Escape the Heat: How to Keep Your Garage Cool When It’s Scorching Outside

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A warm garage during cold winter months is ideal for working on a project, but a hot garage during hot weather? Not so ideal, especially if children are accessing to play. If you’re like most people, your garage is an extension of your home or a place to store your car, work on projects, work out, and relax in peace and quiet. But when the weather gets hot, having a hot garage like an oven can make it difficult to enjoy.

In this post, we will share tips on how to cool your garage when it’s scorching hot outside! We will also provide information on some of the best garage coolers on the market.

What causes a garage to be so hot anyways?

Few factors that can cause a garage to be hot. One is the lack of windows, which can trap hot air and warm the garage even more. Another factor is the location of the garage. If it’s in a sun-drenched area, it will warm up much more quickly than in the shade.

Clutter can also keep your garage from staying cool. If you have boxes and other items stored in your garage, it will be harder for the air to circulate. That can cause the temperature to rise, making it more challenging to cool down your garage. To keep your garage cool, you should keep it organized and clutter-free.

How do you cool a garage with no windows?

1 Stay Cool and Dry: The Story of No-Drainage Portable Air Conditioners”

Once upon a sweltering summer day, in a neighborhood filled with garages lacking windows, a group of homeowners found themselves in a heated predicament. The scorching sun had turned their beloved garages into sweltering ovens, making it nearly impossible to enjoy their hobbies or tackle DIY projects. Sweat dripped down their foreheads as they yearned for a cooling solution to transform their stifling garages into comfortable sanctuaries.

Enter the hero of our story: the no-drainage portable air conditioner, a remarkable innovation designed to conquer the summer heat without leaving a trace of unwanted moisture behind. These magical devices offered a refreshing breeze and peace of mind, keeping the garages cool and dry throughout the hottest days.

tips to cool garage

As the word spread among the frustrated homeowners, their curiosity grew.

How could these portable air conditioners function without the inconvenience of drainage? It was time to uncover the secrets and persuade the consumers of their remarkable benefits.

First and foremost, these portable air conditioners harnessed the power of technology to extract humidity from the air, leaving no water accumulation within. With advanced engineering and intelligent design, they efficiently evaporated the collected moisture, ensuring that not a single drop lingered to dampen the spirits of the garage owners.

But how did these portable marvels bring forth a breeze so refreshing?

Equipped with powerful fans and adjustable cooling settings, they effortlessly circulated chilled air throughout the garages. Each unit was carefully crafted to deliver optimal cooling performance, no matter the size or layout of the space. With a swift installation process, the homeowners could promptly embark on their journey to a cooler garage retreat.

One by one, the homeowners joined the ranks of the enlightened, embracing the no-drainage portable air conditioners as their trusted companions. The devices proved to be true game-changers, offering not only a respite from the relentless heat but also a sense of liberation.

Gone were the days of worrying about excess humidity or the hassle of emptying water trays. Instead, they reveled in the newfound convenience and the seamless cooling experience.

Imagine, dear homeowners, the joy of stepping into your refreshed garage haven after a long, tiring day. Picture yourself indulging in your hobbies, relishing in your creative pursuits, or effortlessly completing projects with a cool breeze accompanying your every move.

With the no-drainage portable air conditioners by your side, your garage can be transformed into a refuge of comfort, even during the hottest summer days.

So, my fellow homeowners, take a leap of faith and join the ranks of the cool and dry.

Embrace the wonder of no-drainage portable air conditioners, and bid farewell to the burdensome humidity of the past. It’s time to unlock a new chapter in your garage’s story—a chapter filled with refreshing breezes, pleasant temperatures, and a delightful absence of moisture.

Note: No drainage is needed when using your air conditioner in cooling mode when the humidity is below 70%.

If you’re still not convinced, keep reading to get some quick tips to cool your garage.

2 You Can Add Garage Door Insulation

Many garages need better insulation. That makes your cooling system work harder and takes longer to lower the garage’s temperature. That can be a problem when you use air conditioning in your garage.

Good garage insulation will stop much heat from going through the walls and ceiling. It will also prevent the cool air from your air conditioner from escaping outside. 

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Adding insulation to your garage’s walls, ceiling, and doors can help keep the garage cooler. The type of material your garage door is made of can also be an insulation factor. Wood, for example, is a natural insulator.

Embrace Reflective Insulation:

Radiant Barrier Insulation by RadiantGUARD

Opt for reflective insulation. This material helps reflect heat away from the area it covers, which can help keep a space cooler overall. You can find reflective insulation at most hardware stores.

3 Harness the Power of Ceiling Fans:

ceiling fan to cool

Another option is to use fans in your garage ceiling. Ceiling fans are particularly effective at circulating air and keeping a garage space cool. Regular fans will also work, but ceiling fans may be less effective than they are.

For keeping your garage with no windows cool, use ceiling fans wisely. A smart ceiling fan would do wonders in cooling your garage. Make sure it is set to spin counterclockwise. That will create a wind chill effect and help circulate cool air throughout the space.

4 Consider a Mini Split Air Conditioner:

mini split to cool garage

Suppose your garage has no windows and tends to get hot during summer. In that case, consider using a mini split air conditioner to cool it down. 

Mini split air conditioners are perfect for garages or other small spaces, and they don’t require any ductwork for installation. You can easily keep your garage at a comfortable temperature without suffering in the heat. So if you’re looking for ways to cool down your garage, this method is worth considering.

5 Use The Old Ice Bucket Trick for Dire Situations

For those sweltering days when immediate relief is needed, fill a bucket with ice and place it in the center of your garage. The melting ice will help lower the overall temperature, creating a more bearable environment. Alternatively, you can wet a towel with cold water and use it to cool yourself down.

6 Use a swamp cooler

swamp cooler to cool garage

Using a swamp cooler can be an excellent option if you’re looking for a cheap way to cool down your garage during the hot summer months. Swamp coolers, or evaporative coolers, work by drawing in warm air and then cooling it down by passing it over a damp pad. This cooled air is then blown back into the room, relieving the heat.

One of the benefits of using a swamp cooler to cool your garage is that they are relatively affordable to purchase and operate. They also don’t require much space, making them a good option for smaller garages. Another advantage of swamp coolers is that they can help to reduce humidity levels in the air, which can be helpful in areas with high humidity levels.

If you’re considering purchasing a swamp cooler to cool your garage, there are a few things to remember:

First, ensure your garage is properly insulated; otherwise, the cooler will be less effective at keeping the space cool. 

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that the cooler is rated for the size of your garage; if it’s too small, it will only be able to cool the space effectively.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s manual for setting up and operation. Please do that to ensure you get the full benefit of the cooler. 

These tips can help ensure your garage stays relaxed and comfortable all summer.

How to cool a garage with windows?

Open the windows if that’s an option.

If you have a window in your garage, opening it can help to improve air circulation and keep the space cooler. Consider installing a fan to help improve air movement. Also, ensuring your garage door is properly sealed will help keep cool and hot air out.

Use a portable air conditioner or window AC Unit

Tip: Consider painting your garage door a light color to help reflect heat and keep the space cooler.

Add an Attic or whole-house fan

If there’s an attic over your garage, ensure it is properly insulated to help keep the space below at moderate temperatures and consider installing an attic fan. The attic fan lets you remove hot air from the garage through your attic vents so cold air can circulate better.

Remember these tips to help ensure your garage stays cushy and comfortable all summer. So don’t suffer through another hot summer in an uncomfortably warm garage. Take action to beat the heat!


Keep cool and be safe! As anyone who has ever stepped into a hot garage knows, it can be incredibly uncomfortable (not to mention dangerous) to be in a significantly hotter space than the outside temperature. If you find yourself in this situation, these are a few steps you can do to help cool down your garage and make it more comfortable.

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