7 Timeless Tuscan Kitchen Style

tuscan kitchen style

FeastHome – What’s your first impression about Tuscan kitchen styleideas? You might say “It has a sense of warm and welcoming touch in every nook of the kitchen”. Well, you’re not wrong. A warm and welcoming Mediterranean look can be found in this kitchen.

This kitchen often can be recognized by its rich elements, some of which are classic wooden tables, tile floorings, and warm hues that elevate the warm atmosphere in the room. You’ll also see brick or stone walls in many Tuscan-themed kitchen ideas.

1. Adding Plants

tuscan kitchen style

Tuscan inherits lots of priceless architectural designs from the old era and now they are the popular destinations that people from around the globe frequently pay a visit there. Brick walls are oftentimes included in a construction room to create a comfortable feeling.

A shade of specific colors will also take a big role in creating a Tuscan atmosphere in the kitchen. Brown and golden yellow colors are suitable to bring the Tuscan feel into your home. Match them with the cabinets tone to have a Mediterranean feel.

The dark color element of the floor can be a great combination to bring a Tuscan environment to live. It’d make the look even better if you lay a rug. To spruce up the kitchen, you can add some green plants there.

2. Impressive Bricks Wall

tuscan kitchen style

A Tuscan-inspired kitchen would feel less attractive if there are no classic lamps found inside. You’d feel like there’s some important element missing here. That’s why you would often spot a nice old lamp enliven the kitchen.

And when you see one, you’ll know the reason why many people are fond of installing those lamps in their kitchens. You would probably have the same opinion as mine that dark hue is the center of attention in this kitchen.

The wooden table seems to appear rather short and it’s accompanied by some grey chairs. The time-worn flooring unfolds its welcoming look by showing rough surfaces and muted tones that match with the grey cabinet and dark wall.

So generally, to get a Tuscan style of a kitchen, you should consider:

  • Applying dark hue
  • A pair of antique lamps
  • Time-worn tiles flooring

3. Enormous Table

tuscan kitchen style

From this Tuscan kitchen, you see some focal elements listed below:

  • Enormous island with sink,
  • Granite tiles flooring, and
  • Decorative walls

You’re allowed to pick a certain type of tiles flooring with some consideration that it’ll enhance the Tuscan feel to some extent in this room. If granite tile is the most suitable for you, pick and match it with the other elements in the kitchen.

Just like farmhouse and traditional kitchen ideas, a Tuscan kitchen design would also have a huge wooden table in it – sometimes, the owners would include a sink on it. By doing so, it’ll evoke the Tuscan beauty even better.

Every little detail in the design is important. How’s so? Because it can portray and show how careful something is made or created. A mosaic wall and a delicate carving above the stove in the corner may not really get your attention, but they do make this kitchen look appealing.

4. Soft Tone

tuscan kitchen style

You should pay attention to every aspect and element in the kitchen because it’s essential in a way that it can show an authentic characteristic of a certain design. This kitchen is dominated with a tortilla color scheme that looks comfortable and catches your eye.

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The drop ceiling is also designed with nice detail and it’s lightened with lots of lights that surround it. It obviously can be a nice object to look at in the kitchen. To show your nice collection of souvenirs, you can put them in the open racks or in see-through cabinets.

To make your kitchen lees pale and a bit colorful, using black chairs is absolutely a smart move. They’re placed right in front of the massive island with a sink on it. This kitchen shows what a warm and inviting Mediterranean kitchen looks like.

5. Rustic Feel

tuscan kitchen style

This kind of kitchen is what makes you feel at home. The ceiling is made out of raw woods and logs. It’s also high enough so that it brings an airy feel into this kitchen. There’s a small circular window up there under the ceiling.

This kitchen leaves an old-fashioned Tuscan kitchen idea, but it still feels homey somehow. I think this kind of circumstance is what people try to find in Tuscan kitchen design. While a dark green cabinet gives a smoothly nice touch with its color.

There are chairs and a table that’s covered with a tablecloth and some food and vegetable on it. Under the table is a square brown rug upon the wide-plank wooden floor. A hanging lamp with the same color curtain will accompany you to eat your dinner with its warm light.

6. Island with Microwave Oven

tuscan kitchen style

If the previous picture shows you a little bit of colorless kitchen, this one is vivid enough to make you beam with joy. Countertops with shining granite surfaces sure are lively. The island appears in a stunning dark hue and is set with a microwave oven.

Some well-designed wooden chairs sit nicely in front of the rectangular island. A rug keeps your kitchen floor dry and clean when you wash the dishes and water splash down the floor – besides it can be a lovely addition to your kitchen.

The color that the owner picks for the tiled walls is the same as the countertops, which elevates the warm mood. A couple of elegant chandeliers share their narrow beam of light to warm the kitchen. And they sure look great.

7. Stone Fireplace

tuscan kitchen style

Are you planning on making your kitchen feel warmer? There are lots of answers to that question. But the most suitable one will be…? Yes, you’re right! Installing a fireplace is the best answer – this one is a pizza oven fireplace, by the way.

When a kitchen is equipped with a pizza oven fireplace, it means you’ll have a warm kitchen environment and you can have delicious pizza on the table. It’s like killing two birds with a stone by making pizza and receiving the warm flames out of the fireplace.

Brown flooring, an island, and a small table complete the kitchen. The tiled wall has been carefully arranged to make an impact in this Tuscan-inspired kitchen design. The lamps do their job by providing adequate light that enlivens the kitchen up.

What do you think about our Tuscan kitchen style ideas? Which kitchen idea are you going to use for remodeling your kitchen?

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