10 Sweet Purple Kitchen Ideas: A Really Very Charming Design

Purple Kitchen Ideas

FeastHome – Have you ever thought of applying purple to your kitchen? If it is combined properly, applying purple is able to create a colorful and anti-mainstream kitchen.

You are able to combine this color with neutral colors if you want to safely style your kitchen. Or you can also combine purple with other colors which match with it in order to have a full of colors kitchen.

Below are the ideas of purple kitchens that might be your inspirations.

1. Yellow & Purple Kitchen

Purple Kitchen Ideas

This is an example of combining purple with another colorful color, purple and yellow. Since the purple is pretty dark, a light yellow is chosen so that the kitchen area will not look too dark.

A pattern is added to the kitchen wall in order to make the kitchen area looks less plain. Moreover, in order to balance the colors in this area, a white window, white sink, and wooden dining table are placed.

The white window allows enough sunlight to come into the area so that a brightness is added. The householders also place some wall decorations and a decorative plate.

2. Modern Dark Purple Kitchen

Purple Kitchen Ideas

Purple is available in various tones, from the light ones until the dark ones. If you think a light purple is too much for you to be applied in a kitchen, you can follow this purple kitchen idea.

A dark purple is applied to some of the kitchen cabinets and kitchen wall. The dark purple is safely combined with white which is a neutral color.

This color combination brings a modern style to this kitchen area, completed by the modern kitchen elements used. The use of a floating dining table which unites with kitchen table is a smart idea to save some spaces in the area.

3. Retro Kitchen

Purple Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen in the picture above is thick with retro nuances. It maybe because of the decorations and kitchen elements used such as the golden ball hanging lamp, trash can, dining chairs, and decorative words.

U-shaped kitchen which is one of the most popular kitchens beside an L-shaped kitchen is chosen for this kitchen area. It is because U-shaped kitchen is more suitable for a small kitchen area.

The wooden kitchen cabinets and wooden floor are installed in order to bring a natural color besides white.

4. Two-Toned Purple Kitchen

Purple Kitchen Ideas

If you want to use only purple to be applied in your kitchen, you can try this idea. The householders use a dark purple for the kitchen cabinets and light purple for the kitchen wall and countertop.

The kitchen wall is decorated with a butterfly pattern in order to avoid a plain and boring kitchen. The curved kitchen table makes this kitchen area looks more flexible.

An L-shaped hanger is added in the bottom of the wall-mounted kitchen cabinets in order to create an additional storage to place the kitchen utensils.

5. Spacious Purple Kitchen

Purple Kitchen Ideas

The purple color is applied only in a small part of this kitchen area, which is the bottom kitchen cabinets. While the dominant color is white, which makes this spacious area looks even more spacious and bright.

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A light purple rug is placed in the dining area in order to strongly define the kitchen area and dining area. A curved standing lamp makes the dining area looks more stylish.

This area has a modern look because of the color combination and also the glass dining table used. For you who want to have a modern kitchen, try this idea.

6. Floral Purple Kitchen

Purple Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen area in the image above looks very girly and flowery because of the purple flower pattern and the purple color itself. A white color is combined with the purple and flower pattern in order to balance the style so that the kitchen area does not look too much.

The purple flower pattern in the kitchen walls are actually instantly making the area looks stylish. 3 simple ball hanging lamps, completed by the white color, are chosen in order to bring simplicity to the area.

7. Dominating Purple Kitchen

Purple Kitchen Ideas

The purple color is applied in all of the kitchen cabinets which are a lot and quite dominating the kitchen area. But the householders choose a white kitchen floor in order to balance the color so that the area does not look too dark.

The white kitchen floor also makes it looks like floating. The silver hanging lamps and dining chairs are added in order to bring a modern touch. And the flower pot is placed in order to sweeten the kitchen area.

8. U-Shaped Stylish Kitchen

Purple Kitchen Ideas

The householders use a patterned wallpaper to cover the kitchen wall. It is actually a great idea to instantly make any room in a house looks stylish.

The kitchen area is in U shape in order to save some spaces in the area. 2 colors which are white and bluish purple are applied for the kitchen cabinets, creating a unique style in the kitchen area.

The wall-mounted racks are able to be a storage as well as a wall decoration to store and display the tableware.

9. Simple Purple Kitchen

Purple Kitchen Ideas

As the previous purple kitchen idea, the purple color is applied in a small part of this kitchen area, which is the small kitchen wall. This kitchen is dominated by white so that it looks more spacious and minimalist.

The grey marble tiles kitchen floor is chosen in order to add a color and pattern to the area, avoiding a boring look kitchen. For you who want to use purple only to add a little bit of color in your kitchen, this idea might be perfect.

10. Unique Purple Kitchen

Purple Kitchen Ideas

The householders use the purple color in a unique way; they use it as the lighting in this kitchen area. The purple lighting matches perfectly with the shiny crystal kitchen wall, instantly creating a uniquely stylish kitchen. While the kitchen itself is dominated by black in order to accentuate the mysterious look.

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