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Best furniture placement tips, From nightstand Lamp To Dining Table

Are you struggling to find the right placement guide for your furniture? Don’t worry! We are here to help! As the interior design industry evolves, the tricks of placing furniture in spaces are also. Arranging furniture can be a joyful activity. However, it would help if you created the right balance of furnished areas.

To avoid decor faux pas, we’ve developed simple strategies to help nail furniture placement in your home. 

A well-lit room is a well-functioning room!

When it comes to lighting and brightening the dark corners, our minds start imagining lamps as the ultimate solution. Not only does a well-lit area pleases the eyes, but it can also help calm the nerves and create visual harmony. 

Although bedside lamps are small items, a room seems incomplete without them. Besides, they ideally create a cozy environment for your space. A reading lamp, in particular, provides a warm tone, the best for bedtime readers, and peaceful sleep.

There are numerous options available in the market. Here are some tips to keep in mind when placing a light source in your room:

How can you Place Lamps in your bedroom’s decor?

bedside lamps
  • When it comes to bedroom lighting placement, small bedroom lamps are always placed on bedside tables. Bedside table lamps are convenient and functional and cover a limited space. We know them best for adding grace to the room and keeping the room’s symmetry aligned. 
  • A Floor lamp is another variant used as a bedside lamp. They are easiest to style as floor lamps can be placed wherever needed, either near the bed or the wardrobe. But it should be placed in an empty area being a tall lamp, so the room does not look crowded with furniture. 
  • Wall Mounted lamps work great when placed within a foot from the bed and at least 60 inches from the floor.  

Tip: Ensure that you choose matching lamps when buying new lamps for your bedroom.

What to consider when choosing a bedside lamp for your bedroom?

Let’s look at those points that matter when purchasing bedside lamps. 

How tall should bedside lamps be?

So, your bedside lamp height must be at least the height of your mattress. If the height of the lamp exceeds 2 or 3 inches, then it’s even better. Nightstand lamps of 25-27 inches make the best bedside lamps.


The proportion of the lamp is the critical factor when choosing the lampshade. The width of the shade must be twice that of the broadest part of the lamp, and its height must be at least 2/3rd of the lamp’s body.



Light-colored lamp shades like white allow most of the light rays to pass through, which fulfills its purpose. Placing a dark-colored lampshade will have a visual excitement creating the room’s aura intense.  


Aesthetic light patterns will help you dive into a deep sleep. With that said, in terms of functionality, plain lampshades are best.

Lamp for a king-size bed:

Considering the dimensions of the king-sized bed, usually 76 inches, a suitable height for the lamp is 30 inches tall and 5-7 inches wide.

Pro tipMake sure the switch of the lamp is within reach! 

A Right Rug At A Right Position:

rug under king size bed

Are you tired of hitting the firm and freezing floor? Rugs will make your life a lot easier. A rug can improve or worsen the room’s ambiance, depending upon some factors. So, the following guide will help you place the rug in the proper position:

Find the Focal Point:

Finding the space’s focal point (a room or living area) will help correct rug placement. The focal point means the spot that you want to highlight the most. Using the right size rug is also a key factor for symmetrical or other arrangements. But make sure there is at least a 6-inch distance between the wall and the rug.  

Best Places to add a Rug:


Beneath the bed is a great idea. Since the bed is predominantly the most noticeable, you should adorn this big piece of furniture with a rug. Furthermore, covering the entire floor also elevates the aura of the room.  

Living Room:

For the living room, rugs should be placed beneath the sofa and the central table to retain balance and formation. The thumb rule suggests that a rug should extend 12-16 inches beyond the sofa set.

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What to Consider While Buying Rugs? 

After stating rugs placement techniques, we’ve added extra information regarding the factors you can consider when you plan to buy new rugs.  


The size of your rug should be the utmost priority, and it should follow the room’s dimensions. Rugs are mostly placed beneath the furniture pieces, as stated before, to ensure they can create a good match. We suggest you note down the measurements of that particular space beforehand. 

Color and Shape:

Photo: Warmly Home

Pinpoint the color that sets the vibe. If there is a specific décor theme, go for a matching rug in that setting. Moreover, the shape of the rug is another phenomenon to understand regarding the rug selection process.

Book Nook Placement Ideas!

Keep a book rack in your house if you are a book reader. A book rack always looks sophisticated in a bedroom or a living room. Here are some ideas for allocating a special spot for books in any space in your home:

 Behind the bed:

Book Behing bed

To showcase your vast book collection, feature them behind the bed. Either place a headboard or make a built-in book rack on your wall. So measure your bed and get to work!

In the corner:

A vertical rectangular book rack placed in a corner is a great way to highlight that space. A tree bookshelf or a wall-mounted one would enhance the interior and save much space. 

 Framing a window:

book in window frame

You can have a personalized reading area by placing a book rack near or under your window. It will be a gateway to enter your fantasy world. However, books may damage due to excessive sunlight or rain entering through the window.

Want To Set Up A Dreamy Dine-in?

Placing dining furniture in its ideal spot can be a little tricky, depending on its size. For achieving maximum usability and scaling the home decor, consider some valuable suggestions to execute your dining interior:

Distances Which Are Just Perfect:

  • The rule of thumb guides us to keep 24 inches of comfortable space for each person.
  • A minimum space of 36 inches should be between the central table and the wall.
  • Three feet distance between the dining table and other furniture like the cabinet is considered a good practice.

Consider the Shapes:

If you don’t have much space in the dining room, then a narrow rectangular table is a fine choice. Placing the central table against the wall and surrounding the chairs, the table is a proper arrangement. However, You can easily adjust any shape of dining furniture in wide areas. 

Pro tip: Think of all decorating elements on your table and put them together! 

Key Rules For Hanging Mirrors and Artistic Pieces:

Do you love mirrors? or Are you an art enthusiast? But don’t know where to place it? There are some valuable hacks below which will make your masterpiece look stunning:

Place your art at a height:

Don’t float your art up in the clouds. The ideal distance between the furniture and the wall hanging should be 6-8 inches. Too high and too low wall hangings both are the worst cases. 

Hang it on an eye level:

Placing it at eye level is the key. If the viewer doesn’t admire it, then what’s the point of hanging it on the wall?

Multiple pieces of art:

If you have multiple wall hangings that need a showcase, each should be 3-4 inches apart, so their distinctness is maintained.

Small Paintings:

Be sure that a small painting is not placed on a big wall, as the room’s symmetry will be disturbed. 

Aligning with other furniture:

If artwork lies over a specific piece of furniture, ensure it fills two-thirds of it, so everything looks well blended.

Pro tip: Go with your instinct and maintain equilibrium.

Final Thoughts:

Interior skills are crucial when you want your home to look on par. This tips and tricks guide for furniture placement can be a savior in making a statement with all the furniture pieces in your home. Let your hidden talents shine and impress yourself! 

Thank You for reading to the end!

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