7 Phenomenal Rustic Kitchen Style You Wish You Had Known Earlier

rustic kitchen style

FeastHome – Appealing looks aren’t always in smooth, polished forms. In fact, their rough forms alone are enough to catch your eye because they show their original structure. A rustic kitchen style is such a style that looks fabulous when paired with exposed wood elements.

Rustic styles will even increase its beauty when you mix it with stones. Stones are another crucial component for rustic kitchen ideas that can enhance the current look if applied with the right portion and in the right place.

1. Paint with Cool Color

rustic kitchen style

I’d certainly agree that colors play a crucial part in creating a natural or warm feeling in your house. Picking a color it’s not as easy as it may seem, but once you determine which color I hope the result would be as good as you expected.

Blue is one of the cool colors. If you feel like having a warm color for a room, you can try to apply cool colors such as blue, green or purple. These colors will help you relax, bring peace and make rooms look visually larger.

This kitchen gives both cool and warm ambiance at the same time. Aspects that bring warmth to this room come from the stunning wooden floor, chairs, island and pendant lights. Not to mention the cosines you’ll get from gathering at the same table with the whole family.

2. Impressive Wood Ceiling

rustic kitchen style

At first glance, what do you see in this sensational kitchen? If you say the ceiling, we share the same opinion then. The mesmerizing ceiling is hard to be ignored, indeed. Time-worn beams would always amaze you with their impressive look.

These lights make the amazing appearance of the kitchen even more staggering. They aren’t there merely to provide lighting, but they exist to elevate the warmth in this kitchen. Moreover, their shape is also designed to enhance the view.

The island itself is set to have a wide surface to furnish some big space to work for you. It’s made out of weathered wood and has a similar color to the floor, and they’re well matched. On the other hand, this kitchen is finished with bar-styled tools.

Thus, in conclusion, there are three main focuses in this rustic kitchen. They are:

  • Impressive wood beams ceiling
  • Stunning lights decoration
  • Wide countertop space

3. Blend with Stone Walls

rustic kitchen style

Another element to create a cozy rustic kitchen will be stone materials that can be applied for walls or floor. Rugged stones have their own beauty to bewitch you with their rough and uneven surface that creates an impressive look.

They also awaken the beauty of the room with their natural color and make every aspect in the kitchen including the ceiling, cabinets, and floor looks better than they may seem. That’s rocks can be considered as an important element you should use.

For the next step, you can try to blend stones with color that you think it’ll look good on the room. You can try a dark color to increase the coziness if you want, just like what this picture shows.

4. Flooring Style

rustic kitchen style

When it comes to picking the right material for flooring, choose one that would match with things around. It can be quite challenging though. But if you have already pocketed a good plan to carry it on that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Tile floor can give some significant influences for an entire room if it’s designed not only to look beautiful but also to create a profound impact on the kitchen. Thus, you need to have a good consideration first.

There is a wide range of materials you can opt from Travertine, Slate, Granite tile etc. Or you can use wood instead. In this case, travertine would suit this kitchen to the ground. Travertine tile floor would be a terrific choice if it’s combined with a rustic style.

5. Calm Appearance

rustic kitchen style

You get everything right when you can make visitors or guests feel reluctant to live your house. It means that your house is pretty comfortable. So is the kitchen. If it can make you stay there for a long time while cooking, there you have a perfect kitchen.

With a subtle color scheme, this kitchen would make you feel content and warm. It may look cramped with steep ceiling but it’s actually large enough to make you feel safe. This L-shaped kitchen still has some space to walk around one another.

You won’t have a problem to do your daily tasks in the kitchen since the furniture is set by measuring first how much space is left so it’s all clear. A kitchen is supposed to be cozy and is practical so that you can cook with happy.

6. Rustic Kitchen with Fireplace

rustic kitchen style

Cabinets are essential. It’s a must for a kitchen when you’re in need of storage. If you’re fond of natural wood accents you can leave the cabinets with their basic wood color. It can create a warm and enchanting look.

But if you want to make a change for the kitchen, you can try it by painting them with colors that you like. As long as you comfortable with it do it. There are no rules what kind of color that a kitchen should be painted with.

And if you think that the kitchen needs some more warmth, you can try this idea of having a fireplace in the kitchen. When the winter comes, you can enjoy the small, warm flames from the fireplace.

7. Add kitchen Accessories to Elevate the Look

rustic kitchen style

Take this kitchen as a sample that you can use for redecorating your kitchen. It presents you such a nice and homey ambiance. You can focus on this stone wall that attached to the island. It may appear in a small portion but it gives you quite an appealing look somewhat.

Another special feature you should pay attention to is that the kitchen has a couple of wooden rustic chairs. Their classic style, shape, and color really match well with the stone wall and cabinets.

The cabinets themselves are a good place for storing glasses, bottles or any kitchen accessories that you think they can make your kitchen look prettier such as antique plates, teapots or trophies and so on.

If you’re currently looking for some new ideas to refurbish your kitchen, we hope our collection of rustic kitchen style could give you some inspiration.

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