Getting Local Channels on Samsung Smart TV 

getting local channels on samsung SMart Tv

Samsung TVs can find available free local channels with and without an antenna. We live in a suburban part of the country with limited access to local media channels, even with a digital antenna. Good News is that Samsung Smart TVs have features that grant you access to local channels Even without an Antenna. As long as you have access to a reliable Internet connection, you’ll be able to watch local channels on your Samsung smart TV.

How do we access local tv channels on our Samsung smart Tv?

We get access to our local channels in three ways: a Digital TV AntennaSamsung TV Plus, and Sling TV.

HD Antenna Option for local live channels

HD Antenna for local TV

Using a Digital TV Antenna is one of the most common ways to access local channels. You need to connect the antenna to your Samsung Smart TV using a coaxial cable. This will give you access to local stations depending on your location and the type of antenna used. The advantage of using this option is that it’s easy to set up, and you don’t have any additional costs.

However, reception can vary depending on your local broadcast conditions. where we live, we get a handful of local channels with the antenna and have to reposition it to watch other local channels. An antenna has not been proven to be a viable solution for us.

Using an HDTV Antenna for Over the air channel scan

To scan for local tv channels on a Samsung TV, ensure you have an antenna or cable box installed and set up.

  • Connect the coax cable to the ANT IN port on the back of your Samsung TV

  • Change the input source on your TV to TV. Then, select the source labeled TV, or press Home, navigate to source, and select TV.

  • Once you are on the TV source, select Settings (All Settings) on your Smart Tv.

  • Select Broadcasting, and then select Auto Program.

  • Select Start to begin automatically program local channels, and then select Over the Air

Your TV will start scanning for channels. After it’s done scanning, you can close it.

Free Local Channels on Samsung Smart TVs with Samsung TV Plus

samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus is an accessible FREE streaming service that gives you access to local programming without an antenna connection. It provides users with 90 local live tv channels in over 30 US cities without additional costs or subscription fees. It also has an intuitive interface, making it easier for viewers to find their desired content quickly and conveniently by connecting your Samsung Smart TV to your Wi-FI network with an active internet network.

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We’ve only had great experiences watching our local News Channel on Samsung TV Plus. The Picture quality is incredible, and we don’t have to roam around the room with an antenna for decent reception. Ensure your

You can watch Local channels for free on a paid Sling TV subscription

SLing TV

SlingTV is another way for users to watch local tv channels on their Samsung Smart TVs. This online streaming service offers local networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX where available, as well as premium channels like HBO® and SHOWTIME® for a monthly fee. With SlingTV, you’ll have access to thousands of movies, shows, and events from networks around the world, as well as local news and sports broadcasts from major networks like ESPN®, CNN™, and more – all without having to sign up for additional contracts or pay extra fees.

The best feature we take advantage of on Sling TV is the DVR option to sort of record favorite shows for future viewing.

These methods provide convenient ways for people who want to watch their favorite local channels on Samsung TV without having any extra equipment or paying additional subscription fees. However, they require varying setup scenarios depending on what kind of solution you choose.

For example, digital antennas require wiring, while streaming services do not require any setup; it just requires internet connectivity.

And that’s how to get local channels on Samsung smart TV

Many people opt for using digital antennas over other solutions because they don’t have any additional costs. If you’re close enough to a tower, over-the-air channels with an antenna may be best. In contrast, premium channels like HBO® require paid subscriptions through SlingTV and others to gain access to them. Not only that, but digital antennas may provide superior signal quality compared to streaming when it comes to local broadcasts due to their direct connection with the broadcasting towers (dependent on your location).

However, switching between Samsung TV Plus and Sling TV might be your best bet. especially, If you’re looking for more variety since both are so easily accessible and require no installation, unlike cable or satellite providers.

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