Units

rustic kitchen style

In this simple space, only the color scheme is constant throughout. Freestanding units and a mixture of woven designs, while tables and high chairs have been given a perfect paint finish and contrast.

Storage is not limited to cabinets or just one area but is distributed throughout open shelves and beams.

5. Rustic Kitchen with Feature Table and Mix-and-Match Chairs

rustic kitchen style

Rural kitchens do not have to lack color. Introduce your warmth and pattern to yourself with linen, cutlery and bright glasses in a combination of orange, green and purple.

Bring chairs with paint that doesn’t match and coordinate with pillows strewn with bold and pleasing floral motifs. The copper chandelier up and down makes a warm finishing touch, hanging low on the table.

6. Rustic Kitchen with Industrial Touches and Whitewashed Finish

rustic kitchen style

You can try a white pale scheme for your kitchen style sometimes. In this enchanting space, stand-alone storage and kitchen cabinets with electric stoves and hanging chandeliers, all in extraordinary white.

Wooden kitchen table complete with stripped tables and benches made comfortable with smart linen pillows.

7. Rustic Kitchen Nook with Brown Wooden and Stone Walls

rustic kitchen style

Use a rustic kitchen table to introduce colors and patterns. Here, jars, pots, and brown-and-white storage plates carry floral and fun motifs into the rural kitchen corner.

Black brown completes the smart brown woods and is taken also by cotton throws. Terracotta tiled floors and painted stone walls are a classic rustic touch.

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8. Rustic Kitchen with Red Aga and Weathered Cream Units

rustic kitchen style

The beloved shaker style unit with beech worktops allows the corner of the brick chimney to open to be the center of attention in this rural kitchen. Color splash-back tiles and coordination accessories complete the post-box red, while flower curtains add a decorative touch.

9. Rustic Kitchen with Low-Beamed Ceiling and Dark Wood Finishes

rustic kitchen style

The rustic shades of earthy chocolate are used to give a cozy rural feel to this bijoux rural kitchen.

Creamy kitchen units and wall tiles keep the room light; paired with warm wooden tables and old vintage handles. Beautiful potted plants carrying in and outlined up neatly on the window sill.

10. Rustic Kitchen Chimney Nook with Cozy Sit Spot

rustic kitchen style

The rustic kitchen is known for its warmth, comfort, and uniqueness, so living stereotypically with charming seating beside a warm atmosphere is perfect for spending cold days.

Simple chair design with a warm atmosphere will create the best feeling when you have your meal with family.

11. Rustic Kitchen Storage in Natural Earthy Tones

rustic kitchen style

Accessories are a fast and affordable way to achieve a rural look in any kitchen style like traditional or contemporary. When choosing, choose organic forms, raw materials, and natural green shades; set on a work desk or open shelf for a stylish and practical look too.

12. Rustic Kitchen with Reclaimed Pine Cabinetry and Flagstone Flooring

rustic kitchen style

Warm wooden floors and tombstones create a relaxing living room in a busy family kitchen. Reclaimed pine cabinets are installed on the wall but have the appearance of stand-alone furniture, adding to the traditional feel of the countryside.

13. Rustic Green and White Country Kitchen with Farmhouse Style

rustic kitchen style

This simple French farmhouse scheme is revived with solid unbleached furniture, beating fabrics, and enamel.

It combines nuances that are reminiscent of rural dismissal with a trending green trend. Painted crates provide easy eye storage and well-placed blinds to hide pots and pans.

14. Rustic Kitchen with Reclaimed Wood Butcher’s Block Focal Point

rustic kitchen style

The more worn-out furniture you put in your scheme, the better in terms of creating a rural feel – especially if your equipment looks contemporary.

This spacious kitchen style manages to combine old and new items, checkboxes with large butcher blocks made of reclaimed wood, farmhouse tables rubbed back, and a kitchen dresser.

15. Rustic Kitchen with Mosaic Mural

rustic kitchen style

The oak cabinet is in stark contrast to the glass-coated marble surface in this rural kitchen. A mosaic mural inspired by Tudor behind a range of stoves is an interesting feature, as well as a great talking point.

It was framed with a decorative mantle painted to look like stone for a touch of unique weaving in rural style.

16. Rustic Antique Kitchen with Industrial Feel

rustic kitchen style

The rural look is not always inspired by the countryside style. This kitchen room has a minimal industrial feel with a sink and a salvaged base unit made from recycled fruit boxes.

Antique benches taken at flea markets and used furniture shops create informal and casual dining spaces.

17. Rustic Kitchen Inspired by Farmers’ Markets

rustic kitchen style

This rustic kitchen style will remind to the farmer’s market with fresh seasonal colors and fruit and vegetable motifs. White brown walls and simple oak furniture are the keys to achieving a healthy scheme – a perfect backdrop for lively red and green accents.

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