7 Perfectly Designed Spanish Kitchen Style for You

spanish kitchen style

FeastHome – Deciding a kitchen style isn’t as easy as you might think. Is it because there are no kitchen ideas to impress you? No. It is not. It’s because there are tons of amazing kitchen ideas to confuse you picking one that’s suitable for you. How about Spanish kitchen style ideas?

You would be amazed by its warm and welcoming vibes that come from raw wood and stones mixed in the kitchen, which encourages you to use the same formula for your redesigned kitchen ideas. Let’s see what’s on the list.

1. Blue Cabinets

spanish kitchen style

Whether a huge or small, contemporary or modern, or whatever style your kitchen is, you’d always look for the one that’s practical and comfortable enough. A kitchen can be transformed to be as good as you can imagine if you know the steps to do that.

This Spanish kitchen idea uses dark blue color for the furniture in order to get a soothing and relaxed feel in the kitchen. Blue colors would remind you about the beautiful blue sky or relaxing ocean wave, that’s why you could feel calm in this kitchen.

The grey wall with a delicate motive gives a homey look. Something that shares beauty, no matter how small it is, can be added to your room. It can be in a bedroom, a bathroom, or a kitchen as well. The sunflowers on the corner make the kitchen looks aesthetically pleasing.

2. Airy Kitchen

spanish kitchen style

To achieve the Spanish touch within your kitchen, consider having these elements:

  • The adorable tone of grey cabinets,
  • Airy space, and
  • Natural lighting.

An open and airy room would always have some advantages in your home from giving some more space to having work or roomy atmosphere. A high ceiling with elegant design looks so inviting in this kitchen that you can refresh your mood once you’re there.

The ceiling can be your next idea to apply in your kitchen. But, the main point is you should really do it with the right calculation so the kitchen dream is gotten in your home.

A grey color scheme seems to have a magical magnetic field that many homeowners like to paint their kitchen cabinets with that. I’m not surprised that they pick such a color because you can see the result by yourself. The result speaks for itself.

3. Wood Beam

spanish kitchen style

There are plenty of methods you can try to acquire a specific kitchen style. One of them is by involving some materials or stuff that belongs or connects to the style you’d like to have. This kitchen tries to include things that are needed to achieve that look.

A wood beam always looks better in its natural color without being painted. It fits the stone walls in the kitchen with their uneven form and wooden cabinets that shows what a Spanish kitchen design really looks like.

There are also stools with a dark tone that has a similar dark color with the countertop. The combination of wood and stones here really stand out, makes it certainly be the focal point in the kitchen.

4. Stunning Old Lamps

spanish kitchen style

The usage of different types of floors has a huge impact on the kitchen’s atmosphere. The color that you pick will also contribute to some new nuance. How about the size? Yes, the size can obviously influence some aspects in the kitchen, too.

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This kitchen is using a red tile floor that brings warm. The comfortable mood is obtained from a soft and smooth couch and woven chairs next to the island. Meanwhile, those two beautiful lamps make it look more inviting.

Wood beams aren’t just sustaining the ceiling, but they also have another usage which is to be the place on where the lights are attached to. Don’t hesitate to give your kitchen a nice touch by adding some plants or flowers because they will make you feel relaxed.

5. Matching Tone

spanish kitchen style

The flooring materials used in this kitchen can be a perfect illustration of what I’ve explained to you about the different kinds of flooring ideas. Installing a distinctive floor can create a huge impact throughout the kitchen.

But keep this in mind; you’re going to match it with the tone from other elements in the kitchen to blend nicely. The tone of brown of the floor is matched with the countertop and chairs, and they seem to be nice.

You can also use the island room as a nice way of storing books and bottles. The wood beams aren’t so different from the previous picture, but the designer chooses it to have a dissimilar usage by hanging kitchen utensils on the lamps.

6. Raw Woods and Leather Chairs

spanish kitchen style

Talking about Spanish style means discussing these things:

  • Brick walls,
  • Crude wooden table, and
  • Durable bricks ceiling.

I think there’s no need to shed light on this kitchen about what kind of atmosphere that fills up this room. Raw woods, leather chairs, and stone walls are a great combination to get a cozy and lovely kitchen.

Red bricks ceiling along with wood beams that are used for the construction are not very common these days, but that what makes this Spanish-themed kitchen looks special than other styles. It looks so stunning with classic lamps on the ceiling.

On the wall between the windows, there are two cabinets with some antique collections of teapots. If you happen to have the same kind of collection, put them in the kitchen as a good addition that’ll evoke good, old memories.

7. Logs Construction

spanish kitchen style

You finally arrive at the last picture of Spanish kitchen ideas. Like many other ones, a kitchen should always be in a good state of cleanliness. That’s essential for your kitchen to look hygienic so that you’ll feel comfortable.

Simple, clean and cluttered-free are some of the kitchen aspects you should pay attention to. Those are what make a kitchen feel homey. You shouldn’t question the appearance of the entire kitchen. This one definitely looks extraordinary and durable with the logs.

A grey window with a small curtain and some beautiful flowers on the countertop subtly make a splash in the kitchen. The grey island matches nicely with the white kitchen cabinets.

From amazing designs and tone of color choices, our Spanish kitchen style showed what kind of elements you should have for a comfortable kitchen.

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