Brushed Nickel vs Chrome Finish – Which To Choose For Your Faucet?

brushed nickel vs chrome

The debate of brushed nickel vs chrome finish kitchen faucets is one you’ve probably heard before. The two are often put head to head, with people arguing about which is better.

Chrome vs. Brushed Nickel: A Tale of Two Finishes

When choosing the perfect finish for your bathroom or kitchen fixtures, the decision can be overwhelming. Two popular choices stand out among the vast array of options: brushed nickel and chrome.

While both finishes offer unique charm, you must understand their characteristics and differences before making your final selection.

Of course, there is no correct answer to this question, and in many cases, it will significantly depend on personal preference.

However, there are some interesting facts about each that the avid home splurger might find intriguing, keep reading to learn more.

So, how can you tell brushed nickel and chrome apart?

kitchen and bathroom fixtures

One key distinction lies in their respective undertones. Brushed nickel has a slight yellow hue, while chrome boasts cooler tones, often with a subtle blue tint and shine.

These cool tones and undertones can influence the overall atmosphere of your space, making brushed nickel ideal for creating warm and inviting environments and chrome perfect for those who prefer cooler colors and a more contemporary look.

Brushed Nickel vs Chrome Finish Comparison

Brushed Nickel faucet vs Chrome Finish

We have a detailed guide on kitchen faucet finishes that you can read, but in short, the chrome and brushed nickel finishes are very similar. The two are often used interchangeably.


With its warm and inviting tone, the brushed nickel finish typically features a subtle, matte appearance with a brushed texture that adds depth to any design. Brushed nickel fixtures can effortlessly blend into various design styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Its versatility makes brushed nickel most suitable for bathroom fixtures, faucets, cabinet pulls, towel bars, and other hardware elements.

On the other hand, a chrome finish is known for its polished look, providing a cool aesthetic. The shiny, reflective surface of chrome fixtures finish has long been a staple in bathrooms and kitchens, favored for its ability to complement a wide range of design themes effortlessly.

With their striking appearance, chrome faucets, showerheads, and bathroom accessories can instantly elevate the overall ambiance.

The first difference between these two fixtures is their aesthetic appeal. They both look great, but they have different colours and finish. The chrome kitchen faucet is the more shiny choice, and it can be pretty reflective. The brushed nickel is usually glass-like, and it has a more subdued colour.


Regarding texture, it all depends on your preference and the overall style you wish to achieve in your bathroom or kitchen.

The other important factor in deciding on this style of faucet has to do with sensory comfort.

Many people prefer the chrome finish because it is incredibly comfortable to touch. There is just something about that metal that gives off a smooth, sleek feel. The brushed nickel, on the other hand, has no such texture.

It is softer and a bit more comfortable to hold on to, but it lacks the visual pop of chrome.


The chrome finish often has some coloured plastic, making it easier to tell if you need to remove a faucet handle. The brushed nickel is pretty flat and does not have this feature.

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The price of these two choices is another important factor that will be decisive in your choice.

While both finishes offer excellent quality, the brushed nickel is often a bit less pricey. This is because it is a more typically-used finish, with more manufacturing opportunities for it.

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In terms of availability, both brushed nickel and chrome fixtures can be found in various shapes, sizes, and designs. From bathroom faucets to cabinet pulls, you’ll find an extensive range of options for both finishes to suit your needs and preferences.

The brushed nickel fits into a lot of different kitchen styles. It’s not as flashy as chrome, so it fits into traditional and French kitchen designs.

The chrome finish suits modern designs, so it’s an excellent choice for sleek and contemporary kitchens.


Durability is another factor to consider between these two finishes. Both brushed nickel and chrome are corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for high-moisture environments like bathrooms.

However, Brushed Nickel has an edge in terms of durability, as its long-lasting matte finish, will withstand the test of time.

While Both options are highly durable, the brushed nickel is considered one of the most robust finishes, especially compared to chrome.

That is because chrome tends to chip and scratch, giving you a less beautiful finish over time.


When it comes to cleaning, both finishes are relatively low-maintenance. To clean brushed nickel fixtures, a soft cloth, and mild soap will usually do the trick.

To maintain their shine, a gentle cleaner or a microfiber cloth is recommended for chrome fixtures.

Note! It’s important to note that abrasive cleaners should be avoided for both finishes, as they can potentially damage the surface.

Sensor Technology

Modern chrome and brushed finish faucets can be equipped with motion sensors. It turns on when you move inside of the range of the sensor, and it turns off when you move away. It is a pretty unique product feature and one that could be helpful for a lot of people.

What Should You Choose?

brushed nickel faucet

So, which one should you choose? If you like the more industrial, classic look, you might want to go with the brushed nickel finish. If your style is a bit bolder or more modern, chrome is probably your best bet.

Ultimately, the choice between brushed nickel and chrome boils down to personal taste and overall design goals for your bathroom or kitchen space. Consider the existing color scheme, lighting, and surrounding elements to ensure the finish you select harmonizes with the overall aesthetic.

Whether you opt for the sophisticated and cool look of chrome or the warm and inviting allure of brushed nickel, both finishes will surely enhance the beauty of your home fixtures. With their durability, versatility, and timeless appeal, brushed nickel and chrome are go-to choices for homeowners and designers alike.

So, go ahead and explore the possibilities. Discover the magic of these finishes as you create a bathroom or kitchen space that reflects your style and elevates your daily experiences. Happy decorating!

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