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FeastHome – Blue color kitchen is one of the good options you could go with for the center of your house. The kitchen is the most important area. So, you should make a lot of consideration before choosing the perfect color scheme for it. You can consider some of these ideas.

There are so many hues you can choose from. Blue is one type of hues which can handle every style, mood, and paint preference neatly. You can choose any shades of blue color you like for your kitchen including turquoise, cobalt, navy, and more.

Whether it’s dark, light, or bold, blue color would never go wrong in any room with any style. So, here are some great ideas of stylish blue kitchen.

1. Blue color Navy Kitchen Island Cabinet

blue color kitchen

This blue and white kitchen has a gorgeous kitchen island. It’s matched with the style and scheme of the kitchen. It has white marble countertop and navy blue cabinet below. It’s packed with a classic design with an open shelf for books in the middle.

Above the island, there’s unique light pendant that makes a big statement in the atmosphere. The number of windows and lightings would guarantee the bright environment around the kitchen. The wooden flooring is something else.

2. Colors Blue Ivory in Country Kitchen

blue color kitchen

This kitchen has an obvious country style which is supported by the Ivory shade of blue. It’s a great inspiration for your small open kitchen. The light blue color all over the kitchen cabinet is the best thing about this kitchen.

The crisp white countertop keeps the scheme balance in this kitchen. The rest of the colors are there to make the kitchen more energetic.

3. Kitchen with Blue Color Niagara from Pantone

blue color kitchen

It’s quite obvious that the main attraction of this kitchen is the blue color with the white base on the ceiling and upper cabinet. Check out the hue used in this kitchen, the blue kitchen island has a gray Caesar stone countertop.

The designer chooses to have the lower part of the cabinet and islands have Blue Niagara color from Pantone. Then, the blue mosaic tail for backsplash plays an important part to balance the upper and lower parts.

4. Beautiful White Kitchen with Blue Color Navy Cabinet

blue color kitchen

Choosing white as the base of the color scheme won’t ever get the design wrong. It’s the safest choice you could have for any room, including the kitchen. The whole cabinet is colored navy blue. The contrast effect from bright white base makes the blue even stronger.

The white brick backsplash offers a little bit of texture to accentuate the base.

5. Cerulean Blue Color Kitchen Island

blue kitchen design

Cerulean is the shade of blue that stands between azure and sky blue. This beautiful blue kitchen is pretty successful to impress everyone. It has a breezy atmosphere with sky blue tile with an interesting pattern on the wall.

The aqua blue lantern adds a beach taste to this luxurious kitchen. The great amount of light that comes from the big window seems pretty necessary.

6. Kitchen with Blue Color Indigo Cabinet

blue color kitchen

The fantastic blue kitchen can be gained by choosing the right dark shade of blue. This indigo blue kitchen is a thoughtful choice for your kitchen cabinet. This modern style kitchen seems to be combined with wooden flooring and rustic dining set.

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The combination seems so contrast but the white base has made it possible.

7. Nordica Blue Color Kitchen

blue color kitchen

Nordica blue is the blue shades which are closed to the gray color. Some people would call it sea-glass blue. The pale looking appearance makes it a good option for you who don’t want to have bold colors in your kitchen.

8. Country Kitchen with Blue Color

blue kitchen design

Country style is apparently very popular for kitchen design. Its rustic element offers some kind of character to the room. The rustic brick, natural stones, and wood elements seem to be the main features in this country kitchen. Don’t forget that supportive blue cabinet.

9. Elegant Blue Color Kitchen

blue color kitchen

The first thing you would notice about this kitchen is the minimalist style. With the large space, this kitchen keeps its minimalism at the perfect level.

The floor-to-ceiling cabinet painted with blue colors but the designer keeps the wood grain visible.

10. Hale Navy Blue Colors for Kitchen

blue color kitchen

The choice of blue shade is originated from Benjamin Moor Hale Navy Blue. It’s applied to the main element of this kitchen, its cabinets and kitchen island. The white accents and base make a perfect contrasting combination for the blue.

11. Pattern Kitchen with Blue Color

blue color kitchen

This kitchen can be called as a kitchen that’s full of pattern. It looks like this kitchen has a pattern all over the space. The most obvious patterned space is on that part of the wall. It adds festivity to make the kitchen more fun.

12. Crisp White and Navy Blue Colors Kitchen

blue color kitchen

It has a trendy and classic style which brightens mostly because of the domination of white color. When a room had a big amount of bright colors like this kitchen, it’s a perfect time to add bold, dark colors. Navy blue is the perfect selection.

13. Rustic Farmhouse Blue Color Kitchen

blue kitchen design

If you are a fan of rustic, country, or farmhouse style, you may want to explore this cool kitchen. It has a complete specific design scheme.

14. Blue Color and Gray Kitchen

blue color kitchen

Combining blue with gray would be the right thing to do when you have white color as the main base of the room. Some shades of blue are closed to the dark gray color, that’s why.

15. Cobalt Blue Colors Kitchen

blue kitchen design

This kitchen has a very nice blue shade that you can’t resist. It’s another kitchen with a combination of blue and gray. But this time, the room is darker without too much light.

16. Navy Color Blue Kitchen Island

blue kitchen design

The kitchen island easily becomes the focal point of the kitchen. The rest of the color is just not enough to compete for the charm of the dark blue element in the middle.

17. White, Brown and Dark Blue Colors Kitchen

blue color kitchen

This kitchen consists of three colors that mix up all over the kitchen space. The dark wood flooring makes a good friend with the dark blue island and lower cabinet.


All of those 17 blue color kitchen ideas can make an outstanding change to your kitchen. The heart of your house would never be the same again with those ideas.


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