7 Stunning Nordic Kitchen Style to Enliven Your Home

nordic kitchen style

FeastHome – Due to its white, bright and sunny color scheme, a Scandinavian or Nordic kitchen style is easy to be noticed by people. But if you look closely, it’s actually more than that. This kitchen style has some more valuable point and aspect to offer.

Nordic kitchen ideas have also offered a cool and warm atmosphere. Not to mention its spotless and breezy environment. But that depends on how spacious or high your kitchen space is. Without further ado, let’s have a look at our Nordic kitchen ideas list.

1. A Table with Three-Like Ornament

nordic kitchen style

Almost everything in this kitchen is covered with a white color scheme from the ceiling, walls, and wooden floor – even the couch, too. With two huge square windows that let the light illuminates the room, this kitchen looks a little bit pale.

But the wooden dining table and chairs are set to tone the bright color down. There are another table and a couple of chairs with black seats in front of a bar-inspired kitchen that silently give a nice touch.

The branch-like ornament is added to make the kitchen room has a variation with its pretty and shining thing. Some souvenir artworks, bottles, or a small tree can be included if you’d like to adorn your kitchen to look a bit nicer.

2. Open Racks

nordic kitchen style

In a glance, monochrome kitchen design may look like a Nordic style, but the latter has a brighter tone. Anyway, this small kitchen has a time-torn, square table with a reddish color scheme that is so distinctive in the kitchen along with black chairs.

A round pendant light closely accompanies the table so that you can feel warm while eating or sitting at the table. Some old paper news that is stuck on the white wall makes the wall looks like a small gallery.

Open racks are attached and arranged nicely on the white tile wall on which plates, glasses, and bottles are put. This Nordic kitchen has a clean look that makes feel relaxed despite its cramped space.

3. Stunning Tile Wall

nordic kitchen style

A fascinating Nordic kitchen idea with a mesmerizing terracotta tile wall will amaze you. This kitchen isn’t that so spacious with all kitchen stuff here, but it simply looks beautiful. An L-shaped countertop creates an ergonomic workplace.

A grey table and black chairs blend really well with the white color scheme in this Nordic kitchen. White lights and cabinets make the Scandinavian vibes feel so alive and make a good combination with the terracotta wall.

Open shelves are a nice idea to be used as open storage for small things such as glasses, mugs, plates, and other souvenirs. A beautiful vine plant leaves a natural, smooth touch in this kitchen. Plants or flowers are a good element you should consider adding in a kitchen.

4. Forget the Rules

nordic kitchen style

You may already familiar with a white wall of Scandinavian style, but you don’t always have to follow those rules. The key is that if you’re fine with it, do it. A brick wall can add a warm atmosphere in any room and isn’t limited to a kitchen only.

You can apply it either in a bedroom or bathroom as well. When everything is well-organized, it can make the kitchen looks attractive. You can put those glasses, plates, and bowls in the cabinets, but it’s not wrong to put them on the shelves.

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Next to the kitchen is a window that allows you to see outside and you can let some fresh air come through by opening the window. The grey cabinets are located in a kind of high position somehow, so I suggest you use a chair if you want to open it.

5. Breezy Environment

nordic kitchen style

Lots of people are keen on decorating their kitchen as comfortable as possible by adding some stuff that can make them stay for hours in the kitchen from adding a couch, a fireplace, or a small library in the kitchen.

This Nordic kitchen isn’t so different from that. It includes books under the island that you can read to kill time while waiting the meals ready or you can put some recipe books that’ll give you a good help when you need to try some new recipes.

This kitchen is also spacious enough that even with all this stuff put in the kitchen, it doesn’t look messy somehow. Huge windows leave a breezy space that’ll give you relaxation. Ah, there’s a bunch of pink flowers to liven up your day.

6. Add a Rug

nordic kitchen style

When you don’t really have space to put plants, you can find another way by putting them on the windows. Even though you don’t open the window, the sunlight can still be able to penetrate the glass and gives plants what they need to grow.

Besides, putting them there can also prettify the kitchen. That’s a win-win solution. You can have a nice look and save some space in the kitchen, too. The shape of a table can also influence the kitchen. Try this idea of having some space under the table to tuck in the chairs.

To elevate a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you may want to give a rug in the kitchen. A rug is also a vital element you can include when trying to make your kitchen feel cozy. While lighting design ideas can make the kitchen look inviting, depending on how you want it to be.

7. Soft Look

nordic kitchen style

Grey cabinets and the white tile wall and ceiling create a big splash when the light from windows shines through. They seem to make a great combination here. The ceiling itself has a stunning look and some different lights to enliven the kitchen.

A wooden table facing towards the window along with chairs that have soft and smooth surfaces plus a tiny green plant will be a nice spot to gather while having your breakfast. You can hang some photographs or posters that’ll certainly beautify the kitchen if needed.

The wooden floor gives a subtle of warm touch and it looks spotless. And an island is a vital element in the kitchen you need to have because lots of work is going to be done there. It can also be a good addition for storing kitchen utensils when needed.

Nordic kitchen style offers a simple and minimalist appearance with white and bright hues that is distinctive and stands out in the kitchen.

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