9 Styles of Salt and Pepper Granite Countertops

Salt and Pepper Granite Countertops-luna-pearl

A countertop is the most important part of the kitchen. It is useful to help you prepare and cook as we don’t use traditional tables anymore, right?

Salt and pepper granite countertops are popular choices to beautify and make your kitchen more elegant as long as you know how to choose the color.

Granite is a stone, but it doesn’t mean that it’s boring. Salt and pepper pattern in granite has several designs, with different patterns and different colors.

Popular Patterns of Salt and Pepper Granite Countertops

It’s a tough decision to have one, but it’s worth it for your kitchen. Here are some options you can consider for your lovely kitchen.

1. Blizzard

Salt and Pepper Granite Countertops-blizzard

Blizzard is the most popular in the salt and pepper granite countertops lineup. It’s well-known as an aesthetic pattern of granite and has a glossy texture, making it superior.

You can easily find this pattern in the market to create a more luxurious and elegant kitchen at home.

This variation is very flexible in any kitchen concept, whether outdoors or indoor. Though some people think it’s a classic option, this countertop design is timeless and appealing.

You can place any appliance’s color, and it looks better with stainless steel stuff.

2. Luna Pearl

Salt and Pepper Granite Countertops-luna-pearl

If you love to see a rough surface look but have a smooth texture, you can try the luna pearl granite style. It’s popular among salt and pepper granite countertops because the color is unique.

It’s neither too bright nor dark, so it fits any concept, especially colorful appliances in the kitchen.

Many interior designers call this style the freedom color of granite. In the market, this style has the best offer because of the high quality and durability to be a countertop material.

It is designed well to have a modern touch sometimes; sometimes, salt and pepper granite rock has the best edge line.

3. Valle Nevado Granite

Salt and Pepper Granite Countertops-valle-nevado

The great choice of salt and pepper granite countertops is valle nevado Granite. You’ll see this granite in many restaurants because it’s so popular.

The pattern is consistent, and it’s aesthetic for the kitchen. This variation is easy to find and the market and very affordable among the granites.

There are three main colors on Valle nevado countertops. When you look at it, it gives a natural vibe, just like a stone you see at the edge of the river in the mountain.

It’s so sophisticated that people use it as a chopping stone too. This quality is the reason why many people choose it.

4. Crema Atlantico Granite

Salt and Pepper Granite Countertops-crema

Though it’s not as popular as other granite designs, Crema Atlantico is good enough to beautify your kitchen.

It’s a great choice for salt and pepper granite countertops because the main, soft white background is bright and flexible to combine with any other colors for appliances.

To achieve a greater result in your kitchen using Crema Atlantico, you can combine it with some earthy color. Put a bowl of fruit, a mini vase, or colorful utensils on it.

You’ll achieve a cozy vibe in your kitchen. The texture is soft, unlike the pattern shown where the dots are big.

5. Jasmine White

Salt and Pepper Granite Countertops-jasmine

If you want to have a delicate kitchen dominated by a big countertop, you can pick a jasmine white variation.

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It’s also a popular salt and pepper granite countertop because the design is excellent. It suits well if your countertop position is in the center of the kitchen.

Though this salt and pepper granite kitchen draw attention because of its unique pattern, it doesn’t overpower the vibe of your kitchen.

It applies well if you want to have more appliances with stainless steel material; jasmine white is the perfect choice for the solution. Add more dark furniture around the countertops to make it amazing.

6. Moon White Granite

Salt and Pepper Granite Countertops-moon

Are you choosing a bright and elegant countertop? You can consider moon white salt and pepper granite countertops.

It has a bright color yet is warm to be placed in the middle of your kitchen. It’s a mix of black and gray dots on an ivory surface, creating a neutral and earthy nuance.

Pick this moon white design if you consider a neutral shade for countertops. It matches many concepts and cabinets, from traditional to a modern look.

If other furniture in the kitchen uses light and dark colors, moon white will blend well and beautify on a larger scale for the kitchen interior

7. White Alpha Granite

Salt and Pepper Granite Countertops-white-alpha

Although this pattern is mostly used in a bathroom, such as the edge of the sink, white alpha granite is also great for your countertop.

White is a color that dominates the granite, but the mix of black and gray on the surface is powerful to decorate your boring kitchen.

This salt and pepper granite price is the most affordable one. It competes a lot because the usage is aimed at other parts such as floors and walls.

You can consider this pattern to dominate your kitchen space, to look more classic.

8. White Ornamental

Salt and Pepper Granite Countertops-white-ornamental

You’ll find this pattern in many infrastructure projects, especially home design. It’s great granite for outdoors and indoors because of its beautiful texture.

Like a salt and pepper granite countertop, white ornamental granite is designed for minimalism.

The color of this granite is unique. It’s a combination of white, gray, and brown blends well. If you want an earthy and farmhouse kitchen, this granite is suitable for wooden furniture.

Pick this pattern for a cozier kitchen and cooking activity.

9. Bianco Catalina

Salt and Pepper Granite Countertops-bianco

The last style of salt and pepper granite countertops is Bianco Catalina. It’s well-known granite because of its unique texture and its high durability.

When you pick this option, your countertop will last long for about two or three decades. If you don’t plan to change the kitchen concept, choose Bianco Catalina.

The uniqueness of this granite is the color. At a glance, it’s all gray. However, it’s like a flock of gray metallic silver, white, and black dots on a milk background when you look closer.

This granite is elegant and durable. The texture is safe for long-term usage.

Salt and pepper granite countertops have been a popular option for kitchens recently. The earthy atmosphere is the reason why it’s chosen for modern kitchens.

As homeowners, you have to decide which design and pattern match your concept, so the kitchen gives you an exciting cooking activity.

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