How to declutter and clean your garage in 8 simple steps

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People use their garages for different purposes. However, for most people, a garage is one place at home where all unwanted things not conveniently inside the house are kept. It is like a haven for miscellaneous items until the need for clean-up arises. The need to clean can be to prepare for winter, spring, and summer or a set up a home gym.

Are you looking to create usable space in your garage for sports equipment or more parking space and wonder how to declutter and clean your garage? Look no further! This blog post has some excellent garage cleaning tips for you.

Here is the short answer!

You can clean your garage space by clearing it out, sorting out the usable items from the useless ones, cleaning the walls, the garage floor, and ceiling, and then reorganizing the usable stuff and creating more storage space.

Although that may sound relatively easy, the practical aspect is not as straightforward. As a result, this post will provide you with a thorough yet concise tutorial on “how to declutter and clean your garage.” As you read, we’ll also enlighten you on some incredible strategies to speed up the process and reduce stress. So keep reading. 

How can you clean garage and remove all the clutter?

Garage cleaning is an exhausting and time-consuming process. As such most garage owners seem to hate this crucial exercise, which frequently leads to procrastination. Not to worry, knowing precisely the steps to take can make cleaning your entire garage fun. 

There are two ways you can go about the garage cleaning

If you have the money but are too busy or unwilling to go through the tiresome process, you can hire professionals to do it for you. Otherwise, pull up your sleeves and get it done yourself.

There are several methods you can use to clear and clean your garage. We have covered you if you decide to go with the second option. Here, we will look at a specific method that uses “the eight steps strategy.” This method is very simple, straightforward, and practical. 

With this method, you must first assess your garage’s state, then purchase the right tools, cleaning supplies, and an organizational system going forward.

Assess the Mess

messy garage

This is advisably the first thing you should do if you want to get rid of garage clutter. Assessing the state of your garage will help you mentally prepare for the task. Besides that, it will also give you an idea of the type of tools and cleaning products to buy. Moreover, it will help you come up with a rough estimate of the number of bins and garbage bags needed, or maybe you need a dumpster.

We cleared our garage two years in a row and used dumpsters each time. Thankfully, we learned these tips during the process and are happy to share them with you in this post.

Get all the necessary hand tools

cleaning tools for garage

Effective cleaning is impossible without the right tools and cleaning supplies. The essential tools to clean any garage are cardboard boxes, buckets, rags, brooms, towels, liquid soap, and disinfectant.

For those with concrete garage floors stained with grease and paint, it is best to get a commercial paint stripper for tough paint stains and make a mixture of baking soda and water or baking soda and liquid soap for light grease stains.

Floor space with rust requires lemon, white vinegar, or a paste made of laundry detergent and baking soda to clean off the rust.

Create an action plan

After analyzing the state of your garage and getting all the tools needed to clean it, the next thing to do is to develop a strategy. It would be best to outline how you intend to carry out the garage cleanout process. This step is vital to manage your expectations and prevent you from being overwhelmed by the task. You can use the following strategy.

The 8 steps strategy to remove all the stuff and deep clean your garage

STEP 1: Empty the garage space

It is advisable to empty any garage before cleaning it. This is because it is easier to effectively deep clean a garage when it is empty than when it is not. 

Trying to clean a garage with things in it will entail that you pull and push the stuff from one corner to another, which can be pretty exhausting. So, put out everything in the garage before cleaning, sorting them out, and organizing one after another.

STEP 2: Sweep the garage floor and clear all the dirt

Sweeping is a must-do for messy garages that have piled up dirt for several years. In addition to the broom, you will likely need a putty knife to scrap off thick layers of dirt that may have accumulated. 

After sweeping off the dirt, you will be able to identify the stained spots that need to be taken care of. All dirt should be gathered and put in trash bags for disposal.

STEP 3: Cover stained spots with appropriate cleaning products

Given the things being kept in a garage, it will be impossible not to have one or more stained spots. These stains aren’t pleasant to the eyes and should be eradicated if possible. 

For light stains, apply a mixture of baking soda and liquid soap to the pot and allow. It would be best if you let the mixture on the stained spot for some time before brushing it off. Another mix you can use is one made of baking soda and water.

For surfaces covered with rust, pour lemon or white vinegar and allow. For areas stained with paint, apply a commercial paint stripper. After making the applications, leave them on the surfaces and move to the next task.

STEP 4: Clean garage walls and ceiling

Use a broom to clean off cobwebs and dirt from the garage ceiling and walls. You should also disinfect if possible. Remember to clean the garage door and window while doing this.

STEP 5: Scrub and clean the garage floor

This step is only for those that have concrete floors or floors that can be scrubbed. Scrub the floor with water and liquid soap – paying special attention to the stained spots you previously soaked to ensure that the stains have all been eradicated. 

Any persistent stain should be soaked again with its appropriate remover and allowed for some time. After that, you can wipe and dry the floor.

STEP 6: Sort out the items you will keep and create storage space

This is a battle to test your ability to let go of things. To prevent your garage from re-cluttering very fast, it is best to sort out only items you will need. Use storage containers to sort out various things like gardening equipment, painting equipment, and of course, holiday decorations.

Clear plastic bins will be best since you can see through and easily identify and pick out the stuff you will need shortly. Colored containers will also make do if you label them. 

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After sorting out the usable items, take them into the garage one at a time and organize them as you see fit.


While sorting, try to clean off any dust particles or dirt on any item you intend to keep. 

STEP 7: Organize the garage to create more vertical space

There are several different ways to organize your garage. Depending on your garage storage options, place the plastic bins or the containers containing your items on shelves. The more frequently used things should be kept in front at a height where they can be easily accessed. 

Things like bicycles and other equipment that can not fit into bins can be attached to hooks tightly fastened to support beams in the garage. This will save space, create more square footage and allow enough space to move around freely.

If you need more garage storage, install cabinets in which you can safely keep items that are quite delicate and need to be handled with care. Besides that, utilizing Shelving and cabinets will make your garage appear more organized and easily accessible.

STEP 8: Hold a yard sale or get rid of what you don’t need 

garage sale to clear garage

This is the last and final thing you will have to do. Everything you sorted out to sell should be kept in boxes. Everything else should be disposed of and transported to the site where they can be legally disposed of. 

For transportation, several companies like home depot offer rental trucks that can be used to carry dirt and anything that needs to be disposed of at a disposal site. Relatively still, you can hire a company that discards junk to do it for you at an affordable price.


You can make the garage deep cleaning process fun by listening to music to set a bright and cheerful atmosphere. This will significantly impact your mood and zeal for the task.

How often should you clean your garage?

In truth, the answer to this question is subjective: it all depends on the individual’s preference. 

Some people will argue that cleaning your garage often defeats the purpose of serving as a dumpster for everything you don’t need. Stuff will then pile up for an extended period and then clean it up once in a blue moon before piling it up again.

On the other hand, some would rather clean it as often as possible to avoid the stress of cleaning up a messy garage. 

However, irrespective of which category you may fall under, always remember that decluttering and cleaning a garage that has been abandoned for a long time will be more expensive. If you intend to use a professional service provider or more exhausting and time-consuming if you decide to do it by yourself. 

As such, cleaning your garage at least twice a year is advisable, even if you find it time-consuming. Cleaning it often is far less tedious and expensive than cleaning it when all the grease and dirt have fully clogged onto the items, floors, and walls. Moreover, you will be able to get rid of any stains that will cause permanent damage if left for a long time. 

Tips for effective garage cleaning and organizing

There are several tips you can use to clean and organize your garage.

Clear out the garage before cleaning

This is especially necessary for very messy garages. Unlike those that regularly maintain their garages, those that do not should take out everything in the garage before cleaning it. This will make the cleaning process more effective and easier.

Sort out the items outside after cleaning the garage

This is a must-do for messy garages. Sorting and cleaning the items you will retain will prevent you from bringing dirt into the already-cleaned garage. Moreover, the sorting process is a decision-making process that is not as tedious as cleaning. You should definitely clean the garage first when your strength is still at its maximum before sorting out the items later. 

When sorting, group like items

This gives you easy access to any item at any given time.

Organize the items in your garage in sections and different categories

This will help you know where each item is placed and easily find it when the need arises.

Always clean from top to bottom.

Logically, cleaning from top to bottom is the way to go as dirt will move from top to bottom and not bottom to top.

Hang things like bicycles on walls rather than allowing them on the floor

This will make your garage appear spacious and not cramped up.

Put up shelves, cabinets, and hooks in your basement to ease the organization task.

Organizing a garage by placing everything on the floor does not portray a good and organized picture. A garage with hooks, shelves, and cupboards looks truly organized, unlike one in which everything has been placed on the floor. Moreover, using shelves or cabinets in your garage will help you safeguard any delicate items you need to keep in your garage.


So far, we have seen how you can declutter and clean your garage. The first thing you should do is assess the state of the garage, get the necessary cleaning tools, and come up with a cleaning strategy.

As stated in the introduction, we have described an 8 steps strategy that is quite simple, practical, and effective. Anyone who uses it is sure to attain a clean and well-organized garage.

Don’t forget, you can also clean up your garage by hiring a junk removal service provider that can be trusted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean out a garage?

None can be categorized as the best among the different ways to clean out a garage. What one individual considers the best may not be seen as the best by others.

Hence, the best way to clean out your garage is to use an action plan that works for you, your schedule, and your credit card. If you can afford it, go for great professional service providers – they are very effective. If you can’t, choose a plan of action that is convenient for you.

What is the fastest way to clean out a garage?

The fastest way to clean your garage is to get as much help as possible. Always remember that many hands do lighter and faster work. 

Another fast way is to get professional service providers who can do the best within the time you want. Professional service providers are usually well-staffed to execute the clean-up as fast as you require.  

How do I clear my entire garage?

The answer to this question is simple. All you need to do is to take out everything in it as described above.

Thanks for reading till the end!

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