10 Unique Scandinavian Table in Your Gorgeous Dining Room

scandanavian dining table

FeastHome – Scandinavian design or also known as Nordic design is one of the most popular designs nowadays. This design prioritizes a simple and minimalist look, but very functional.

This is why Scandinavian design is quite similar to minimalist design. Both of them are minimum in decorations, showing simplicity, but rich in aesthetic.

So that Scandinavian design can make the room in your house looks spacious, neat, and clean with minimalist furniture.

For you who want to apply Scandinavian design to your dining room, you can have a Scandinavian table just like the ideas below.

1. Natural Wooden Scandinavian Table

Scandinavian dining room

The main characteristic of Scandinavian design is the use of wooden furniture which brings a relaxing and natural atmosphere. Just like the picture above, the householders use a wooden dining table and wooden dining chairs.

The natural pattern of the wood material is even maintained. The wall in the dining room is painted off-white, strengthening the Scandinavian look.

Because this design prioritizes anything natural, the French window is installed in order to allow the natural sunlight comes to the area as a natural lighting.

2. Monochrome Scandinavian Dining Room

Scandinavian dining room

Some plants are placed in this dining area in order to make the Scandinavian design stronger. Since this design is very related to nature.

All of the walls in this area are painted all white, which is one of the principles of Scandinavian look. A monochrome style is applied in order to have a simple and minimalist look.

Instead of using the wood material for the dining table, the householders use it for the floor. Since the dining area is in the same place as the family room, a light grey carpet is placed to define the dining area.

3. Grey Scandinavian Dining Table

Scandinavian dining room

Instead of using the colorful and screaming colors, the Scandinavian design uses the natural colors which are inspired by nature. Such as the natural wood colors and light grey as you can see in the image above.

The light grey blends perfectly with the natural wood tone. In order to add a color and uniqueness, an attractive hanging ball lamp is added.

The simple shape and design of the dining table and dining chairs strengthen the Scandinavian look. This dining room looks simple yet very stylish at the same time.

4. Scandinavian Glass Dining Table

Scandinavian dining room

The Scandinavian look comes from the all-white dining walls, plantations, and tree paintings. Those representative elements of nature accentuate the Scandinavian design in this dining room.

The tall white glass windows allow the natural sunlight to come through the dining room and add a brightness there. The glass dining table brings a modern touch while the dining chairs bring an old look, creating a unique twist in this area.

A fireplace is closely placed in order to create a warm and comfortable dining room.

5. Simple Scandinavian Dining Table

Scandinavian dining room

The dining table and dining chairs in the picture above combine all of the elements that create the Scandinavian design. From the natural wood material and natural grey color used.

The design of the wooden dining table is so slim and simple. It is suitable for you who want to have a minimalist Scandinavian look in your dining room.

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The legs of the dining table add a style to the simplicity in this area. You are able to combine this idea with wooden shelves if you want to maintain the Scandinavian design.

6. Colorful Scandinavian Dining Room

Scandinavian dining room

If you think a neutral and natural Scandinavian dining room is too plain or boring, or you want to make your Scandinavian dining room looks more colorful, you can follow this idea.

The slight red color from the dining chairs makes this dining room looks less plain and boring. A couch is also used as a dining seat in order to create a comfortable dining area. The Scandinavian look comes from the white color that is dominating the area.

The wood material used for the dining table and chair legs also maintain the Scandinavian look. The white shelves can be a storage and decoration at the same time.

7. Simple Scandinavian Dining Room

Scandinavian dining room

For you who want to have a simple and low budget Scandinavian dining room, you can try this inspiration. The dining table is made from a wood material with a shape cutting, as well as the dining chairs.

The wooden dining elements blend very well with the wooden floor. The seat of the dining chairs is painted blue in order to add a color.

The wooden small racks are installed in order to make the white wall looks more decorative. The stylish hanging lamps are also added so that the dining area looks more stylish.

8. White Scandinavian Dining Room

Scandinavian dining room

This area is dominated by white. But the wooden floor and wooden chairs help the area to avoid from a boring and plain nuance. The natural colors from the wood material bring a warm and natural touch.

Some racks are installed in order to store the decorations so that the white walls do not look plain. The dotted hanging ball lamp is also used to add uniqueness to the dining area.

The homeowners use 2 different rugs in order to define which one is the family area and the other rug under the dining table area.

9. Warm Scandinavian Dining Room

Scandinavian dining room

A light tone from the natural wood colors is chosen, making this dining room looks warm. The wooden dining elements and white walls are combined in order to create the Scandinavian style.

The black ceramic floor is chosen so that a color is added to the dining area, avoiding a plain atmosphere. The painting of nature is used as a wall decoration, making the Scandinavian style stronger.

Moreover, the rattan rug is placed so that the dining area looks more attractive.

10. All Wood Dining Room

Scandinavian dining room

Since wooden furniture is the characteristic of Scandinavian design, the householders use the wood material for all dining furniture, from the table, chairs, and floor. But different tones are used for the floor, chairs, and table in order to avoid a static look.

Those are the inspirations of a Scandinavian dining room.

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