Amazing Laundry Tips: How to handle a pile of Laundry?

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Laundry is a must-do activity that most people find tedious. Even with the invention of washing machines to make laundry easier, it has still proven to be quite a demanding task, especially when it’s piles of laundry. If you’re looking for tips to easily handle a pile of clothes, you’re in the right place.  

The short answer is this! Several amazing laundry tips can help you handle a pile of clothes. One of the most critical is to sort out all the clothes using laundry baskets before washing using the recommended method. Besides that, you can make it quite easy by using an affordable, reliable laundry service or a more expensive one for those who can afford it.

This blog post provides a wealth of amazing laundry tips to help you handle a pile of clothes in a quick manner. Read on to find out!

How do you handle a pile of clothes?

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Generally, laundry is not an exciting chore, even less so when it piles up. For those who can afford and are willing to hire an effective laundry service, handling a pile of clothes comes easy for them. On the other hand, those who can not afford or are not willing to hire such services must come up with some strategies to tackle their pile of clothes. Luckily, we conducted extensive research on this and have put together some amazing laundry tips to help you tackle your pile of clothes.

Get the right laundry supplies 

Laundry detergent is required to wash your clothes because water alone cannot remove all stains and dirt. However, numerous laundry detergents are available on the market, including tablets, powder, pods, and liquid, which work somewhat differently. 

Therefore, to get high-quality laundry detergent, bleach and fabric softener for your clothes. You want to study each brand’s fine print and user reviews to ensure you’re getting something worthwhile for your money. After proper research, you may find something that fits your laundry routine better the next time you go shopping for laundry detergent.

Sort out the pile of clothes into smaller piles

This is a crucial step. When dealing with a pile of clothes, you first want to sort them out before you begin washing. This will help you identify the ones that need to be dry cleaned, hand-washed, or machine washed. 

Also, sorting your clothes enables you to wash them in different temperatures and cycles (permanent, delicate, and normal). When you regulate the water temperature ( cold water, cool water, hot or eco warm water )and cycle type, sorting your clothes reduces the likelihood of a garment bleeding onto another or damaging your delicate fabrics. 

Wash the smaller piles

After sorting the clothes into smaller piles using laundry hampers, wash each pile separately to avoid any damage, be mindful of the load size and save time.

Dry, fold and organize then do the next load.

 After washing the first load, place it in a drying machine on medium heat. For delicates and baby clothes choose permanent press or air dry (to minimize and prevent shrinking) while the other pile is being washed in the laundry machine. After that, you may want to collectively iron, fold and organize the clothing orderly in your closet or wherever room you keep them.


If you did not add fabric softener during the wash load, be sure to use dryer sheets during drying time.

How do you sort out a pile of dirty laundry?

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As mentioned above, to effectively handle a pile of clothes, you must first sort them out using a laundry basket. Generally, there are four criteria for sorting out a pile of clothes.

The four criteria goes as follow:

  • Sort by use

The first part of sorting is sorting out your clothes based on their use. It is not advisable to wash your beddings in the same pile with towels or underwear. For this reason, sort out your undergarments, clothes, beddings, and towels into separate piles.

  • Fabric type

Most fabrics come with care labels that describe how they should be taken care of. Some must be hand-washed, others dry cleaned, air dry and a majority washed in a laundry machine. 

Using the wrong cleaning method will likely damage some of your clothes. For example, dry cleaning or washing a wool pullover in a pile of clothes with warm water will damage the fabric with time.

Besides that, placing light and heavy clothes together in a dryer will likely destroy the quality of the lighter one that stays subjected to the high heat until the heavier ones dry out. 

  • Color

Sorting by color prevents some clothes from staining and damaging others. load light-colored clothes together and load dark-colored clothes together. If you have any dress that decolorizes in water, don’t forget to wash it separately. 

  • Dirtiness

When dealing with a pile of clothes that can not all fit into the washer at once, it is important to separate the very dirty ones from the relatively less dirty ones. This saves a lot of time. You can cycle the less dirty ones for a shorter time and then cycle the more dirty ones for longer.

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Why should you sort out your pile of laundry?

This is a very important tip for handling a pile of laundry. There are several reasons why you should sort out your pile of clothes.

  • It prevents you from damaging your clothes. Sorting out your dirty laundry separates your clothes into three smaller piles: those that can be machine-washed, those that should be hand-washed, and those that should go to the dry cleaner. This will prevent any incident of hand washing or using a laundry machine to wash a dress that needs dry cleaning. As we all know, such incidents usually end up damaging clothes.
  • To separate your laundry into piles such as cotton, wool, fabrics, stained, mixed fabric, etc., for washing in the washing machine.
  • It also helps you separate and washes clothes based on their colors. Some colorful clothes will likely stain white or other colorful clothes and damage them. Sorting out your pile of laundry helps you prevent such incidents.

How can you easily handle a pile of dirty laundry?

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Laundry can be overwhelming, especially in a family house with kids or toddlers that always have one or two things that need to be washed. With time as an essential factor, working moms can get overwhelmed by the never-ending pile of laundry they need to tackle with other house chores. Additionally, single people who get the weekend off would rather spend most of it relaxing than doing laundry. 

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, we will provide you with a way to easily handle a pile of dirty laundry within the limited time you have and always have clean laundry.

One of the best ways to easily handle a pile of dirty laundry is to sort them out into smaller piles using laundry baskets and clean them separately several days a week for a brief time.

This is a very good habit to develop. Washing a few clothes daily makes the laundry process light and easy. Most people will probably disagree with this by saying it is time-consuming. However, this is not true. This method makes the laundry task way less tedious and less time-consuming.

For example, you could put a pile of laundry into the washer while making dinner, place it in the dryer after eating, and fold it before bedtime. Given that it is a small pile, it will take minimal time to organize the clothes in your closet.


For this to work, you must work to sort out your clothes into different smaller piles as you use them. This will help you skip sorting out a large pile of laundry. You should have a clean laundry basket and a basket for dirty laundry.

In a house with teenagers, you can place several baskets in the laundry room labeled for different items. In this way, they can fill the baskets as they use clothes daily, and you can get rid of one pile at a time in between work and other house chores.

Most importantly, you must and should draw up a laundry schedule and strictly follow it.

How can I make Ironing Easy?

Ironing is essential for looking good and sometimes pretty much inevitable. Even so, many people find the ironing routine tedious. But with the following simple tips, you can make your ironing easy and enjoyable.  

  • The first step is to employ proper Ironing temperatures. You want to examine your clothing labels to select the proper setting for your iron. However, if you’re unsure what settings work best for different fabrics, try a few trial runs before deciding. Nonetheless, it is best to begin with a low setting and gradually increase the temperature if necessary.
  • Place one hand on the garment and hold the iron firmly with the other hand. 
  • Always try to avoid using too much pressure when ironing your garment. Press lightly by applying only enough to make the creases disappear. Additionally, avoid pushing too firmly against the seam allowances as this could produce puckering. 
  • To steam an item of clothing, you want to set the steam function high to avoid creases. Typically, steam aids in loosening fibers and removing tough stains.  
  • Allow the clothing to cool. Let the clothing cool completely after ironing it before folding it away. Otherwise, there can be heat trapped within, which may cause your just steamed or pressed clothes to wrinkle.


Despite how time-consuming and unpleasant it can be to manage a pile of clothes, using the tips discussed in this article can make laundry simple and fun. Sorting the large pile of clothes into smaller piles depending on color, texture, usage, and dirtiness is one of the two most crucial steps.  

After that, you want to draw up a daily or weekly laundry routine to tackle them within work and several other chores or activities. Always aim to do just one little pile at a time between other activities when necessary so that it does not become tiresome and time-consuming.

Thanks for reading till the end!

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