DIY Fruit Fly Trap to KeepYour Home Free From Fruit Flies 

homemade fruit fly trap

We love eating fruits in our home as we typically choose fresh fruits instead of fruit juice. As the sun becomes bolder, warming up the atmosphere, it triggers an irresistible ripening of fruits, much to everyone’s delight. However, the fragrant promise of juicy fruits also lures some unwanted visitors: the ubiquitous fruit flies.  So we decided to make a homemade fruit fly trap.

While these tiny guests may seem a harmless, unavoidable part of the season, their persistent presence can quickly escalate into an annoyance. 

Fear not, though! There are simple and effective measures to deal with these buzzing inconveniences. This guide offers a handy DIY tutorial on creating a homemade fly trap and offers additional alternatives for keeping the invaders at bay.

Crafting the Perfect DIY Fruit Fly Trap

Making a homemade fly trap is surprisingly straightforward and cost-effective, using everyday items that are likely already present in most households. Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide:

Gathering the Necessary Materials

  • A mason jar or an old soda bottle
  • A piece of overripe or rotting fruit
  • A sheet of paper or plastic wrap
  • A rubber band or tape
  • A toothpick or a similar sharp tool

Assembling the Fly Trap

1. Bait Placement: The overripe fruit goes into the container, ready to attract the unsuspecting fruit flies with its irresistible scent.

2. Trap Setup: If using a sheet of paper, roll it into a cone and trim the narrow end to create a small opening, just large enough for the flies to enter. If using plastic wrap, stretch it over the container opening and secure it with a rubber band or tape, then pierce a few tiny holes with the sharp tool.

3. Trap Activation: If a paper cone is used, it should be positioned in the jar, a narrow end downward. If plastic wrap is used, the setup is already complete!

4. The Waiting Game: The sweet smell of decay will draw fruit flies into the container, and the cone’s shape or the small holes in the plastic wrap will prevent them from finding their way out.

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5. Fly Disposal: Once the container houses a satisfactory number of trapped flies, it should be taken outside, and the trapped guests set free. Thoroughly wash the container before it’s ready for another round of trapping.

You Will Find More Details In The Video Below:

Alternatively, a Fly Removal Gadget is Your Next Best Option

fruit fly Trap
fruit fly Trap

While a Homemade Fly Trap Aids In Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies, Preventing Them Is The Next Best Option

While the homemade trap proves an efficient fruit fly catcher, it’s essential to also adopt broader strategies to prevent a full-blown infestation:

1. Prioritize Cleanliness

A clean kitchen and dining area are fruit flies’ nemesis. They are naturally attracted to ripe and decomposing organic material, so prompt cleaning after meals and ensuring ripe fruits are not left out for too long are key preventive measures.

2. Leverage Natural Repellents

Some herbs are natural fruit fly detractors, including basil, lavender, lemongrass, and mint. Having pots of these herbs in the kitchen and around fruit storage areas can deter pesky invaders.

3. Consider a DIY Vinegar Trap

Vinegar works great on pests. Similar to the fruit trap, a vinegar trap uses apple cider vinegar, a drop of dish soap, and water as bait. The soap reduces the water’s surface tension, causing any visiting fruit fly to sink and drown.

4. Keep Garbage Under Control

Regularly emptying and cleaning garbage bins can substantially cut down the fruit fly population in the house.

A Fruit Fly-Free Home, Hopefully!

By diligently applying these measures, one can relish the warm, sun-kissed days free from the irritating buzz of fruit flies. A vigilant eye on cleanliness, smart use of natural repellents, and regular setup of traps are the keys to a fruit fly-free home. Enjoy your summer, and let the only buzz you hear be the buzz of laughter and joy!

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