A Guide to Range Hood Height for Your Successful Installation

FeastHome – It is pretty common for homeowners to wonder about the most perfect range hood height for their property.

In general, how high you should mount your range hood will depend on the location. Indoor and outdoor hoods typically require different measurements.

It is very essential to get this height accurately. Then, you will be happy to read the following guides to execute the same. Without further ado, let us check them out!

The Importance of Getting the Right Range Hood Height

Right Range Hood Height

Firstly, getting the right height for your range hood can boost the durability and effectiveness of this covering.

Thus, placing it too distant or too close to the worktop may result in the overall performance. Also, there is an unfavorable effect on the hood’s longevity.

Next, you must be aware that moving a range hood after it is installed will be a lot of work. Thus, you are likely to have that range hood mounting height down permanently.

In this view, the right distance to install your hood from a gas or electric cooktop is highly important.

Standard Range Hood Height for Your Kitchen

Standard Range Hood Height for Your Kitchen

Normally, a range hood should be mounted between 71 and 91 centimeters (or 28 inches and 36 inches). The height starts from the worktop for an electric or gas stove.

Avoid installing your range hoods lower than 28 inches, as it is the minimum height. Doing so will damage the hood in time.

Meanwhile, do not mount the hood further than 36 inches. It is incapable to move air away from your cooktop well.

This standard measurement works for wall mount, island range hoods, as well cabinet range hoods as well as stove hood inserts.

Some range hood manufactures may suggest you mount the range hood between 20 and 25 inches above your worktop.

Hence, double-check if your manufacturer has a recommended range hood height for the product.

What to Remember before Determining the Height of Your Range Hood

Height of Your Range Hood

This measurement does not depend on fan sizes. Thus, remember it before deciding on the perfect height for the cooking space when installing your range hood.

For indoor uses, you should follow the above standard height for range hoods of all sizes.

When it comes to outdoor uses, you can install hoods between 36 inches and up above the range.

This additional distance is necessary since outdoor grills tend to produce more intense heat.

Furthermore, how tall your range covering will not affect the kitchen hood height.

Similar to the size, the range hood height does not influence the tallness of its installation. Likewise, outdoor and indoor hoods will require different mounting heights.

The Consequences of Installing the Hood to Far from the Cooktop

Height of Your Range Hood

Then, what will happen if we do not mount the hood at the right height? For instance, while mounting the hood too far from the cooktop, the following problems may follow.

  • Decreased efficiency

Height of Your Range Hood

Sometimes you mount your range hood too far from the worktop. Hence, the additional distances that the air needs to travel are not within the effective capture area.

This effective capture area refers to the spot that surrounds your fan. It is where all the dirt, grease, and other cooking fumes are captured efficiently.

If the range hood height is not appropriate, the hood’s efficiency will be drastically reduced.

  • Accumulation of unwanted air

Height of Your Range Hood

Instead of getting rid of unwanted hot air, chances are high that your hood will let smoke accumulate in your kitchen. This problem appears if it is not at the right height.

When this happens, grease may start to emerge on nearby cooking surfaces. It will appear on the ceiling and walls after a long period.

It occurs because some cooking fumes will get away into the kitchen. However, they should travel through the ductwork and go outside your home.

At this point, it is like you do not have a proper ventilation functional vent hood at all. This equipment is just for your kitchen decoration.

  • Unnecessary cost increased

Height of Your Range Hood

By mounting your range hood too far from the stovetop, you will need to operate it at higher speeds frequently.

In this view, you may get rid of cooled or heated air from your kitchen. Accordingly, switch your air conditioning or heater back on to cool or heat more air inside the home.

This situation can cost you money pointlessly. Thus, mounting your range hood height appropriately is the right answer to solve this case.

It will let you run the hood at lower speeds and draw the right amount of air out of the kitchen.

  • Reduced motor’s life

Height of Your Range Hood

This setting allows air to escape. Therefore, you are likely to turn the hood on higher speeds as a solution.

If you operate it at maximum speed every day, the life of your motor will wear down soon or later.

  • Makeup air required

Range Hood Height

Running a range hood at the highest speed too frequently also makes it more likely to need makeup air.

It may filter all the superfluous contaminants from your cooking out of the kitchen. However, if you turn the hood to the max, that air needs to go somewhere as soon as possible.

When you did not install the range hood height properly, chances are you get out of breath.

This happens since the air that leaves your kitchen is not substituted quickly. That’s why you will require a makeup air kit to compensate.

Nevertheless, before investing in a makeup air kit, you may attempt to open your door. Also, simply crack a window to boost the ventilation in the kitchen.

The Consequences of Installing the Hood Too Close to the Cooktop

Range Hood Height

Similarly, you will also face a few problems when mounting your range hood too close to the worktop. Here are some issues to keep in mind.

  • Reduced longevity

Range Hood Height

The most possible thing that happens when you do not get the right range hood height is low durability.

Hoods should not be too close to the countertop. They can give much strain on the blower as well as other components inside.

All of the forceful heat and smoke will require a quick filter performance. It gives a result in an overworked motor that eventually reduces its longevity.

  • Fire

Range Hood Height

Due to the intense heat on your cooktop, the hood is more likely to start a fire in the kitchen.

The fire may harm your cabinetry, your wall mounted range hood, as well as other things around the hood. Thus, you may end up spending much for substituting this covering and renovating the affected areas in your kitchen.

  • Damaged hood

Range Hood Height

A range can generate much heat when you mount the hood too close to the worktop. It can harm the stainless steel outside of your hood as well as the circuitry on the inside.

If those parts are exposed to intense heat for an extended time, the damage will come soon or later.

While installing the range hood height too close to the worktop, be extra careful of what you are cooking and how often you do so.

  • Frequent cleaning

Range Hood installation Height

There is another reason why you should never install your hood too close to the cooktop. It will make you clean your kitchen more frequently.

Installing the hood close to the countertop will have the vent get closer to the cooking surface as well.

As a result, the grime and grease from your cooking may stick to nearby surfaces. Hence, you may need to clean the outside surfaces of the hood. Do it twice a month instead of doing so on a monthly basis. Check out what the experts have to say about maintaining your kitchen appliances.

Where to Mount Your Hood Vent Effectively

Range Hood installation Height

Now, you have already known the right range hood height. Then, let us find out where you should to install your range hood for it in your kitchen.

Indeed, you will need one above your stove. However, there are some other places in the same kitchen layout where a vent hood is necessary.

These other places include over the kitchen island, on the wall, and beneath the kitchen cabinets.

While kitchen islands are normally vented via your ceiling, under-cabinet and wall models frequently vent vertically or horizontally.

How to Mount a Range Hood in Your Kitchen

Range Hood installation Height

Depending on where you like to mount the range hood, the installation process can be slightly different.

Mostly, range hoods are offered with mounting brackets to make it easier for the users to mount the equipment.

You just need to fasten screws through the holes in the bracket. After that, let around a quarter of the space free to get the hood installed.

Before doing any installation, make sure to measure the range hood height. Thus, you can find out where to mount this equipment later.

To mount it on the wall, remember to get your chimney bracket installed too. After that, you can start to set up the vent hood.

Meanwhile, for an island range hood, you should first measure and mark the ceiling where the equipment will be mounted.

You will need some rooms to mount the ceiling brackets. Wherefore, do not mark the mounting area too near to the ductwork.

You should leave several inches of room between the ductwork and the installation area markings of the range hood height.

Then, what if your range hood does not come with a bracket? Do not worry. You can simply drill through the back of it into studs in the wall.

Finally, congratulations! You already know the standard range hood height and the way to mount it properly in your kitchen.

If you ever change your mind about range hoods, read our guide on the best range hood alternatives.

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