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Granite is a beautiful and durable material widely used for home improvement—even it is strong enough for an outdoor environment.

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With the ability to withstand extreme weather, it makes no surprise that many homeowners build outdoor bars with granite tops in their backyard or patio.

Outdoor Bar with Granite Top Ideas

Like indoor bars, outdoor structures are designed with countertops and special equipment like a grill, stove, and more.

If you are interested in joining the crowd, read on and get more insights on granite tops for outdoor bars. Once you’re inspired, make your own choice.

1. Stone Bar with Granite Top

Stone Bar with Granite Top

This is a fantastic outdoor bar to spend the night with loved ones.

The countertop is made from stone material to ensure its strength and durability even during extreme weather. Granite top is also added to redefine the value of this outdoor countertop.

This design idea deserves your attention, among other granite countertops, for it is quite simple to build.

It has an aesthetic stone floor that creates a warm and friendly atmosphere in the area. Don’t forget outdoor stools to complete your bar.

2. Patio Bar with Granite

Patio Bar with Granite

Make the most out of your patio with a granite top idea with this outdoor bar.

Featuring a simple I-shaped design, building this bar countertop won’t get you overwhelmed.

You have to prepare stone material and granite slab, and you are good to go.

This outdoor bar is ideal for both small and large patios. Since it is a permanent structure, you may need to prepare the right position and size before getting started.

It’s also necessary to consider installing the countertop equipment, such as an electric grill, oven, stove, and more.

3. Outdoor Bar with Dark Granite

Outdoor Bar with Dark Granite

Dark granite looks classy and expensive. Whether you want to level up your backyard garden or patio, then this stone bar with a dark granite top is surely for you.

Combining natural touch from the stone base and luxurious black granite, this is a home bar to redefine your outdoor settings.

One of the simple and classy ideas for an outdoor bar with a granite top comes with a square island to organize food and drinks.

It also serves as a useful worktop for faster and easier food preps outdoor.

4. Bar with Granite Top by the Pool

Bar with Granite Top by the Pool

Have a plan to build a bar by the pool? This outdoor countertop with granite should be on your top list.

Made with a limestone base combined with a granite top, this outdoor bar is visually attractive, but it is also durable for a wet environment.

Color combination between limestone base, floor, and cream granite looks soothing in your eyes.

But don’t be discouraged! If you are into this outdoor bar with a granite top, feel free to combine the colors of base and granite slab that suit your preferences.

5. Outdoor Bar with Granite and Stone Floor

Outdoor Bar with Granite and Stone Floor

This outdoor bar idea is ideal for homes with a large backyard. It transforms your backyard into a cool place to throw a party or BBQ, allowing you to leave home interior untouched.

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Designed with a medium size, this outdoor bar with a granite top is sufficient for your family, friends, and relatives.

What’s interesting about this design is that it indulges your eyes with a harmonious color combination.

Using the same material for bar floor and counters would be a focal point in your backyard shortly. Just make sure to choose a granite top with a similar color.

6. Classic Outdoor Bar with Granite

Classic Outdoor Bar with Granite

Are you looking for granite bar top ideas with a classic touch? This outdoor kitchen and bar can be a good reference for you.

Combining stone base, granite top, and wooden stools, this outdoor bar accentuates a warm and friendly atmosphere to the space.

Granite is safe and durable. But if you want to maintain its shine and luster, the patio is the perfect place to build an outdoor.

You will be able to enjoy some drinks at home while keeping your house nice and sweet, so you don’t have to spend time cleaning up carpets or upholstery.

7. Wooden Bar with Granite Top

Wooden Bar with Granite Top

Stone and granite fit together, but it doesn’t mean you can’t try other compositions.

How about combining granite top and wooden base? This idea of an outdoor bar with a granite top is ideal for homeowners who need a less expensive bar in the backyard.

The wooden bar is cool, but there’s a catch. You’ll have to choose a hard and durable wood material that can withstand the weather unless your bar doesn’t last forever.

Oak, maple, and teak may be the best hardwood option to build an outdoor countertop.

8. White Granite Top Stone Bar

White Granite Top Stone Bar

While some people choose earth-toned or warm-colored granite, others opt for a cool white granite top for their outdoor bar. If you belong to the second group, this idea deserves your attention.

This granite top bar with a stone base creates an instant focal point in your patio or backyard, making it possible to redefine your outdoor settings.

Get these granite bar tops for sale and let your neighbors envy you.

9. Thick Granite Top with Stone Bar

Thick Granite Top with Stone Bar

The thickness of the granite slab for the outdoor bar heavily depends on your preferences. You shouldn’t skip this outdoor bar with a granite top idea if you are more into thick granite tops.

Designed with a natural base made of stone, it becomes a great place to enjoy the moment with your loved ones.

The thick granite outdoor bar is ideal for the patio or backyard of any concept.

You can customize the size, design, and equipment from BBQ grill to coffee maker and stove. Of course, choose the right chair or stools that meet your preferences.

Now that you know many ideas for an outdoor bar with a granite top, it is much easier to pick the design you like the most.

Get a favorite outdoor bar and enjoy a good time with family and friends without messing up with your interior.

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