9 Exciting Ideas to Level up your Kitchen Accent Wall

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The kitchen is a place to gather, cook, eat, debrief, and spend time with your loved ones. Let’s make this common room more personalized and add your vibe to it!

You don’t need to revamp your whole kitchen to make the difference; only the kitchen accent wall decoration can do wonders. Make sure your accent wall serves as a focal point and elevates the elegance of the space.

How to Select the Accent Wall of the Kitchen?

Many spend thousands of bucks renovating their kitchen but fail to achieve the desired results fully. Little details like kitchen accent walls can bring the whole vision back together to give you the warmth and fuzzy you’re after when you roam into your kitchen.

To choose your kitchen accent wall, consider the layout of the space, the direction of natural light, and the other elements in the kitchen. You can also choose according to the theme of your kitchen or the type of décor you want. Consider the following suggestions for choosing your accent wall:

  • End wall for the gallery kitchen.

  • Main big wall of the open-plan kitchen.

  • Wall beside the furniture in the kitchen with an attached dining room.

  • A kitchen wall with a window can work great as an accent wall.

Here are a few kitchen accent wall ideas to add to your kitchen decor

Adding your charm or going with traditional or modern trends! Decorating your kitchen’s accent wall is all fun and satisfaction. Read the following nine wall decor ideas.

1 Add the Freshness of Nature

nature wall

The kitchen is meant to be peaceful and to enjoy food. All the vegetables, fruits, and pulses we eat are the products of nature. Why not give this place a natural theme? If your kitchen receives plenty of sunlight, you can place foliage on your accent wall.

As shown in the picture, grow indoor plants in the hanging planters or arrange vines and trailing plants on wooden rods. Installing wooden shelves on your accent wall and placing small pots is also a popular idea to give a natural vibe. The green color gives a shooting touch to a kitchen, so cooking and rewinding in a natural greenery would be perfect.

2 Unique Geometric patterns 

green accent wall

Do you like shapes or patterns in your home décor and are looking for new and innovative kitchen trends to refresh your accent wall? Well! Style your wall with geometric patterns and give it a voguish look. You can install the tiles in a hexagon or herringbone arrangement or even try complex shapes on the wall.

For instance, the picture represents a subtle design with white hexagon tiles aligned uniquely. The dark-colored cupboards give a perfect contrast to this style. You can skip the upper cabinets to maintain the hexagonal motif as a striking feature.

3 Chalk Art Work For More Drama

chalk board accent wall

You can take your kitchen wall décor to the next level with the chalk work on the black-painted accent wall. You can express your artistic nature by making matchless artwork on your chalkboard. Writing simple yet effective quotes with chalk is also a way to keep yourself motivated and carry on the wall design.

As displayed in the picture, you can decorate the kitchen wall of your cafés or coffee shops with this remarkable technique and boost your business. It’s the best budget-friendly DIY for people having kids in their home, among all accent wall ideas. Just give a piece of chalk to your child, and ask them to write on the wall! Boom, you are free from all the mess of their toys.  

4 Yellow Accent Wall Color for Sunlight Effect

yellow accent wall

Make your kitchen look brighter and more spacious by adding yellow hues on the accent wall. You can pair the yellow paint with white cabinets and black appliances to give the pop of colors like the above picture. This design kept the furniture and other fixture simple and unpretentious to provide all the attention to the bold yellow painted wall.

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Kitchen wall décor with yellowish cabinets or lemony ornaments is also a trendy choice to give a beaming sunshine effect. In addition, you can experiment with accent wall ideas by styling yellow wallpaper and golden tiles to add warmth to your kitchen.

5 Statement Plate Wall

statement plates accent wall

The above design is a true example of wholesome kitchen trends. This plate wall idea is the perfect way to display your traditional dinnerware. As shown in the picture, this concept works by assembling a collection of plates of various sizes, designs, and colors on your accent wall.

Plates can be arranged in a symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern to create a visually appealing design. An advantage of this design is its easy maintenance and cleaning. Unlike many other artworks, you can effortlessly wipe off all the dust from these plates.

6 Rustic Look with Timeless Shiplap

shiplap accent wall

It is incomplete to describe accent wall ideas without talking about the shiplap style! You can decorate your kitchen wall in an old-school, vintage fashion by adding wooden planks in a traditional shiplap arrangement. As you can see in the picture, this kitchen wall décor idea is soft and simple but fancy and enticing simultaneously.

This rustic design is immensely famous among small kitchen holders as the horizontal line gives the dilution of a broad space. However, you must protect the wooden sheet from heat blazes and water splashes with regular waxing or oiling.

7 Hang Your Favorite Kitchenware 

hanging stuff n backsplash

You can give your personalized touch to your accent wall by generating your own accent wall ideas. But hanging utensils are an excellent choice if you want to adhere to kitchen trends that are antique and timeless. By doing so, people display their expensive family dinnerware.

Most people use this method to hang kitchen items for their daily use. Following is a list of utensils you can hang on your accent wall to create a homey look.

  • Colorful cups

  • Cooking Spoons

  • Knives

8 Stone accent wall for Farmhouse Kitchen

stone accent wall

If you are looking for more classic kitchen trends, this stone kitchen wall décor is for you. The designer placed timber furniture and rustic fixtures to compliment the stone wall in this picture. Before the revamp, select the type of stone that matches the vibe of your kitchen.

You can decorate your kitchen with light, sand-colored, or dark polished stones; it depends on your kitchen theme and choice. Irregular stones on your accent wall give a natural and earthy feel which is a principal idea behind a farmhouse-style home décor.

9 Colorful Artwork to Prevent a Bland Appearance

art kitchen accent wall

The final design in our accent wall ideas is to embellish the wall with colorful paintings and artwork. Kitchen wall décor can be done with pastel colors, but adding bright colors to this workspace will bring a cheerful ambiance to your kitchen.

Kitchen trends are changing with time, but decorating kitchen walls with paintings remains the same. As displayed in the above picture, you can hang artwork against the brightly painted wall or place them on the shelves. Add a spark of your creativity to the simple décor ideas to get the best results.

Bottom Line

An accent wall is the focal point of your kitchen, so beautifying it with exquisite designs should be your priority. We have discussed nine different ideas to decorate your kitchen wall and make it a center of attraction in your kitchen. Invest in a little effort and create your dreamy kitchen!

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