Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes: Get the Right Number for You

FeastHome – Knowing the standard kitchen cabinet sizes and dimensions can help you create a highly functional kitchen.

It is no secret that cabinets are available in a range of dissimilar sizes. Hence, what are the most appropriate dimensions to pick and how can you discover the right ones for your kitchen?

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when you are planning to design a perfect kitchen from a scratch or remodeling the existing one.

Read on to find out those key factors and other important things related to the standard kitchen cabinet sizes.

How to Determine the Best Sizes for Your Kitchen Cabinet

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes

One of the easiest ways to determine the best size for your cabinet is from the kitchen appliances. Typically, they come in standard dimensions and will infrequently break the norms.

You should figure out the standard sizes for a range, dishwasher, and refrigerator as references. Since these appliances often feature different models, make sure to double-check the dimensions.

For instance, a freestanding range shares a standard size of 30 inches wide with a slide-in model. However, the usual dimension of a cooktop range may vary between 30 and 36 inches.

Once you have discovered all the average dimensions of your appliances, it will be easier to find out the best sizes for your kitchen cabinet.

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The Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes for Your Ease Reference

Kitchen Cabinet Ideal Sizes

Instead of being too adventurous with your cabinet sizes, going with the standard dimensions will be a lot easier.

If you are not a professional contractor or architect, determining the right size of kitchen cabinets will become a great challenge.

Imagine that a few erroneous numbers can result in the loss of a spice rack, lazy susan, or even a drawer bank.

Price, usage, and style can be important when selecting cabinetry, but the size remains the most significant part of your journey.

Luckily, the following list of standard kitchen cabinet sizes will help you have an easier route to your perfect cooking space.

1. Standard Sizes of Base Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Ideal Sizes

Base cabinets refer to the parts that hold up the majority of weight in your kitchen. They become the foundation of your countertops and general kitchen appliances.

Typically, these cabinets will come with one drawer on top and shelves underside. You may also find one that has a bank of drawers underneath.

As the name suggests, base cabinets will become the foundation for everything else in your kitchen, making them essential in the initial part of designing or remodeling the room.

The standard kitchen cabinet sizes for the base are about 30 to 42 inches wide. However, you may find them offered in multiples of 3.

In the market, base kitchen cabinets are available in the size of 6 to 42 inches wide depending on their usage.

Meanwhile, the standard height of base cabinets is around 34 inches high, excluding the countertops. The door is mostly 24 inches high and the toe kick’s height is approximately 4 inches.

If you get a base cabinet with a bank of drawers, the height of the top drawer is around 6 inches while the bottom two shelves measure 12 inches high.

Moreover, the standard kitchen cabinet sizes for a base piece are typically 24 inches deep, excluding the countertop.

Along with the countertop, you will get around 1 to 2 inches added to your base cabinet’s depth.

While determining the right base cabinets, remember to take your sink, refrigerator, and stove into account as these are the most used workstations in any kitchen.

After establishing the work triangle, you can move on to get extra cabinets like tall, corner, or wall models.

In addition to the regular base cabinets, it is also important to know about the standard kitchen cabinet sizes for lazy susan and blind corner models.

  • The Sizes of Blind Corner Base Cabinet

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes

Because of their plumbing setting or space availability, some kitchens cannot afford to have a lazy susan. Meanwhile, many people may simply use the corner for other things and the rest just do not want to waste it.

If you decide to include another cabinet in this area, a blind corner model is right for your kitchen. It offers a great alternative to make use of that awkward space.

As the name suggests, some parts of the cabinet stay concealed from the view. However, it still utilizes the space.

You can transform it into an awesome storage unit by installing pull-out shelves or ones that offer multiple trays.

The standard kitchen cabinet sizes for this item are not completely different from other base cabinets. Its height is around 34.5 inches with a toe-kick of around 4 inches.

A blind corner base cabinet typically has a door that is 24 inches tall and 15 inches wide. Different from lazy susan, it comes with a drawer that is 6 inches tall and 15 inches wide.

Meanwhile, the standard width of a blind corner cabinet is 36 inches wide. You need to pull out the cabinet 6 inches from your wall to provide space for the door clearance.

Similar to the depth of a standard base cabinet, this unit is also 24 inches deep. It is because of the concealed storage that is still accessible inside.

  • The Sizes of Lazy Susan Base Cabinet

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes

Lazy susan is another cabinet that can occupy space in the corner of your kitchen. It makes a great choice with its L-shaped design and one shelf inside.

The standard kitchen cabinet sizes for lazy susan are 34 inches high, 33 to 36 inches wide, and 24 inches deep.

For a 36-inch cabinet, the bifold doors measure 12 inches wide while they are 9 inches wide for a 33-inch unit.

This cabinet offers two turntables to save bigger utensils and allow for easy access. It features a full-height door measuring 30 inches tall.

2. Standard Sizes of Tall Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Ideal Sizes

Tall kitchen cabinets are available in three standard heights, including 96, 90, and 84 inches. These units are ceiling-to-floor models with the top of their piece aligned with the crown of your wall cabinetry.

When it comes to the standard kitchen cabinet sizes, this model is indeed unlike the others. Its height is split into two parts that measure differently.

The bottom part of tall kitchen cabinets is 54 inches high with a door height of 49.5 inches and a toe-kick of 4 and half inches. This portion typically comes with two adjustable shelves inside.

Meanwhile, the height of the top half varies between 42, 36, and 30 inches. If you get the one with the size of 30 or 36 inches high, the cabinets will come with two adjustable shelves.

For the one with 42 inches high, you can expect three adjustable shelves.

Then, the depth of tall kitchen cabinets is typically 24 inches to match the deepness of standard kitchen cabinet sizes.

However, you can also find a 12-inch variety that is commonly utilized for pantry cabinets. Many homeowners take advantage of this model to store their goods.

If you take the one that has 24 inches deep, it will make a good place for various utility cabinets like appliances, mops, and brooms.

To boost the functionality of your 24-inch-deep cabinets, consider adding pull-out and slider hardware.

When it comes to width, the standard kitchen cabinet sizes are available in three common sizes, including 30, 24, and 18 inches wide.

For a pantry cabinet, there is a variety that is 12 inches wide as well.

In case you plan to have pull-outs or additional storage on the doors, consider taking the tall cabinet that has 36 inches wide.

3. Standard Sizes of Wall Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Ideal Sizes

As the name implies, this cabinet unit is mounted to the wall and is typically used to store kitchen supplies, such as dishes and cups.

It is usually mounted directly to your wall studs with screws. However, it is also possible to suspend it from the ceiling if you are creating a bank of upper cabinets above an island or peninsula.

The height of this cabinet varies based on the ceiling and the clearance of your counter that commonly measures between 15 and 18 inches.

You can find this cabinet available in several height options, including 42, 36, and 30 inches. The 42-inch unit will align at 96 inches while the 30-inch and 36-inch models align at around 84 to 90 inches.

In terms of width, the standard kitchen cabinet sizes for this unit range in multiples of three. You can find it in a size of 9 to 36 inches.

If you get the one that measures 9 to 21 inches, it tends to come with a single door while the rest features two doors.

Wall kitchen cabinets tend to have 12 inches deep. However, a model designed for above the refrigerator is typically 12 to 24 inches deep.

A 24-inch wall cabinet, in particular, will require a refrigerator panel or a wall on its side to handle the weight.

The Bottom Line

Kitchen Cabinet Ideal Sizes

Now that you know the basic dimensions, starting to choose the style and color of your cabinet must sound good.

Since it will become a part of your showpiece, make sure to pick the right cabinets for your kitchen. You may like to add in-cabinet lighting or glass inserts for this purpose.

However, knowing the standard kitchen cabinet sizes can assist you to start with the design. Ask a professional if you want to verify these numbers to save your whole project from an unfavorable mistake.

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