7 Best Marble Countertop Alternatives That Look Stunning

Marble Countertop Alternatives

Countertops are one of the most important parts of a kitchen because they provide a surface for everything. A gentle curve is molded into the countertop to create a natural, comfortable sweep.

When choosing a countertop material, such as marble, it is important to remember that marble is a porous material that requires regular maintenance. It does, however, have a unique style that makes it a favorite among homeowners.

Some marble countertop alternatives meet the same, if not greater, aesthetic and functionality as marble.

Some examples of these alternatives include quartz, concrete, and so on. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, but many are tough enough to be used in place of marble.

Why You Might Not Want Marble Countertops

Best Marble Countertop Alternatives

Marble is a natural stone that can be quarried from mountains and used to make beautiful things, but it’s also expensive, not always durable, and requires tons of maintenance. Here we’ll give you some reason why marble might not be for you.

Marble Countertops Cost

Cost is one of the biggest problems with marble. It’s popular to use in kitchens and bathrooms because it’s a beautiful stone carved into stunning designs, but it can also cost thousands of dollars per square foot to purchase and install.

Marble Countertops Durability

In high-traffic areas, marble countertops might not be the best option because they are prone to scratching and chipping. This is not always a concern in areas like the kitchen or bathroom where people do more cooking and washing up, but it’s still something to consider.

Marble Countertops Maintenance

Marble needs to be maintained regularly to keep it looking beautiful. It’s porous, so it can stain if not cleaned correctly, and the grout between the tiles can also stain if it’s not taken care of on time.

Best Marble Alternatives

Many different types of stone can be used as alternatives to marble, but what you choose really depends on what you want the countertop to look like.

1. Faux Marble

Marble Countertop Alternatives

Faux marble has different colors and is usually more matte in appearance than actual marble. It’s great for someone looking for something that looks natural or who wants to keep the price down.

Faux marble is also easy to maintain and very durable. It’s heavier than marble, which is actually a plus because it’s less likely to scratch or chip.

2. Neolith

Marble Countertop Alternatives

Neolith is made from 100% artificial stone, and it can be mixed with marble to create a realistic look. It’s typically more durable than faux marble and is easy for the homeowner to maintain.

Neolith is also a great alternative for those who have marble countertops in their bathrooms but want them to look stone-like.

3. White Concrete

Best Marble Countertop Alternatives

White concrete is much the same as natural concrete, but it’s eroded to resemble marble. It’s great for homes with small kitchens and bathrooms since the cost is low, and it can have a natural look if you want.

4. Quartz

Marble Countertop Alternatives

Quartz is a natural stone made up of microscopic quartz crystals. It’s typically used in walls for soundproofing so that it can have the same look as marble, and it’s usually less expensive than marble as well.

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5. Quartzite

Best Marble Countertop Alternatives

Quartzite is another natural stone made from quartz that’s not as porous as regular quartz. It can be used on countertops or walls, and it’s also slightly less expensive than marble.

6. Granite

Marble Countertop Alternatives

Granite is another common stone that can be used as a countertop alternative. It’s more expensive than quartz, but it’s fairly durable and doesn’t soak up stains.

7. Onyx

Marble Countertop Alternatives

Onyx is a variety of limestone that can be used as a countertop alternative. It’s very durable and will not absorb stains like marble.

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Other Solid Surface Options for Countertops

There are many different types of solid surfaces for countertops, and they all have their pros and cons that can affect the overall look of the space.

Ceramic or Porcelain

These types of countertops are typically made from clay and the highest quality is porcelain. They can cost more than many other options, but they have a high-gloss finish and are durable.


IceStone is a solid surface that has a marble-like appearance. It’s scratch-resistant and can be used in high-traffic areas. It’s less expensive than ceramic, but it can be slippery.

Solid Surface

This type of countertop is typically made from glass, stone, or stone resin. It looks like marble and can be used in a variety of ways. It’s also scratch-resistant and easy to clean.


Which countertop is easiest to maintain?

All countertop options break down in the same way, but some are easier to maintain than others. Natural stone is one of the most maintenance-intensive on the market. While it can look spectacular, the problem is that granite and marble are both very porous and will stain easily, often requiring additional sealing to keep them looking shiny and new. This is a huge downside for many people because sealing can be an expensive process that is needed almost monthly.

What is a less expensive alternative to marble?

A less expensive alternative to marble is quartz, a natural stone that can have the same look and feel as other types of marble.

Is there fake marble?

Yes, there are even much fake marble and faux marble copies.

What countertop looks most like marble?

The look and feel of granite and quartz are closer to marble than most other options.

What does artificial marble mean?

Artificial marble is a great name for an artificial material that looks similar to natural stone but can have many different characteristics.

How does artificial marble compare to real marble?

There are actually many different types of artificial marble. It can be made from quartz, concrete, or any other resin or material that looks real.

What are the different types of marbles called?

The different types of marbles are called Marmorino, Calacatta, White Carrara, and Bianco Statuario.

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