17 Modern-Classic Italian Kitchen Style Ideas

italian kitchen style

FeastHome – Italy is a country known for its classic and delicious cuisine as well as the hospitality of the house. If you’re looking for the Italian kitchen style for your house, these 17 ideas of Italian kitchen style may give you some insights. Let’s take a peek!

1. Chic Kitchen Decoration

italian kitchen style

One of the major features that typically show in the Italian kitchen is the color. It is dominated by vibrant colors of the Mediterranean Sea and hues. Such as color used are brilliant blues, burnt orange, ocher shades, gentle yellow, and terracotta.

The cabinets and furniture in the kitchen are created in one tone. Thus, the atmosphere of authenticity is really there.

2. Incredible Kitchen Countertop

italian kitchen style

When it comes to surfaces such as countertops and backsplash, a more natural appearance is generally preferred in Italian-style matte countertops in stone or granite kitchens, terracotta tiles or stone floors, and backsplash in unique mosaic designs is quite common.

Cooking supplies and utensils are often displayed prominently, either in a tabletop or hung on an antique shelf.

3. Awesome Italian Kitchen Style

italian kitchen style

A common theme is relaxed elegance and luxury of life, the Italian kitchen feels like space you will love to spend a long time. Bringing full color to it is something that you need to try. Painting the cabinets with bright and contrast color will make your cooking experience more enjoyable.

4. Luxury Kitchen Design

italian kitchen style

Lighting for Italian kitchens tends to reflect bright and airy designs, with lots of natural light often displayed.

Other natural characteristics also often occur, ranging from flowers and plants that are strategically placed in windows, on tables or tables, to works of art that show views of the countryside or the backyard.

Open wooden ceiling beams are a common sight in Italian kitchens, as are cabinets made from high-quality natural wood.

5. Cool Pendant Lights for Italian Kitchen

italian kitchen style

Accessories and tools run throughout in Italian kitchen design, from simple stainless steel designs to vintage or more modern styles in bright and bold colors.

In general, the more natural and earthy the overall design, the better it will be to pair with cooking equipment and accessories that feature a simpler traditional design, compared to a more contemporary or modern skew.

6. Awe-Inspiring Small Kitchen Design

italian kitchen style

Furniture in Italian kitchen design often follows a thematic arc of the overall design. For Italian-style Tuscan kitchens, depressed natural forests are often seen.

In a Mediterranean-Italian kitchen style, brighter and more modern furniture may be common, ranging from slim and stainless steel tables, benches and chairs to wood painted in bright, bold, blue and green colors.

7. Customized Kitchen Cabinets

italian kitchen style

Modern Italian kitchens are more open to other rooms. This is the space that must first be laid out and clean. The corner of the room must be renovated with concerning to style and design.

Indeed there are real changes in the taste of Italian kitchens in favor of modern and contemporary. You can try this one for your kitchen design.

8. Black Italian Kitchen Design

italian kitchen style

The Tuscan-style kitchen is far more elegant and luxurious than the Mediterranean version, however, still open, airy, and inviting.

The Tuscan kitchen may feel like a vacation at home, or a vacation spot, with an emphasis on lighting, whether it’s natural light or hanging lamps overhead. The atmosphere bringing with this design allows you to enjoy your mealtime comfortably.

9. Modern Home Kitchen Backsplash

italian kitchen style

Italians know what they do in terms of food, so of course, that expertise extends to kitchen design. One of the advantages of Italian kitchens is their size and broad nature.

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The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in Italian households and acts as a connecting hub where food is the center of socialization and to welcome guests with such relaxed elegance.

10. Wooden Cabinets for Modern Kitchen

italian kitchen style

The Mediterranean kitchen displays an emphasis on colors and more natural ingredients. High-quality wood like cherries makes a quality cabinet, while the backsplash may be terra-cotta or tile. This design is the most common style in the Italian kitchen.

You should concern at its furniture and color. Combining them with the great mixture will create such an elegant look.

11. Cream and Brown Kitchen Cabinets

italian kitchen style

The Italian farmhouse kitchen is intended to evoke a rural kitchen style in the Italian countryside, where the emphasis on fresh produce and simple kitchen utensils governs.

This design also urges you to bring the traditional atmosphere to your house. The design is simple yet elegant and classic.

12. Rustic Modern Kitchen Design

italian kitchen style

This kind of kitchen took inspiration from rural Italy but placed it in a completely modern home. This perfectly bridges the gap for those who want nostalgia, but with all modern home ornaments.

The atmosphere of an oldies age will be bringing back with this design. The modern look combined with old-style is such a good combination.

13. Latest Italian Kitchen Design

italian kitchen style

Not every Italian home is rustic or designed with Tuscan luxury. Modern Italian kitchens may feature a spacious open space, with a choice of seating that makes it possible to socialize in the kitchen.

If you like dinner parties, then taking inspiration from a modern Italian kitchen is probably what you are looking for. This design is perfect for any kinds of the house because the kitchen requires less space yet can be a comfortable spot at home.

14. Adorable Italian Kitchen Style Idea

italian kitchen style

Using a color palette inspired by buildings that adorn the Amalfi coast. Think of the beautiful colors of the buildings lining the Mediterranean sea that has been exposed to sand, sun, and sea for years.

This design allows you to get a more enjoyable experience when cooking and also can be a spot where you can have a good talk with friends.

15. Great Natural Dark Wood

italian kitchen style

Natural open wood, ingredients in their natural state or made to look as if they are in their natural state, are the hallmark of all the best Italian kitchens.

Terracotta, tile, clay and stone surfaces are well suited in Italian kitchens. A single hanging lamp adds such a great look inside the kitchen.

16. Classy Contemporary Kitchen Design

italian kitchen style

Italian kitchen is not a simple residence. It has the feel of a holiday villa but it’s like who has lived for years. You can get this delicate balance by managing space, storage, and lighting. But you also need to maintain the appeal that lives with heritage equipment or presentation pieces.

17. Sleek and Inspiring Italian Kitchen

italian kitchen style

You need a lot of counter space for all the cooking equipment and serving your guests in the kitchen.

And also one of the things that make Italian kitchens so dreamy is that they are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also really the best workspace for anyone who likes to cook. So, this design may suit your needs!

In creating an Italian kitchen style sometimes need a lot of efforts. You need to think about the design first and the material used to build it up. These 17 ideas of Italian kitchen style may fill your curiosity of the kitchen you want to build. Good luck!


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