6 Interesting Tumbled Marble Backsplash Ideas

Tumble Marble Backsplash Texture

Tumbled marble is one of the popular options for kitchen backsplashes. Some tumble marble backsplash ideas are useful for homeowners who plan to remodel a kitchen.

People prefer this material since it offers a welcoming and attractive look and a warm ambiance in the kitchen.

Tumbled Marble Backsplash Ideas

Tumble Marble Backsplash Ideas

If you want to add warmth and texture to the kitchen, tumble marble can be a great option to consider. This stone also makes the kitchen brighter and can be implemented in different kitchen styles.

Here are several ideas for using tumble marble for kitchen backsplash.

1. Earthy tones to add light in the kitchen

Earthy Tone Tumble Marble Backsplash Ideas

Having a problem with a small kitchen or a little bit dark kitchen? Choosing earthy colors can be one of the tumbled marble backsplash ideas you can try for your kitchen.

There are various color options that you can choose to make the kitchen brighter by installing the suitable colors of tumble marble backsplash.

You can choose several earthy tones such as brown, yellow, blue, or green to add extra light to the kitchen.

These colors give the kitchen a brighter and more airy feeling and add warmth to the room like other typical stones with earthy colors.

You need to make sure that the earthy color of tumbled marble tile you want to use can get along with the color of the kitchen sets or kitchen island.

So, it doesn’t ruin the overall look of the kitchen design.

2. Add kitchen visual interest with tumble marble textures

Tumble Marble Backsplash Texture

Tumbled marble is a well-known type of stone with its unique textures.

Tumbled marble has a fascinating and imperfect look and rough and rustic textures since it is made by tumbling natural marble.

No wonder if tumble marble backsplash ideas match with contemporary to a country kitchen.

There is no similar texture for each tumble marble when it comes to the texture. Each is unique and may show raised imperfections or natural designs that can add visual interest to the kitchen.

It is important to browse various options to decide what tumble marble texture for kitchen backsplash.

You can explore tile stores in your area, stop by home improvement stores, or visit online marble and tile retailers.

Looking at different tumbled stone backsplash pictures can often help you understand what kind of tumble marble is for your kitchen backsplash.

Once you have decided the right texture of tumbled marble for your kitchen, you need to determine how many tumble marble you need.

It is an important consideration because tumble marble is a bit more pricey compared with other types of backsplash materials.

3. Create a timeless and elegant look in the kitchen

Timeless Tumble Marble Backsplash Ideas

It is quite easy to look for tumble marble backsplash ideas because tumble marble is not only elegant but also timeless, making it matches well with different kinds of kitchen designs.

This backsplash material also creates formal and informal ambiance in the kitchen, depending on the design.

Whatever the design of the kitchen is, whether it is traditional or Tuscany, tumble marble works well as a backsplash.

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Even when you want to install this marble stone in a contemporary kitchen, it effectively delivers the ambiance of the kitchen design.

Installing a tumbled marble backsplash in a sleek kitchen with a neutral color. Tumble marble in white color is the perfect pair for this kitchen design.

This option not only makes the kitchen looks cleaner but also brighter.

4. Combine tumbled marble with other materials

Mixed Tumble Marble Backsplash Ideas

Considered a highly subtle material, tumble marble doesn’t provide a glossy or flashy look.

It also doesn’t come with intricate designs or patterns like other materials for the backsplash. This characteristic makes tumble marble even more special.

This condition makes tumble marble serves as a great backdrop for other materials.

For example, combining it with ceramic tiles can be one of the tumbled marble backsplash ideas that are very interesting to try. This combination will add a pop of color and additional texture to the kitchen.

Another option is by combining tumble marble mosaics with recycled glass mosaics. This combination will add depth and interest to the kitchen and add a little bit of vibrant in it.

Combining those two materials is perfect for applying in a rustic design kitchen.

5. Create “Art” for a kitchen backsplash

Art Styled Tumble Marble Backsplash Ideas

As there is no same pattern for each tumble marble stone, it will be easier for you to make a patchwork of patterns with it.

Playing with random colors or patterns of this stone will make your kitchen more interesting. For instance, you can use tumble marble in five different colors for kitchen backsplash.

You can consider the color of your kitchen countertop to choose the right colors for the backsplash.

Pairing a cream countertop with gold or burgundy spots and tumble marbles with beige, creamy, dark red, and caramel belongs to interesting tumble marble backsplash ideas.

For instance, you can use half of the backdrop with creamy beige color to get the richer brown look and use other colors such as dark red, gold, or caramel for the accents.

6. Playing with different shapes

Shaped Tumble Marble Backsplash Ideas

Tumble marble comes in different shapes, such as squares, rectangles, and diamonds. Playing with several shapes at once can be creative tumble marble backsplash ideas to go with.

Even when you use two or three different tumbles, marble shapes work well to add a little bit of art to the backsplash.

For example, you can use diamond shapes stones in the backsplash behind the cooktop area and square shapes behind the sink area. This will create such a different working area on the kitchen countertop.

However, it is essential to make the design for the backsplash previously before you play with its various shapes to make sure that it matches the whole look of the kitchen.

Getting inspiration from tumble marble backsplash ideas will help you work with this stone. It will be easier to select the best design for your kitchen backsplash.

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