17 Mexican Kitchen Styles that Enliven Your Home


FeastHome – Your kitchen is where a little magic happens, and brings happiness in your home every single day. There are some ingenious moves in order to get Mexican kitchen styles that you can do.

First of all, some of you might be wondering “Why Mexican style? What makes you choose this style in particular? Do you have any special reasons behind it?

1. Adding Farmhouse Table Mexican Kitchen Style

mexican kitchen style

Classic elements can really be felt in this kitchen with a dark blue color scheme kitchen cabinet. You can feel a farmhouse style ambiance included in this Mexican kitchen idea. Terracotta flooring ideas leave even more old-fashioned appearance much stronger here.

2. Classic Pendant Lights Mexican Kitchen Style

mexican kitchen style

This picture shows an example of a warm Mexican kitchen looks like. A bold warm and welcoming ambiance that comes from the enormous wooden island with red color, hexagonal floor, and ceiling beams sure fills the whole kitchen.

3. Exceptional Ceiling Beams Mexican Kitchen Style

mexican kitchen style

With a spacious space and high ceiling kitchen, the airy vibes really overwhelm the kitchen. It feels as if time stops here when you take a look at this kitchen with no modern technology or appliances found.

The ceiling beams are probably that’ll catch your attention. It’s so mesmerizing watching them up there.

4. Put an Island with Chairs Mexican Kitchen Style

mexican kitchen style

An island would make a kitchen look perfect due to its essential contribution in the kitchen for helping you prep the meals. The small island along with three nice chairs is positioned in the center of the kitchen but that doesn’t seem to affect your mobility.

There’s still plenty of room left for you to move one way another. The pendant lights brighten and enliven the kitchen.

5. Blue Lines

mexican kitchen style

If you want to add a big island in the kitchen, you should consider whether there’s still enough space to work or not. If you think that’s okay, go ahead! If not, change it.

This kitchen has a beautiful chandelier above the island. A nice wall pattern with blue lines adds a little cool touch, don’t you think?

6. Wonderful Design

mexican kitchen style

You might be jealous after seeing this well designed Mexican kitchen. It looks so warm and inviting. A picture worth a thousand words, right? And this kitchen pictures that saying perfectly.

How would it not? The stairs have a nice pattern, the ceiling and the floor everything in this kitchen work and complete one another.

7. Welcoming Color Scheme

mexican kitchen style

This can be one of your kitchen dreams you can ever imagine. Just look at how lovely the kitchen is: a huge wooden table, chairs, and a kitchen cabinet with a stunning golden tile wall.

There are also small windows above the entrance that bring natural lighting to the kitchen. The entrance itself looks stunning with giant wooden pillars.

8. Wonderful Floral Tiles

mexican kitchen style

You need some genuine idea when it comes to adorning the kitchen. Luckily, you can adopt this idea in your kitchen. Installing floral tiles on the wall can be a pretty clever move. And look how beautiful your kitchen is now.

You can opt for a different kind of tiles as long as you’re happy with it and it meets your expectation. Both the floral tiles and the sunflowers have a bright and cheerful wave that you can obviously feel here.

9. Raw Wooden table

mexican kitchen style

You can see that the Mexican style often comes in a bold red color scheme to picture a spicy atmosphere in one’s home as seen in this picture.

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The simple table design is also found as it can elevate the welcoming vibe in your kitchen and that’s not a bad idea at all.

10. Neutral Color

mexican kitchen style

A neutral color will always be adored by many since its natural color can calm you down, and it also has a mysterious magnetic field to drag you with its charm and beauty.

That’s why many people end up in choosing this neutral color scheme for their house, including the kitchen as well.

11. Adding Greenery

mexican kitchen style

It would feel incomplete if there’s no greenery in your home – the kitchen is no exception. By adding plants or flowers, you can certainly add bring the nature vibe in your home.

Not only that, but you can also get other benefits for it such as clean air and beautiful decoration. It’s highly recommended if you want to make your home a lot nicer.

12. Warm Up with Fireplace

mexican kitchen style

Another element in any house you shouldn’t forget to add would be a fireplace. Why a fireplace? Because it has so many functions and advantages as well.

It adds the warm atmosphere, and it also can be a nice additional feature to your kitchen that increases its value and makes it the best spot to gather on.

13. Blue Accents

mexican kitchen style

Applied with a bold blue accent, this kitchen leaves a cool and calm look. The blue accent really gives an impact to the whole space and influences the rest.

An open rack helps you find kitchen utensils. It’ll also let you know what to use as you can see them in a plain sight, which makes your work easier.

14. Hot and Spicy Red Color

mexican kitchen style

The kitchen appears with red hues from the cabinet, island, and wall that are so intimidating. A person would pick something based on what they’re interested in.

And this color, for example, can be a friendly way to address that the owner loves bright colors, which can be a message that you must be proud of what you have.

15. Strong Wooden Accents

mexican kitchen style

Increasing the warm and inviting ambiance can be obtained by applying wooden materials in your home. This kitchen really lives up to the words mentioned above.

It’s so classy, elegant and comfortable at once, starting from the wooden flooring, kitchen cabinet, as well as chairs.

16. Combined Wooden Element with Purple

mexican kitchen style

You might find this kitchen just like any other regular kitchens in ones’ houses. But if you look carefully, this one has something to offer that can inspire you when you’re about to remodel your kitchen.

The purple color on the walls and table although they’re small in an amount they do leave a big splash in the kitchen.

17. Live it Up with Yellow

mexican kitchen style

A certain type of color can really affect one’s current mood. This yellow hue, for instance, leaves cheerful and positive energy that can boost your feeling and drives away boredom in an instant.

These collections play a substantial effect in decorating the kitchen to be more interesting. You may find it that it’s a little bit too much though. But everybody has their own satisfaction when it comes to decorating the house or the kitchen.

Mexican kitchen styles

have a strong bond with something that looks old-fashioned or traditional in a way they make your kitchen warm and welcoming.

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