Quick Solution if Blink Camera Flashes Red Light

blink camera red light

Blink is the perfect choice for Outdoor and indoor security Cameras, but sometimes even the best equipment can be faulty. In this case, the LED flashes indicate that you may have problems. When using Blink Cameras, the light may blink, a flashing red light, or other signals that indicate various issues with the product.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the possible causes for your blink camera flashing red lights. Red for potential solutions you can try to get your blink camera in working order and make your home safe again.

The following guide applies to all Cameras in the blink security system. So, if your blink video doorbell flashes red, blink mini, or the battery-operated outdoor camera is flashing red, we’ve researched the possible causes and fixes, so you don’t have to.

Why is my Blink Camera blinking red light?

If you remember, a blinking red light may appear when you set up Blink cameras for the first time. This indicates that the camera, either a blink doorbell, mini or Outdoor camera, is not connected to a Wi-Fi network. Therefore, they will not be able to stream video or capture motion-triggered footage.

Seeing the flashing red lights during your setup is normal. However, if you see this during everyday use, it means there is a problem. We’ll look for some methods that worked for me and those people I talked to online so we can deal with issues related to the Blink video camera.

Your Blink Camera may have lost connection to Your Wi-Fi Network.

Check your Wi-Fi connection and router settings.

Installation of your blink outdoor camera requires an active internet connection. If your blink camera is not connected to the internet it can result in a red flashing on blink camera systems. When the Blink camera’s lights flash red every few seconds or so, the camera may have tried to access the network but failed to connect to the internet.

Those may indicate the home Wi-Fi is offline or unreliable and the camera has no internet connection. Try the following tips to fix your blink camera flashing red light:

Try to re-connect the Blink camera.

If your Blink camera has problems connecting to its wireless networks, you can try to connect them again to your wireless network or change the WI-FI network connection to something else.

The Blink app provides an option to change the wireless networks. Re-Connect the camera’s Wi-Fi network to its wireless network and check whether the red lights are blinking.

Note: Check if your Wi-Fi Frequency

2.4 ghz Wifi

Blink cameras work on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, so ensure your Wi-Fi is transmitting at 2.4 GHz. We ran into this issue with our eero 6 Wi-Fi router and temporarily paused the 5ghz network until this was resolved. Other Routers, like the deco X20, can explicitly block the 5ghz Wi-Fi Network. So dependent on your router, you may be able to do the same.

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Problem with the Sync Module

One possible issue between the sync module and the Blink camera device is a lack of reliable power sources. Either batteries or AC power may power the Blink camera itself, but the SYnc Module may not have access to a consistent power source. This could cause problems because both devices depend on a constant internet connection for synchronization. The batteries may fail on the camera itself and disrupt the sync process.

Additionally, ensure a strong Wi-Fi signal between the blink outdoor camera and the sync module. Suppose either device, the blink security camera or sync module, is disconnected from the internet for an extended period. In that case, it could cause a delay in synchronizing data between the two devices. It’s vital to ensure that both devices have access to reliable power sources and Wi-Fi connection to prevent these issues from occurring.

If all else fails and you’re sure that your router is working and you have a reliable internet connection. Unplug the Sync module and plug it back in. When the Sync Module is healthy, there should be a solid blue light indicator for Healthy WI-FI and a solid Green Light indicator for a Good Power source.

If there is a blinking green light or any of the indicators are of a different color, there’s a problem with the sync module.

Check your Blink Camera Battery

red light blink camera

Your blink camera Batteries are failing.

In battery-powered blink security camera devices, if the LEDs in the device have a red blinking light, which signals that the batteries have started to fail. This is an alarm that the battery needs to be removed immediately, causing the camera to die earlier than you anticipated.

Battery life on the blink outdoor cameras is around two years, but electronic components are doomed to fail at some point.

To confirm this is a battery issue, bring the blinking camera inside and plug it into a Power outlet using a USB phone Charger cable. If the camera stops blinking and you can view footage, then that confirms the battery is the issue. Ensure that you use AA Lithium non-rechargeable Batteries when replacing batteries on your blink camera.

Final Words

Hopefully, you’re back in business at this point. If not, you may have to reset your blink camera and go through the first setup mode again. The Location of the reset button on your Blink Camera can vary dependent on your Blink camera model. Check out our post on how to reset your blink Camera to locate the reset button for your Camera Model.

Thank You for Reading to the End!

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