Why are My New Countertops Feel Gritty or Rough?

How to Choose a Good Granite Countertops Craftsman

Materials for making countertops very widely. One of the most frequently used is granite.

Nonetheless, many people ask, why do new granite countertops feel gritty? Some opinions say that the quality of each granite can trigger it.

The sama is true for each item, where the price can determine the quality. This seems to be true for granite as well.

But, does the quality of the granite base material affect the final result of the countertops?

When you decide to make countertops, you should use the best materials. One of them is granita.

However, it is best to choose granite; choose one that provides good quality because many people ask why my new granite countertops feel gritty.

New Granite Countertops Feel Gritty?

New Countertops Feel Gritty

Most likely, the surface of the countertops is gritty or feels rough because the countertops are not working properly. Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire people skilled in this field properly.

If you hire skilled people in that area, you can get good countertops finished. There will no longer ask why my new granite countertops feel gritty.

Who does not like the best countertops? You must want this.

Apart from quality issues, my new granite countertops feel gritty due to water spreading and seeping into the granite.

It can cause microscopic scratches on the granite countertops. Therefore, you must be able to take good care of your granite countertops.

How to Know The Quality of Granite?

How to Know The Quality of Granite

Before starting to make countertops using granite material, you should first find out about the quality of granite.

Because the quality of granite greatly affects the countertops. Then, how can I know the quality of the granite?

It’s good to thoroughly look at the visual first, starting from the granite slab. Look for parts that have defects, such as cracks, discoloration, dings, or scratches.

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Do not forget to pay attention to the uniformity of the granite surface. Check each end if you want to cut straight.

Please note that you should not be careless in cutting this granite. It is tough texture certainly requires good power and also cutting skills.

So, if you are not very good at it, it is better to trust the experts. Especially a craftsman.

Do Granite Countertops Always Flake?

Do Granite Countertops Always Flake

Besides the question, why do new granite countertops feel many gritty people ask whether granite countertops flake or not?

It is probably true that granite will peel off. However, rest assured because the peeling does not always happen continuously.

Even so, do not worry; the peeling part won’t cause indentations. The peeling will lessen over time.

So, you do not have to worry about this. Supposedly, the peeling of granite is not a big problem to discuss again.

So, How to Fix The Rough of Granite Countertops?

How to Fix The Rough of Granite Countertops

Do you feel that your new granite countertops feel gritty? Do not worry. The rough texture of your granite countertops needs to be a big deal. You can fix it yourself easily.

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You can immediately polish it by applying the following instructions.

  • Make sure the granite countertops are n a flat surface. If you do not place it on a flat surface, of course, you will find it difficult to polish it.
  • Wet the edge of the granite countertops with enough water. Please do not overdo it with water.
  • Securely attach the polishing pad to the grinder.
  • If installed properly and correctly, you can immediately do the polishing. Make sure all parts of your granite countertops are well polished. Put the grinder to the right and the left. Do it until it is done.
  • When finished, you can clean it using water.
  • Do it repeatedly if you think the results are not clean. There will no longer be a statement about why granite countertops feel gritty.

You can do it repeatedly as needed. For example, the granite countertops look worn, dull, or scratched.

You can immediately apply a polish to the surface to return the granite countertops’ surface to a brilliant luster state.

The Best Craftsman Granite Countertops for Your Best Solution

The Best Craftsman Granite Countertops for Your Best Solution

New granite countertops feel gritty, of course very annoying. Therefore, before you experience this, it is better to anticipate it first.

What kind of anticipation is meant? For example, by choosing a good and expert granite countertops craftsman.

Expert craftsmen will certainly make it easier for you to get the best granite countertops. Surely the result will be good because it is made from quality materials with skilled hands. Do not ignore this solution.

How to Choose a Good Granite Countertops Craftsman?

How to Choose a Good Granite Countertops Craftsman

Many people complain that my new granite countertops feel gritty. Polishing granite countertops may be a solution that must be done immediately.

However, as a lesson, you should choose a good craftsman when you make countertops. Then, how to choose a good granite countertops craftsman?

You can choose a craftsman who already has high flying hours to make granite countertops.

Moreover, the granite material is quite hard to cut. Without good skills, of course, it won’t be easy to make good countertops.

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In addition to ability and experience, you need to choose craftsmen who offer prices according to the quality provided.

Do not be easily tempted by promotions. If the results are good, the beauty of the countertops will be much longer.

You also have to be careful because there are many fake granite craftsmen currently. Better double check first.

If necessary, you can also ask for recommendations from your friends or through the testimonials listed on the official website page of the granite craftsman.

If you find new granite countertops that feel gritty, then it can be said that this is not a normal thing to happen.

Because of the granite material to make countertops is of good quality, this will not happen. Polishing is the best solution you can do right away.

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