5 Large Kitchen Set Style Tips if Small is not the Choice

Large Kitchen Style

FeastHome  – Many people are struggling with the kitchen design and decoration because the available space is very limited. They have to work hard for making sure that the kitchen can be functional and look great in the small space.

There might be many things which have to be sacrificed in the small kitchen. When you have large kitchen set, the style which can be applied is limitless. You can go wild for making the kitchen looks special.

For example, you can read about U-shaped kitchen and use it for your large kitchen. One thing for sure, you are very lucky to have a larger kitchen so you should follow to create an amazing large kitchen.

Material Choices for Large Kitchen Set Style

Large Kitchen Style

With the large space available in the kitchen, you can feel free to choose any look you want in the kitchen but modern style will never be a wrong choice.

For creating the large kitchen which looks modern, you have to choose the right materials as well as application techniques. There are several options of material which are used often in a large kitchen.

Glass surely becomes the material which cannot be neglected when you want to create the kitchen with modern style. You can have a high dream about your modern kitchen design but one thing for sure; there are so many ways to take for incorporating glass into the design.

For example, the glass can be used for shelving or accessories. Of course the glass can also be functional when it is used as the kitchen islands toppers.

The large space also allows you to add more window or even cabinet doors made from glass material. It will never fail to give the modern and fun vibe in the kitchen.

Metal material is obviously familiar for kitchen decoration especially in the larger kitchen. The type of metal that is used often in the kitchen is stainless steel.

It is very popular choice of kitchen material because it will never go out of fashion. Stainless steel kitchen will always look great now and in the future.

Using the metal material can give the urban and modern feel to kitchen with large space. If stainless steel looks too cold for you, you can consider copper.

Although wood sounds classic, we can make sure that this material actually can look sleek and contemporary in the larger kitchen. Even when you use wooden material, it does not mean that you will get the traditional and rustic feel in the kitchen.

To get the minimalist look, it is better for using the wood with lighter characteristic such as oak or ash. The wood can be used for making the kitchen cabinet with unembellished and sleek design. Kitchen counter top in the large space will not be perfect without choosing the right material.

Marble is a perfect choice to get the look which is sharp and clean. Although this material is used often in the large kitchen with modern design, it requires high maintenance because it is more delicate so you have to be very careful with your marble counter top.

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Besides marble, granite can be considered if you want tougher kitchen countertop material. Stylish look can be found by installing black granite in the large kitchen.

Lighting Installation

Large Kitchen Style

Large kitchen design will not look great without the proper lighting choice. You might follow the traditional method for installing the kitchen lighting such as underneath the cabinet or the ceiling.

However, you can also be playful when using the light in the larger kitchen. Your kitchen is large and you actually can put the focus on particular spots in your kitchen by installing the lighting fixtures. T

here are various great options of lighting fixtures which can be chosen including those made from metal and glass.

Color Application

Large Kitchen Style

Color will always be very important element of design which you cannot miss when decorating the large kitchen. Color choice is getting more important in larger kitchen decoration with modern look after all.

The modern style can be represented with some colors use including white, black, grey, silver, green, and blue.

However, you have to keep in your mind about the color combination of three elements in the kitchen including the backsplash, kitchen appliances, and accessories.

You can create the special place for colors in your kitchen since it has large size. You can create functional and beautiful kitchen this way.

Furniture Pick

Large Kitchen Style

Because you have a large kitchen, you can just put any furniture in it. However, choosing furniture can be a great challenge if you want to create modern look in the kitchen.

The kitchen island actually becomes the most important element of kitchen furniture which people have to consider when decorating a large kitchen.

The challenge when designing large kitchen is incorporating the functional work area. For making it easier, you need to follow these steps.

At first, you need to keep in mind that the kitchen island will be the center of the kitchen. You have to make sure that people who are standing on the opposite sides of the kitchen island can give a cup of coffee easily.

You also have to make sure that the kitchen island is made for enhancing the kitchen functionality instead of becoming an obstacle. For this reason, you should consider installing two kitchen islands with smaller size instead of a large one.

Accent Adding

Large Kitchen Style

It is pretty normal that people just focus on the main furniture items as well as kitchen appliances which should be used in the large kitchen.

Nevertheless, you must not forget that great kitchen look can also be found by adding the right accents. You can make your large kitchen stand out by adding a lot of decorative items, accents, as well as accessories.

You must not forget that it is actually the privilege you have by owning a kitchen with large size. Plants, wall arts, and banquette can be great accent choice for your large kitchen.

Large kitchen sounds like a great fortune but still there are some challenges to face for decorating it. Feel free to share this article if you think it is helpful for you or your acquaintance.

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