10 Champion Retro Kitchen Appliances: Veteran Awakened!

retro kitchen

FeastHome – Do you want to have an anti-mainstream style to be applied to your kitchen? Then, a retro style might be suitable for you. Retro style is able to bring an old and traditional look for your kitchen.

This style is perfect for you who are getting bored with common kitchen styles such as a modern style or minimalist style. For you who are looking for an inspiration of a retro kitchen, here are some ideas.

1. White Retro Kitchen

retro kitchen

This kitchen area is dominated by white. The white color is used for most parts such as the kitchen walls, kitchen cabinets, and other kitchen elements such as a fridge and stove.

A brick patterned kitchen wall is applied so that the area does not lack pattern. The wooden kitchen floor is also chosen in order to bring a natural warm touch and add a color to the kitchen area so that it looks less plain.

2. 3 Colored Retro Kitchen

retro kitchen

The householders use only 3 colors in this kitchen area which are red, black, and white. The red color is applied for the kitchen elements which are the stove, microwave, and refrigerator, the black color is applied for the kitchen cabinets, and white is applied for the kitchen walls.

The white color is actually used in order to balance the other 2 colors because red and black is quite dark. So that the kitchen area will not look too dark. The black and white tiles floor is very helpful in avoiding a plain kitchen. Remember to check out our post on the best retro fridges.

3. Turquoise Retro Kitchen

retro kitchen

For you who want to have a bright and colorful kitchen, you can the color combination of white and turquoise just like you can see in the image above.

The turquoise color brings a color to this kitchen area which is pretty dominated by white. The brick pattern from the kitchen wall and natural wood pattern from the wooden floor make this kitchen looks more attractive.

The wooden kitchen floor is actually also beneficial to prevent the area from looking plain and boring.

4. Minimalist Retro Kitchen

retro kitchen

Here is a tip in order to instantly create a minimalist look in your kitchen: choose white as the dominant color. Just like the picture above, the householders choose white as the dominant color in this kitchen area.

It is combined with light grey in order to maintain the minimalist look. The red dining table and red dining chairs are added in order to add a little bit of color so that the kitchen area looks less plain. The householders pick a glass kitchen cabinet to store and display the tableware at the same time.

5. Small Retro Kitchen

retro kitchen

Do not be worried if you have a small kitchen area but want to apply a retro style, you can follow this retro kitchen idea. The white color is quite dominating this kitchen area in order to make it looks more spacious.

A light green from the stove is added in order to bring a color. The glass window allows the sunlight to come through the area so that a brightness is added.

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And last, choose a black and white tiles kitchen floor to instantly make the kitchen area looks stylish.

6. Colorful Retro Kitchen

retro kitchen

This kitchen looks colorful because of the orange fridge and light orange rug. Even though there is not much orange color, this kitchen area looks cheerful because orange is a screaming color.

You can apply this idea if you want to quickly make your kitchen looks colorful. In order to balance the color, a grey sink and black opened kitchen cabinets are chosen.

The opened kitchen cabinets and opened racks make it easy for the householders to find the items that they need.

7. Green Retro Kitchen

retro kitchen

The kitchen in the picture above is able to be at the center of attention because of the use of green for the stove. The color really catches an attention. Moreover, the neon lights reflect the green color so that it looks shiny.

White as a neutral color balances the color so that the kitchen area will not look too much. The wooden cabinet is added in order to bring a traditional touch to this kitchen.

And the floor combines green from the stove and brown wood from the cabinet. What a detail!

8. Modern Retro Kitchen

retro kitchen

If you want to have a modern style and retro style at the same in your kitchen, you may want to try this kitchen idea. The modern style comes from the stainless steel kitchen elements used such as a kitchen faucet, sink, refrigerator, and oven.

The silver color from the stainless steel kitchen elements blend perfectly with the green color from the kitchen walls. The clear glass door and window make it easy for the sunlight and fresh air to come into this kitchen area so that the air circulation is kept well.

What makes this kitchen area unique is the presence of a comfortable couch in the corner. As we know, a couch is rarely placed in a kitchen.

9. Nude Retro Kitchen

retro kitchen

Hands up for the pastel colors lovers! For you who want to apply your favorite pastel color to your kitchen, you are able to try this idea. This kitchen area is dominated by nude color.

From the fridge, countertop, kitchen cabinets, all of them are nude. But in order to make the kitchen area looks plain and boring, the homeowners simple patterned kitchen wall and black induction stove. The patterned kitchen walls are also maintaining the minimalist look.

10. Yellow Retro Kitchen

retro kitchen

Another idea to have a colorful retro kitchen. Yellow is a colorful and screaming color that is able to make your kitchen looks cheerful.

But if you want your kitchen looks calm, you can choose a light yellow just like in the picture above. Combine it with a neutral color such as white or black for the kitchen floor or kitchen walls.

A retro kitchen can catch an attention of whoever comes to your house. Do not doubt to apply this style to your kitchen.

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