Feng Shui Bed Placement tips, how to place your bed

feng shui bed placement

The Feng Shui principles state that the bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home because it represents you

When you’re in bed — the place you devote most of your time to — you’re typically sleeping or resting. That’s when you go through a passive “yin” state where you are more susceptible to the energies around you. Therefore, for good bedroom feng shui, proper bed placement is necessary. It can help foster feelings of balance, security, and stability and provide a peaceful and good night’s sleep.  

In this blog, we’ll give you some feng shui tips on how to decorate your bedroom for the best bed placement Feng Shui to improve mood, health, wealth, and wellness. 

feng shui bed placement

The Commanding Position in bedroom feng shui

The best placement for your bed is in the commanding position. This means when you’re in bed, you’re facing the bedroom door but aren’t directly in line with it. A good rule of thumb is to place the bed diagonal to the door. 

However, there are some cases where this may not be possible. In situations where the bed can’t be placed in the commanding position, you can correct it by using a mirror. The mirror should be placed in a way that you can see the reflection of the door when you’re in bed. 

With such placement, chi, which is the life force energy, will be prevented from running over you when asleep. 

Feng shui Bed Placement In Relation With The Doors 

Apart from the commanding position, there are other rules to consider when placing your bed in relation to the doors in the room.

The life force energy enters the room through doors and windows. Sleeping with doors that open in the direction of the bed will expose you to such energies. You should feel secure and safe while sleeping, not vulnerable and worried due to all the energy directed at you.


Therefore, for good Feng Shui, ensure that no doors open directly onto any part of the bed. If this is impossible, you can hang a faceted feng shui crystal ball halfway between the door and the bed. This will keep chi energy interruption to a minimum. 

feng shui crystal

Adjusting The Headboard Against A Wall

Generally, headboards provide a focal point and help introduce color, texture, and pattern to a room. In Feng Shui, the headboard represents support, stability, and security, especially in romantic relationships. 

For the best Feng Shui, choose solid headboards. It is believed that the solid wall will give you the necessary stability required to face life head-on. Also, ensure that the headboard rests against a wall instead of being placed in the middle of the room. 

Avoiding The Coffin Position 

This position, where the feet or head point towards the door, mimics how a person’s corpse is carried out of a room when one dies. 

It would be best to avoid the dreaded ‘coffin position’ when looking for good Feng Shui. This posture, also called the dead man’s position, disrupts sleep and causes unease and tension. 

However, if you can’t place your bed in any other way, try visually repositioning the bed with a mirror that reflects the door from your bed. This will disperse any incoming negativity and bad energy, allowing for a more restful sleep. 

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Bad feng shui placement in the bedroom

Certain positions may result in bad feng shui, disrupting sleep, and creating restlessness and anxiety. 

Bed In Front Of A Window 

The energy entering through a window may wreak havoc on your sleep. If you can’t position your bed anywhere except in front of a window, try looking for a higher bed with a solid headboard. 

Make sure to leave space between the headboard and the window. If you can easily walk around it, this means chi, the life force energy, can also easily flow. 

feng shui bed placement

Bed Under Beams

Don’t place a bed under beams since this can create pressure, dissect the energy, and make you ill with the beam cutting your body. 

However, if you have no other option, suspend 2 flutes with red ribbons angled so that the ends point upwards. This will break the beam’s cutting effect, allowing the chi to flow in the flutes, up and away from you. 

Bed placement near Bathroom Door 

Your bed shouldn’t face the bathroom door. This will result in the bathroom’s negative energies flowing toward you. 

In case you can’t position it in any other way, keep the bathroom door closed at all times. Hang a mirror behind the bed such that it faces the bathroom door. This will help to reflect the bad energies back into the bathroom.

If your bedroom is underneath an upstairs bathroom, make sure that the bed placement is in an area that isn’t under the toilet and try to minimize the use of that bathroom.  

Bed In A Catty Corner

Avoid placing your bed in a corner. This may result in sha chi (negative energy) because sharp angles create poison arrows. So, simply place the bed against a wall without angling it. 

Similarly, if you have open shelving, replace it with a cabinet or an armoire to avoid poison arrows. 

Which Direction Should A Bed Face In A Bedroom For Good Feng Shui?

A north-to-south bed direction is considered the worst position in Feng Shui. Your head functions like a north pole which makes sleeping in a north-facing position one that causes tension and leads to headaches. 

To achieve balance, your head should be pointing southward (in line with the Earth’s electromagnetic pull) while you sleep. 

Whichever way you choose to place the bed, make sure not to lay the mattress on the floor. Always use a bed frame. 

feng shui bed placement

Tip: To further implement Feng Shui in your bedroom, detoxify and declutter your room and use Feng Shui-friendly colors, such as white, green, or black

Feng Shui is about being intentional about our environment to create a space supporting personal growth and transformation.

Therefore, you need to plan and think thoroughly when working on your bedroom furniture placement. This is one of the most essential rooms in your home, and following the Feng Shui principles will give you abundance in every aspect of your life. 

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