Trendy White Kitchens with Gold Hardware

white kitchen with gold hardware

white and gold kitchens are popular among enthusiasts of both modern and farmhouse kitchens.In addition to providing a blank canvas on which to try out various decorating motifs, an all-white kitchen gives the impression of being open and roomy, enlarging smaller spaces.

But you don’t have to settle for just being plain if your kitchen is monochromatic. Incorporating white and gold tones into a kitchen can be done in many ways to achieve a stunning result, including gold appliances.

The Characteristics of the Golden Color in the Interior:

sunny kitchen with butcher block

If the right elements are picked, and the design is tastefully planned, a golden-tone kitchen is everything but tacky. The tonality represents vitality, illumination, spirituality, and material prosperity. According to psychology, those who are self-assured, capable, and strong and for whom elegance and a desire for beauty are not mere platitudes are those with a bright tint.

White and Gold Kitchen Design Ideas to Inspire You

Rightfully regarded as one of the most elegant color combinations is the pairing of serious white and sun-glittering gold. Almost every area of a home looks good in this color.

1 Start with a Golden Sink and Faucet

gold sink

While gold sinks draw attention, beautiful golden tapware gives your kitchen a special touch. Push-open drawers with a modern design and a gorgeous marble countertop are the ideal complements to this brassy sink.

2 White and Gold Tones with Champagne Wood Accents and Chrome Hardware

white and gold tones

This kitchen’s monochrome design is given cool tones by wooden accents & chrome hardware. The minimalist yet powerful design features fit in perfectly and give the piece a modern feel. Utensils hanging on the backsplash for the kitchen accent wall.

3 Bright White Cabinets with Matte Gold Hardware and Glass Cabinet Doors

gallery white and gold kitchen

Bright gold highlights over white hardware can bring color and dimension to the design, making the white gold kitchen a stunning mix. In this gallery style kitchen, the Subway tiles and quartz countertops a great match in this kitchen, with the wooden floor providing a beautiful contrast.

4 White Kitchen cabinets with Gold Hardware and Blue Island with Pendant Lights

dark blue, white and gold kitchen
Blue Kitchen island cabinets

Installing gold pendant lights is another stylish way to obtain a sophisticated white and gold kitchen appearance. This works even better if your kitchen has a breakfast nook because it will help to highlight it and other gold elements in the kitchen correctly.

5 Baroque Flair All Over this Trendy Kitchen with Gold Handles

hexagon gray and white tile and white kitchen

When combined, gold and white offer a traditional vibe. Shiny gold accents are frequently used in baroque design to convey an air of richness. For the full effect, combine with a slightly gray-toned white across the kitchen.

6 Gold Kitchen Cabinet Hardware on Dark and Light Cabinets

dark white and gold

Your dark-colored cabinets will stand out if you choose gold kitchen cabinet hardware. A black sconce is used in this white kitchen to go with the cabinetry. Stainless steel appliances throughout the kitchen and a sink are adorned with a gold faucet under the double pane sliding window.

7 Wooden Gold Accents with Brass Cabinet Handles

kitchen with gold highlights

A white range hood with gold accents reflects the natural light from the neighboring casement windows. The long kitchen island features wooden accented stools to its right and butcher block countertop. Underneath the white shaker cabinets with brass kitchen hardware is wood flooring.

8 Kitchen Island with white Shiplap and Extra Gold Support for Island Countertop

minimalist white and gold kitchen

Gold accents complement white counters and cabinetry in this small kitchen with island. This kitchen demonstrates a great kitchen triangle and well thought out design that maximizes the space.

9 Green, White, and Gold Kitchen with Marble Backsplash

green with gold highlights

This kitchen screams positive vibes only as the colors balance each other so well, giving off a calm atmosphere.

10 Modern and open blue and White Kitchen with Gold Hardware

blue white and gold kitchen

You can significantly improve The aesthetic of your kitchen if you use sleek and fashionable hardware. This modern farmhouse open kitchen has delicate gold accents from the faucet, lighting, and cabinet knobs, making it look chic and appealing.

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11 White Cabinets with Glass Doors Extended to the Ceiling and Enriched with Gold Kitchen Hardware

gray and white kitchen island

A kitchen island with a grey base cabinets and white countertop. The white base cabinets have gold kitchen hardware and a faucet along the wall. The island is placed in front of a stainless steel range tucked between two white and gold cabinets and stainless steel hood to match.

12 White and Gold Accent Kitchen Island Stools and Blue Island Cabinets

navy blue kitchen island

White and gold stools are hidden beneath a light grey island in this elegant kitchen. A white range is adorned with gold kitchen hardware. A backsplash made of diamond tiles in various tones supports white cabinets.

13 Gold and White Hexagon Backsplash with Brushed Gold Hardware

gold backsplash

Consider a polished gold backsplash for your kitchen if you truly want to be daring. Polished gold will cost less than other gold-colored metals while appearing similar to gold. A reflecting backsplash’s vibrant sheen may transform a dated kitchen and be the space’s focal point.

14 Superb Brushed Nickel Pot Filler brings a more Low Key Vibe

gray vent hood

If you want a white and gold kitchen that is more subdued, stick with brass cabinet hardware in such a cooler tint. The undertones in the hardware give the cabinet pulls a softer appearance. In this case, it softens the dramatic contrast between the hardware and the white cabinets. The gold accent pendant lights enhance this new kitchen’s bright, airy sense.

15 Add Appliances with Gold Handles

fridge with gold handles

Larger appliances can also be considered kitchen hardware. However, handles and faucets are the most common examples. Add gold handles to your refrigerator or microwave to make it look more luxurious.

16 Contemporary Gold Oven handles

Unless you want your kitchen to feel like a futuristic sanctuary, less is more when it comes to gold. Choose gold appliances, gold-foil-coated cabinets, and darker-white backsplashes and counters.

oven with gold handle

Your oven’s hardware is another spot where you may give your kitchen a touch of gold flair. Replace the knobs & handle with gold replacements. Consider installing a range hood with gold trim for an even more opulent appearance.

How to incorporate white and gold color combination in your kitchen design

One method to combine the two colors is to use white kitchen cabinets or backsplash paired with metallic gold hardware. This could include installing gold faucets, handles, hinges, drawer pulls, and lighting fixtures. These accents will provide an elegant touch and bring warmth to the space. Alternatively, it’s also possible to incorporate gold-tone countertops or tiles into the design for an even more eye-catching effect. Gold also looks great on walls when you use as wall art as an accent color.

Add Small Furniture with Gold Accents

Another way to introduce white and gold is by painting walls white and adding pieces with gold details, such as chairs, tables, or shelves. This is ideal for smaller spaces needing extra styling without overwhelming the area. For example, an armchair or couch with golden legs will look much more sophisticated than its counterparts!

It’s essential to note that white kitchens may not always be suitable for homes with small children and pets because of their bright appearance and light color palette. However, if properly maintained, a white and gold kitchen can look effortlessly chic while also worth the effort needed to keep clean!

To minimize messes in all areas of your kitchen, consider using darker flooring materials instead of lighter shades that show dirt quickly, especially when children are playing around. Utilizing rugs to cover high-traffic zones can help maintain their condition longer too!


Overall, having a white and gold kitchen is a great investment that will likely increase the value of your home due to its timeless appeal and the modern designs it brings together in one place. With careful planning on material choices and proper maintenance habits put in place, you’ll surely enjoy this space for years to come!

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