Yellow Kitchen

yellow kitchen

Some of you probably think that yellow is an unusual color for a kitchen. Currently, it gets more common in the room decor. These outstanding yellow kitchen ideas will tell you why the positive color deserves your attention.

Yellow conveys a feeling of happiness, not to mention it makes the sun-deprived cooking space feel brighter. Besides, it can fit in any kitchen, from modern to traditional to farmhouse.

Furthermore, yellow comes in a myriad of striking hues. Whether you are looking to keep your kitchen understated or go bold, this article by our lovely FeastHome team has got you covered.

Perfect Duo

Yellow Kitchen Design

This kitchen features a light gray wall and cabinetry. They keep the space airy and open. The thin subway tiles in three tones cover the backsplash and create visual interest. Marble counters add a layer of luxury.

Several yellow accent items were sprinkled throughout the room. The yellow window shades, sunflowers, lemons, colander, and chandelier exude a cheerful atmosphere. They also bring the whole space together.

Yellow Isn’t Always Mellow

Yellow Kitchen

Don’t you love this sunny kitchen? Pale yellow beadboard cabinets allow the mustard yellow tiled backsplash to shine. They nicely team with white countertop and walls.

The unfinished wood floor, dining chairs, and cutting boards lend the space some rustic appeal. Two ball pendant lights emphasize the black kitchen island with marble countertop. The houseplants perk up the area.

Vintage Splendor

Yellow Kitchen Design

As you see, this stunning kitchen employs butter yellow cabinets. Those furniture units set a peaceful mood, and they prevent the room from being too stark. Light yellow and black mosaic tiles on the backsplash catch the eye.

The white brass ceiling lights represent a vintage style. Underfoot is a French rug in the shades of navy, red, and white. Wood butcher-block countertop, island, and floor infuse the kitchen with welcoming vibes.

Saffron Stain

Yellow Kitchen Design

This Scandinavian kitchen is open and airy, thanks to large windows. Saffron yellow cabinets, chairs, and countertops enliven the whole space in a flash. They match gorgeously with unpolished wood backsplash and dining table.

A multicolor area rug pops against the light gray floor. The dry goods in glass jars were placed on the upper cabinet. They inject the space with more vibrant colors.

Geometric Goals

Yellow Kitchen Design

The silvery-gray cabinets and stainless-steel appliances elicit a sense of sophistication. They carry an industrial taste to the space. Additionally, they are such a tasteful contrast to white countertops.

Canary backsplash tiles in a geometric pattern warm up the entire room. Moreover, they serve as the focal point.

Contrasting Effects

Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas

Clean lines dominate this culinary space. They stamp a contemporary feel along with white subway tiled backsplash. Wood units and greenery lend the room an organic setting.

The lower cabinets come in dark gray. Meanwhile, butterscotch yellow upper cabinetry carves good vibes. Lastly, the light-toned wood floor ensures that the kitchen looks lighter.

Pastel Yellow and White Kitchen

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

Who states white is the only long-lasting classic? In case you do not want to incorporate that color into yours, give this idea a shot. Here, the kitchen boasts an accent wall in a creamy yellow hue. It develops a tranquil atmosphere.

Off-white backsplash tiles, countertop, and cabinets maintain the subtlety of the kitchen. Blonde wood floor asserts a feeling of coziness. Flowers in vase titivate the area in an instant.

White and Yellow Kitchen Decor

Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas

Here, white is the main kitchen’s color. Crisp white upper and lower cabinets have no hardware. They truly help the homeowner live her minimalist life. Besides, they make the space appear bigger than it is.

The inside of the open cabinetry was painted yellow. A mustard appliance prevents the room from becoming predictable. Two pendant lights over the kitchen island create a sumptuous look.

Country Chic

Yellow Kitchen

This country kitchen is a multi-functional area designed for cooking, socializing, and kicking back. The tin ceiling tiles work as a textured showstopper. The Red floor and wood dining set to heat the area.

Chrome yellow cabinets are a playful contrast to black soapstone countertop and stainless steel appliances. They lend the cooking space an original taste as well. Sunflowers and lemons naturally add more yellow shades.

Modern Industrial

Yellow Kitchen Design

Black-painted wood planks cover the floor. They offset pure white walls and lower cabinets. Medium gray island and chairs produce a masculine mood. Both brick accent wall and light fixtures fill the room with industrial charm.

Yellow SMEG refrigerator and cabinetry generate a dramatic effect. An unfinished wood countertop piles on rustic texture, while flowers spice things up.

Goodbye Matchy-Matchy

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

White ceiling and walls along with skylight open up this kitchen. Light gray cabinetry and stainless-steel cooking appliances offer a contemporary vibe. Wood floor and table counter-balance them.

Daffodil yellow backsplash pours the happy color on. The dining chairs are meant for a dynamic culinary space. Lastly, staggered pendant lights contribute to the kitchen’s aesthetic value.

Appetizing Colors

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

According to researchers, yellow and red can activate the appetite. That is the reason you should use those two colors in your kitchen. Glossy cherry red cabinets keep the space up to date and luxe.

Mustard yellow walls brighten up the room instantly. Green and blue works of art inject bursts of color into the kitchen. Windows let lots of sunlight shine through. Ceiling light and downlights provide good illumination.

Incredible Maple

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

If you want to experiment with poppy color in your home, the kitchen is the right place. The maple gold island, cabinetry, and window frames animate the whole room in a split second.

Black chair, sink, countertops, and vintage pendant lights carry some visual depth to the kitchen. Blonde wood floor and counter maintain the room’s light feeling. Leafy plants and sunflowers breathe life into the kitchen.

Tiny but Lively

Yellow Kitchen Design

Pure white is the dominant shade of this kitchen. It fools the eye into thinking the cooking space is more expansive. Saffron yellow walls bring the otherwise sterile kitchen to life. It offers a bold backdrop for the artwork too.

Concrete tiled floor and countertop, together with metallic appliances ooze industrial appeal. The zebra print area rug is such a head-turning piece.

Jolts of Color

Yellow Kitchen

Above is a mid-century modern kitchen with a vaulted ceiling. Crisp whites enlarge the room visually. Meanwhile, blonde wood units and ceiling beam convey a sense of comfort.

Marble backsplash boosts up the kitchen’s elegance. Three bumblebee yellow pendant lights over the island deliver instant happiness to the area. Red and orange items enhance the pendant lights already in the kitchen.

Go Pale

Yellow Kitchen Design

The sunshiny vibes come through, big thanks to pale yellow cabinetry, lemon colander, and canary cupboard’s handle. Mint green furniture complements the butter-yellow cabinets well.

White backsplash features square tiles in yellow, red, and green for a coordinated look. Glossy stainless-steel appliances give the culinary space a modern flair. The flooring combines stained honey timber with painted geometric patterns.

Buttery Goodness

Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas

Even though you are crazy about yellow, it does not mean you have to paint your whole kitchen yellow. Take this room as an example. The buttercup retro stove steals the spotlight.

The black tiles border pure white lower cabinetry and pastel yellow countertop. Untreated wood island’s top provides a rustic taste. Lastly, golden wheat and buttercream tiled floor generate a visual interest.

Calm yet Playful

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

This cooking space plays up the bold theme with lemon yellow base cabinets. They add a heaping dose of warmth to the medium gray wall and upper cabinetry in a flash.

Both ceiling and molding show off their mesmerizing details. A bubble pendant light matches the shape of round dining table. Light plank wood floor and window prevent the space from feeling too heavy.

Blue and Yellow

Yellow Kitchen Design

Metallic appliances and pale gray lower cabinets contribute to the kitchen’s contemporary flavor. The backsplash is clad in thin subway tiles in varied shades of blue. They are a breath of fresh air.

The dandelion yellow accent wall lends the space sunny splendor. Two wall-mounted shelves accommodate decorative pieces. Wavy ceiling light adds illumination to the room in an elegant manner.

On the Inside

Yellow Kitchen

This kitchen is so dreamy. It boasts pastel gray base cabinets and textured backsplash. Honey ash wood floor heats the room dominated by cool tones. Potlights ensure kitchen workspace safety.

Unlike the lower cabinets, the inside of kitchen cabinetry is painted pastel yellow. That way, the culinary space does not become staid. The dining wares and jars infuse the kitchen with splashes of delicate colors.

Homey Feels

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

Do you happen to have a pocket-sized kitchen? Fret not. Invest in crisp white lower cabinetry and pale gray island. Therefore, your cooking space appears bigger and lighter than it is.

Chalky yellow walls punch up the room. They amplify the coral wall outside of the kitchen. Copper light fixtures, a dark-toned wood floor, and chairs set an inviting vibe. Different potteries stand stunningly on the open shelves.

Yellow Kitchen Walls: Mexican Influence

Yellow Kitchen

Do you worship bold kitchen interior? I do, too. This cooking space features parched yellow walls. They assert a sense of joy and act as an amazing backdrop for intricate, colorful pottery.

Butcher-block countertop and exposed ceiling beams carry rustic grandeur to the entire space. Pure white sink, floating shelves, and base cabinets create a clean look. A stainless-steel stove keeps the kitchen from being too old-fashioned.

The Heart of the Apartment

Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you living in an apartment? If yes, you should give this idea a chance. You must opt for neutral color palette. To liven up your culinary space, paint the accent wall bumblebee yellow.

Hanging pot racks make the kitchen organized. Meanwhile, the magnetic knife holder keeps your knives within arm’s reach. Kitchen tools and spices offer more vibrancy.

Airy and Tranquil

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

In this large country-style kitchen, the buttercup kitchen island, cabinetry, and dining stools carve a peaceful ambiance. The limestone floor tiles and a rough piece of wood evoke an outdoorsy feel.

White-framed windows, as well as skylights, allow breezy air and plenty of natural light to enter the space. The blooming plants imbue the kitchen with tons of energy.

It’s All About Layering

Yellow Kitchen Design

Stark white ceiling and cabinets exude a sense of hygiene. The light gray tiles cover the backsplash in a diagonal pattern. Banana yellow walls and dark wood floor inject warm splendor.

Navy and white chairs, together with Chinaware make the room feel coordinated. Chandelier and pendant lights celebrate a French country style. A round dining table symbolizes unity.

Seamless Transition

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

As you can see, this kitchen entirely opens to the backyard garden. The space employs both indoor and outdoor dining areas too. Retractable doors and skylights allow in sunlight as well as summer breezes.

The backsplash serves up a healthy dose of sunflower yellow, not to mention it heats the bland handleless cabinetry. Blooming flowers bring pleasant aroma and color to the scene.

A Real Minimalist

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

Saffron yellow island, bench cushion, backsplash, and accent wall produce visual warmth. Buttercup blanket and Dijon cushions layer on comforting shades of yellow.

White ceiling, walls, and cabinets make the space seem larger. Unfinished wood floor and tree stump table ooze rustic beauty.

Crazy Bold Walls

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen is ultra-modern for sure. It includes two high stools, eye-catching backsplash, and island. Large windows keep the room airy and sunny.

Yellow walls invigorate the space. Teal upper cabinetry and wall create more happiness. The pale gray-painted concrete floor, white cabinetry, and countertop tone bright hues down.

Old Is Gold

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

Above is a French country kitchen brimming with personality and colors. The primitive-style cabinetry maintains the room’s authentic taste.

Wood floor and dining chairs offer a welcoming atmosphere. Yellow walls, forest green stove, and polka dot red tablecloth revive the space.

Quiet Charm

Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas

Buttercup yellow backsplash, chandelier, and walls evoke a feeling of serenity. Hanging China plates on the wall creates a pleasing visual balance and a feel of luxury.

The unpolished wood units and stone floor tiles lend the kitchen rustic textures. A striped rug picks up the pale blue shade of the ceiling.

Splashes of Yellow and Turquoise

Yellow Kitchen

Canary yellow accent wall and faux deer head shine in this predominantly white cooking space. A turquoise retro appliance becomes a bridge between modern and traditional.

Geometric patterned floor is the star of the room. Hardware-free cabinets and kitchen island look super stylish. The indoor plants keep the area from becoming lifeless.

Yellow Cabinets, Play with Shapes

Yellow Kitchen

This kitchen is not just daring, but also dynamic, thanks to sunflower yellow cabinets. The white ceiling and subway-tiled backsplash let them stand out even more.

Two geometric pendant lights in buttery yellow draw the eye upward. Glossy countertop contributes to the kitchen’s modern flavor. Hexagon rug and upholstered dining chairs add comfort.

A Yellow Clan

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

Do you have tiny kitchen? It is no problem. This cooking space may be small but looks wonderful. It boasts canary and flaxen yellow walls. They are such a feast for the eyes.

When not in use, the wooden stools are tucked away under the white island overhang. The ornamental pieces above window and on the open shelves complete the scene.

Powerful Yellow Accents

Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen is mostly crisp white. That is why it does not feel cramped and dark at all. The homeowner also introduced snappy shade into her cooking space through countertops and floating shelves.

Light gray wallpapered backsplash provides a cool backdrop for decorative items. What a captivating kitchen!

A Touch of Fun

Yellow Kitchen

The ceiling and walls were painted pure white. So, the culinary space feels open, airy, and bright. Natural light shines through the windows. Raw wood floor and potted plants bring the outdoors indoors.

Saffron yellow cabinets are a bold contrast to the pale walls. Hanging framed works of art make a fabulous gallery wall.

Hints of Yellow

Yellow Kitchen Design

For you who are not into a big paint project, try this idea. As you can see, the kitchen employs canary stools around the two-tone island, citron window shade, and daffodil flowers in the vase.

Dark-toned wood upper cabinetry and kitchen island create a cozy mood. A colorful area rug on the floor asserts a feeling of playfulness. Lots of sunlight prevents the space from looking depressing.


What shade of yellow is great for a kitchen?

A: Sunflower yellow works well in the kitchen since it is versatile. It matches with classics and vibrant hues.

Why do you need to paint your cooking space yellow?

A: Yellow adds both energy and vibrancy. The color is necessary for kitchen with minimal natural light.

What things do look good with the yellow-glazed walls?

A: You can use green accents to infuse the organic feel into your yellow kitchen.

Does gray pair with yellow?

Yellow and gray is a winning combo. Gray helps tone down the yellow’s vibrancy. Meanwhile, yellow offers personality to gray.

What color of walls team well with yellow-painted cabinets?

Paint your kitchen walls in neutral shades such as light gray and white. They keep yellow cabinets from overpowering the room.

With those delightful yellow kitchen ideas, you definitely can make your dream cooking space a reality. Just be sure you pick the right yellow shade, furnishing, and decorative pieces.

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