Jack and Jill Bathroom Ideas

jack and jill bathroom

The Jack-and-Jill bathroom is perfect for practically anyone and everyone. Couples, busy families, or when guests are over. Everybody can get ready at the same time without waiting for the other person to finish up in the bathroom.

What are the options for a jack-and-jill bathroom layout?

bathroom with separate rooms


bathroom with separate sink

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There are a few different layout options for jack and jill bathrooms.

jack and jill style bathroom Setup if you own a large home

jack and jill bathroom

One option is to have the toilet and sink in one room, and the shower and bathtub in another room. This option works if you have enough space in your home.

Jack and Jill bathroom Layout with only shower, no bathtub or vice versa

jack and jill bathroom

Another option is to have the toilet and sink in one room and a separate shower in another or vice versa. This is a good choice when you have space just for a small bathroom in your home.

Jack and Jill bath Design to save space

separate tub and shower double sink

A third option is to have the toilet and sink in one room and the shower and bathtub in the same room. This is a great layout if you want to save space.

Layout for an ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom

ensuite layout

A fourth option is to have a jack-and-jill bath layout as an en-suite bathroom. This is perfect for couples and couples with children who want to maintain intimacy. The bathroom is connected to the master bedroom with no bathroom door in this layout. Some people add pocket doors for a more luxurious appeal.

gold frame mirrors

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Use cases for the Jack-and-Jill bathroom include:

Large families

1) A family of four with two children who both need to prepare for school in the morning. The Jack-and-Jill layout means they don’t have to fight over who gets to use the bathroom first, and they can all brush their teeth and get dressed simultaneously.

People who live with roommates

2) A group of friends or roommates who are all getting ready to go out. They can each take turns in the shower, and there’s plenty of space to get ready without feeling cramped.


3) A couple who wants to spend quality time together in the bathtub. The Jack-and-Jill layout means they don’t have to share the same space and can relax in the tub without worrying about somebody barging in on them.

History of Jack and Jill Bathrooms

The bathroom is a tradition. Only in the 1900’s was bathroom design recognized. This story was first reported in the 1960s at Abilene Reports News in Texas. Bathrooms layouts are accidental. Couples have never encountered problems having a shared toilet or entrance.

The restrooms were initially intended for kids. Children shared bathrooms in various rooms. In 1965, the number of families of under-18s rose dramatically. Today most families have a child. Several families had five children during the 1960s. Because of this reason, Jack & JILL’S Bathrooms are popular with adults.

Are jack and jill bathrooms worth it?

two sinks jack and jill bathroom

Some pros and cons of a jack and jill bathroom

Perfect for a smaller home

A jack and jill bathroom can have many pros. One pro is that it can save bathroom space in a small home. If two bathrooms are not needed, a jack and jill bathroom can combine the two into one bathroom. This is especially helpful in homes with limited square footage.

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Convenient for everyone

Another pro is that it can be more convenient for family members. When multiple people need the bathroom, there is no need to wait for one person to finish using the only bathroom in the house. Instead, everyone can use the jack and jill bathroom at the same time.


It May be inconvenient if it’s the only bathroom

A jack-and-jill bathroom can be inconvenient if you don’t have another private bathroom. Because it can be challenging to get to the toilet and sink if someone else uses them. For example, the sink is being used by someone in the other room, you would have to go all the way around the house to get to it. This can also be a problem if someone is using the toilet and you must brush your teeth or shower.

If one person is sick, everybody gets sick

Another problem with jack and jill bathrooms is that they can be a breeding ground for germs. If other family members in the house are sick, it’s easy for the other people in the place to get sick. This is because there is often a lot of contact between people in a jack-and-jill bathroom. For example, if someone uses the sink and doesn’t wash their hands, they can spread germs to the person who uses the toilet.

Can be noisy

A third problem with jack and jill bathrooms is that they can be noisy. If someone is showering or using the sink, the noise can carry through the walls and into the other room. This can be disruptive if you are trying to sleep or concentrate on something.

Despite these problems, jack and jill bathrooms can be an excellent option for families who needs two full bathrooms. They can be convenient and save space. Just be sure to take some time to think about the pros and cons before you make a decision.

Final Thoughts

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home, consider installing a jack-and-jill bathroom with two separate sinks. This will make getting ready more manageable and add generous cabinet space and counter space to your bathroom. Plus, it can be a great way to save money on your remodel – since you can use the same plumbing and fixtures for the double sinks.

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Does a Jack and Jill bathroom need to have two sinks?

Generally, unlike the standard bath, they have 3- to 5-pieces. There is typically one or two sink, one bath and one shower.

Why it’s a Jack and Jill bathroom?

How is that? This bathroom is named in honor of a well-recognized nursery rhyme about two siblings. Jack and Jill bathroom designs are perfect for children in their homes, and this is what they have been named after.

What do you call a bathroom between two bedrooms?

Jack and Jill’s bathroom is a full-size one that sits on a separate floor between two bedrooms, accessible via each bedroom. These bathrooms usually contain at least two doors, similar to a bathroom, but only two bedrooms.

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