10 Acropolis Kitchen For A Unique Kitchen

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FeastHome – For you who have a spacious kitchen area and want it to be the center of attention in your house, you should try having an Acropolis kitchen.

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An Acropolis kitchen is a concentric kitchen that is designed for a vast area. The original design of this kitchen is a perfect circle, but there are many new designs nowadays.

An Acropolis kitchen combines the visual attraction with the highest functionality, suitable for you who love to spend your time in the kitchen.

1. Futuristic Acropolis Kitchen


The first Acropolis kitchen has a futuristic design. It is suitable for you who want to bring a modern touch to your kitchen. A little bit of curves is added in its circular design in order to make the kitchen looks less boring.

The metal material dominates the design and it is combined with the white tile floor, making the modern and futuristic style even stronger. The built-in stove is a nice idea to save some spaces in the kitchen area so that it won’t bother your cooking activity.

2. Modern Acropolis Kitchen


Same with the first image of futuristic Acropolis kitchen, this type of Acropolis kitchen is also being dominated by the metal material, bringing the modern look to the kitchen area.

The combination of the metal kitchen furniture with the white tile floor makes the kitchen looks clean and neat. The sink is placed not far from the built-in stove, making it easy to put the dirty dishes to the sink.

3. Elegant Acropolis Kitchen


What makes this Acropolis kitchen looks elegant is because of the use of blue light. The blue lights match perfectly with the metal material, making the kitchen looks like an outer space.

The double sinks will make it easy for you to wash the dishes. The big refrigerator will complete the look and make the kitchen exactly in the center of attention.

The placement of cook hood right above the stove will free the kitchen from the smoke of cooking activity.

4. Minimalist Acropolis Kitchen


As it is said before, an Acropolis kitchen is not only in a circle shape anymore, it has some new designs. One of them is this kitchen. This Acropolis kitchen has a minimalist look and accentuates the practicality by placing the sink near the built-in stove.

The kitchen area is even in the same area as the kitchen, making it easy for you to prepare your cooking. The living room area is also even in the same place as the kitchen and dining area. It makes this area looks very homey.

The placement some flowers pots to make the kitchen looks sweeter. While the hanging lamps above the dining table bring an elegant touch to the area.

5. Practical Acropolis Kitchen


This Acropolis kitchen has a half-circular shape so that your moves will not be limited. The double sinks are placed very close to the built-in stove, making it easy and practical for you to directly put the dirty pans to the sinks.

The cooker hood is placed right above the built-in stove so that the kitchen will not smell and have any smoke. The wooden fruit basket brings a warm twist to this Acropolis kitchen.

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6. Clean & Warm Acropolis Kitchen


The white color that dominates this kitchen making it looks very clean and neat. On the other hand, the dim light and wooden floor bring a warm atmosphere to this Acropolis kitchen.

The black statement chairs are a nice idea to apply in order to make a unique twist which is still suitable for this kitchen design. This Acropolis kitchen design is suitable to be placed near the window in order to make the area looks even more spacious.

7. Simple & Elegant Acropolis Kitchen


The first impression of the design of this kitchen is very simple yet very elegant. It is because of the use of white as the color domination for the dining chairs, kitchen furniture, and even kitchen floor.

The combination of white dining chairs, glass dining table, and hanging dim light makes this area looks even more elegant. The addition of white lace curtains and several white flowers pots complete the style and bring a nice atmosphere to the area.

8. Cheerful Acropolis Kitchen


The yellow kitchen cabinets will surely catch the eyes. They also bring a unique twist and touch to the Acropolis kitchen area. However, the combination of yellow kitchen cabinets with the metal material is surprisingly matching.

Moreover, what makes this Acropolis kitchen more unique is the placement of the bookshelves. Actually, the bookshelves are very useful and practical.

You can place your recipes books there so that you do not have to walk to the other room to read a recipe you want to try.

9. Bar-Look Acropolis Kitchen


Do you want to have a kitchen that looks like a bar in your house? Then you can apply this design of Acropolis kitchen. Place a long rectangle white dining table and 3 white bar chairs.

The black background and neon lights make this kitchen looks elegantly mysterious. The wall built-in microwave and oven are able to save the spaces in the area. Last, do not forget to place some wine glasses to complete the bar look.

10. Rustic Acropolis Kitchen


This Acropolis kitchen has a rustic style because of the use of wood material for the kitchen cabinets and curtain. The natural color of the wood material brings a warm atmosphere to this Acropolis kitchen.

This kitchen accentuates the practicality which is the characteristic of an Acropolis kitchen by placing the sink, built-in stove, dishwasher, and other kitchen tools very close to each other. Place a painting to make the kitchen looks artsy.

Those are some designs of Acropolis kitchen that can be your inspirations. An Acropolis kitchen is very suitable for you who want all your kitchen stuff around you.

This type of kitchen focuses on the functionality and practicality as the features. So, what are you waiting for? Go apply an Acropolis kitchen in order to have a comfortable kitchen in your house!

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