Things to Consider before Using White Tiger Granite Countertops

Advantages of Using White Tiger Granite Countertops

White tiger granite countertops have become popular granite options that people use for their kitchen countertops.

Made from a natural stone, you cannot expect that every piece comes in a similar look and pattern, making it a unique surface to install in your kitchen area.

Since granite is available in various options, the white tiger type is also a specialty. You need to know more about this stone before using it for your kitchen countertops.

This information will be useful for you when you purchase this stone in person for the remodel.

White Tiger Granite Countertops

White Tiger Granite CountertopsGranite

, whatever its type, is recommended for both commercial and residential uses, including kitchen countertops.

This stone is because it not only offers you a striking look but also high durability.

You should know several important things before using white tiger granite countertops.

  • Characteristics of Tiger Skin Granite

Characteristics of Tiger Skin Granite

While most granites come from Brazil, white tiger granite belongs to some that come from China.

Like its name, it has an off-white base and veining patterns that look like tiger skin because it mostly has brown and black striations.

The pattern variation of this stone is medium. You can see that the patterns spread over the stone almost evenly and not just come as straight lines or distance dots.

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The pattern variation of this stone also makes the comparison between them, and its base is almost similar.

The variety of pattern shades forming this stone is why people use white tiger granite countertops in their kitchen.

It not only fits the large surface such as the kitchen island but also other kitchen tops such as vanity, cooktop, and even area surrounding the kitchen sink.

  • The Uses of White Tiger Granite

The Uses of White Tiger Granite

White tiger granite can use for both outdoor and indoor installations. People usually choose this material vanity tops, patio and grill area, and fireplace surrounds for indoor use.

However, white tiger granite countertops are the most suitable and suggested use of this stone for indoor areas.

Since granite is porous, it can absorb moisture wherever it is installed.

Hence, using sealing is recommended to help prevent it from any oil and grease stain that may affect its look. Applying sealing on the granite also helps to maintain its durability.

Granite can resist heat, scratching, and warping as well. Hence, it becomes a great option for areas inside the house that receive daily high traffic, such as the kitchen.

There is also an area inside the house where heat exists every from the stove, microwave, and other cooking appliances.

  • Cost of White Tiger Granite

Cost of White Tiger Granite

Before purchasing white tiger granite countertops, you need to consider their price previously.

This will help you estimate how much you need to prepare the budget for the overall white tiger granite installation on the kitchen countertops.

You need to measure the footage of the kitchen surfaces you want to cover with this material.

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Then, it would be best if you multiplied it by its price per square foot. For white tiger granite with 3 mm thicknesses, the price ranges between $22 and $25 per square foot.

Compared with other types of granite, the price of white tiger stone belongs to the affordable ones.

Perhaps, it is the right time for you to bring quality and look into the kitchen through this type. This price is worth enough for you to get as countertops.

Advantages of Using White Tiger Granite Countertops

Advantages of Using White Tiger Granite Countertops

The popularity of white tiger granite countertops can’t be achieved without its advantages to the homeowners.

Here are several advantages that you can get from the white tiger type of granite, making it better than other countertop materials.

  1. High durability

The durability of granite stone is unparalleled. White tiger granite also comes with high durability, perfect for installing countertops.

It can resist scratching so that you can chop using stainless steel knives on its top without worrying that it will damage the surface.

White tiger granite countertops also resist heating up to 4800 so that you can place any hot pots or heat pans after being used for cooking, and they won’t ruin its surface.

You can cook or heat any foods above the foods without frequent maintenance on the countertops.

  1. Timeless beauty

Each white tiger slab comes with a unique pattern since these stones are available in various patterns and colors, ranging from snow white to cream shades.

The flecks’ arrangement creates different patterns and creates an interesting look on its surface.

It makes either subtle or contrasting looks that improve the kitchen’s character and serve as a great focal point of the space.

White tiger granite countertops provide timeless beauty that will make the space brighter and create a clean and sophisticated appearance.

  1. Versatile and flexible

Installing white tiger granite countertops in the kitchen will make it easier to pair them with everything.

It offers great compatibility with different kitchen styles, cabinet colors, and wall paints. If you combine it with dark kitchen cabinets, you can create a striking contrast.

Meanwhile, when you complement this stone with white kitchen cabinets, you will keep making the kitchen look far from boredom because it even matches any wood stain color.

It can be the best choice for a classic kitchen and kitchen that applies modern design.

Its flexible color and flecks differ from black, brown, and grey. The mixture of This color is extremely suitable for all kitchen colors.

Whether your kitchen dominantly uses dark color, vibrant color, or even subdued color palettes, white granite countertops work well on it.

White tiger granite countertops are worth trying if you want to get something visually good, durable, and versatile on the kitchen tops. More interestingly, its price is satisfyingly affordable for its top quality.

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