15 Chic Copper Backsplashes Design

Kitchen Corner Sink with Copper Backsplash

Copper backsplashes are becoming more and more popular among homeowners because of their beauty and low cost.

They’re the perfect compromise when you want a beautiful, durable backsplash but can’t afford ceramic or porcelain.

Many copper backsplashes also have a brushed or hammered finish which gives them a unique look.

Copper backsplashes are designed to be mounted on the wall, countertops, or even directly over your stove.

It’s a really affordable alternative to a proper backsplash and doesn’t need to be installed onto the wall as most other backsplashes do. This means that you can cut or scrap it into any shape you want to fit your kitchen.

Why Use Copper Backsplash?

Why Use Copper Backsplash

The copper backsplash is a great choice for kitchens with stainless steel appliances because it will match perfectly.

Copper backsplashes are also a perfect choice for mixing and matching colors since they come in many different shades.

White, gold, black, green, red… there are so many to choose from that you’re guaranteed to find one that matches your kitchen decor perfectly.

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How to Install a Copper Backsplash

How to Install a Copper Backsplash

Many copper backsplashes are designed specifically for mounting to your wall or counter. The copper is coated with another material like resin or epoxy, which keeps the copper from tarnishing and protects it from corrosion.

Copper backsplashes are easy to install. First, make sure you have the right tools on hand and that your walls are clean and ready to accept the backsplash. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Measure where you want the backsplash to be

Measure around the edge of your wall then cut the copper piece to size. You will need an electric drill to help get a clean cut into the copper.

Step 2: Drill a hole for the backsplash

Drill two holes into the wall. One hole should be about 3-4 inches away from the edge of the countertop, and the other hole should be about 1 inch above that one.

Step 3: Attach the backsplash to the wall

Line up the backsplash tile with your holes, then use a screwdriver to fasten the brass brackets through your holes and into the back of each tile. Your backsplash is now ready to go on your wall!

How to Care for Your Copper Backsplash

How to Care for Your Copper Backsplash

Your copper backsplash will need a little bit of upkeep. Here are some tips to help you keep it in pristine condition

  • Use warm water and a soft sponge to wipe the surface clean.
  • Wipe the surface with a dry cloth.
  • Be cautious of using any abrasive products like scouring pads, cleansers, or stove cleaners on your backsplash.
  • They will leave a residue that can cause damage to the copper surface.
  • Clean off any oils, food spills, or other objects stuck on the surface with a soft sponge and warm water.
  • For stubborn stains, you can use a clean cloth soaked in vinegar or lemon juice. Rinse the surface with a clean cloth afterward.
  • Use soap and clean water to wash your copper backsplash regularly.

Copper Backsplash Design

We have some design ideas for you to look at that will show you how you can take your copper backsplash to the next level!

1. Copper Backsplash With Oak Cabinet

Copper Backsplash with Oak

The copper backsplash in this space features a beautiful polished copper pattern contrasted with oak cabinets, white accessories, and a gas stove.

The copper backsplash reflects the natural beauty of the metal in the kitchen while also blending with a classic kitchen space.

2. Unique Pattern

Unique Pattern

The backsplash features an interesting pattern that combines with a wooden cabinet and range hood for an attractive look.

3. Copper Wall Tiles in Kitchen

Copper Wall Tiles in Kitchen

The copper backsplash and decorative wall tiles create a lovely kitchen space with warm wood tones. The metal backsplash also adds some depth of texture and color to a traditional kitchen.

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4. Copper Backsplashes for Modern Kitchens

Copper Backsplashes for Modern Kitchens

Dark blue cabinet highlights, polished copper backsplashes, and black countertops create a classic and modern space.

The copper backsplash is polished to perfection and coordinates well with the dark wood tones of the cabinets.

5. Copper Tile Backsplashes

Copper Tile Backsplashes

Kitchen sink, backsplash, and decorative kitchen tile wall in a single installation.

The smooth, seamless style of polished copper tiles is an attractive feature in this attractive kitchen space.

6. Wood and Copper Backsplash

Wood and Copper Backsplash

This backsplash features a unique combination of copper and wood tiles. The unexpected combination works well and creates a striking look for this kitchen.

7. Black Kitchen Cabinet with Copper Backsplash

Black Kitchen Cabinet with Copper Backsplash

A bold black cabinet with copper accent tiles backsplash creates an interesting kitchen. The contrast between the cabinet color and backsplash tile color makes for an eye-catching space.

8. Minimalist Kitchen with Copper Backsplash

Minimalist Kitchen with Copper Backsplash

Concrete kitchen island and backsplash with a large copper tile. The copper backsplash is paired with a minimalist kitchen design for an interesting space.

9. Copper Tiles Wet Bar Design

Copper Tiles Wet Bar Design

Wet bar with copper backsplash and decorative metal tiles. The copper backsplash adds a unique texture to this wet bar design.

10. Kitchen Corner Sink with Copper Backsplash

Kitchen Corner Sink with Copper Backsplash

A corner sink with a copper backsplash surrounded by beautiful wood cabinets. The copper backsplash creates an interesting design with the clean lines of the kitchen space.

11. Hammered Copper Backsplash

Hammered Copper Backsplash

A hammered copper backsplash creates an interesting texture with the wood cabinetry in this kitchen. The metal is contrasted by the natural white wood colors of the cabinets and countertop.

12. Hexagonal Copper Backsplash

Hexagonal Copper Backsplash

A hexagonal copper backsplash creates a unique look with a combination of white cabinets.

The unique look of the copper is contrasted by the clean lines of the white cabinetry and stainless countertop.

13. Camouflage Copper Backsplash

Camouflage Copper Backsplash

The kitchen cabinet has the same color as the backsplash to match the granite countertop.

The camouflaged copper backsplash creates an interesting look with a wooden cabinet and granite countertop.

14. Minimalist Sink Design with Copper Backsplash

Minimalist Sink Design with Copper Backsplash

The wood-look cabinet creates a clean kitchen space with the matte copper backsplash. The copper backsplash is highlighted by the granite countertop and dark brown cabinets

15. Traditional Kitchen Design with Copper Backsplash


The wood cabinets and copper backsplash create a classic kitchen design. Wood kitchen island and countertop add some detail to the kitchen space.




How to clean copper backsplash?

Backsplashes are exposed to dirt, water stains, and heat. If they are not maintained properly, they can easily rust and corrode. Make sure the backsplash is cleaned regularly with polish or vinegar and water to prevent it from damaging.

How to install copper sheet backsplash?

Cut the copper sheets into different sizes, use a chisel to remove the backing of the sheet, and then stick on the backsplash with glue.

What colors go with a copper backsplash?

It depends on the theme of the kitchen. However, it is suggested to choose colors that complement each other or of similar temperature and color. Choose copper sheet backsplash with a lighter color than the wall, countertops, and cabinets.

Can you paint a copper backsplash?

Yes, you can have your backsplash painted for a more glossy look. However, it will take you some time to complete the task because you need to wait for the paint to dry completely and then apply it again onto the area after removing the copper back.

Where to buy copper backsplash?

Your best place to buy your copper backsplash is at your local hardware store. If you plan to order a large stock, you might want to contact a local distributor or wholesaler.

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