7 Art Deco Kitchen Design and Decor Idea

Art Deco Kitchen

Choosing design elements for your kitchen can be tough. There are so many styles and much confusion about what is “in” for the kitchen.

If you want to add your own personal touch to your cooking area, art deco is a great place to start.

Art deco kitchen designs are bold, modern, and clean. Art deco’s clean lines and symmetry can make a small kitchen look bigger, and the stylized design elements add visual interest.

Let’s take a closer look at some aspects of art deco design and how they can be applied to your kitchen.

What is Art Deco Design?

Art Deco Kitchen

The art deco design is a distinctive style of geometric lines, asymmetrical features, and bright colors that came to prominence in the 1920s. It is the most striking example of the modernist movement’s impact on interior design.

Art deco was born in Paris during the 1920s and quickly spread throughout Europe and then the world. The style’s sharp architectural details, geometric shapes, and chrome colors made it the perfect modernist aesthetic adaptable to any room.

The art deco style was characterized by geometric lines, asymmetrical features, and bright colors. The furniture used in this style was usually made from high-quality materials such as French walnut and rosewood veneers. The furniture design also included a unique architectural detail that was often a column or pilaster.

The art deco style was used in apartments and many homes throughout Europe. The style was also used in hotels and office buildings worldwide, but it gained the most traction in the United States.

Many businesses incorporated the art deco design into their buildings. However, it was most popular in restaurants and bars, where customers sought to experience a dazzling experience.

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How to Design and Decorate an Art Deco Kitchen?

Art Deco Kitchen

An art deco kitchen is a functional room with immense functionality and looks trendy as well. It not only looks good but is also a pride of many house owners. An art deco kitchen is the best choice for those who want to add an element of retro style to their home décor.

First of all, a perfect art deco kitchen is one with sleek and streamlined furniture, neat and clean walls, shiny and elegant floors. It should also have a décor that complements the art deco style.

The kitchen cabinets, drawers, and doors should be made of dark wood such as mahogany or walnut. The colors should be bright and bold; dark blue or green are some of the best choices. The floor should also match the upper color scheme.

Walls should be in different shades of blue or green with the furniture and flooring being white. The shades of blue should be a little darker than the floor color, while that of the green should be a little lighter. The colors should be creating a dynamic contrast throughout the kitchen.

Art deco kitchen designed with wooden cabinets and tile flooring should also have stylish and bright lighting fixtures. The lighting should be in such a way that it can be dimmed and brightened when required. LED lighting is a good option for this.

Art Deco Kitchen Design Ideas

There is a lot of inspiration to uncover concerning art deco kitchen design ideas. Fortunate for you, we have gathered some of the most spectacular pieces of art deco kitchen design ideas for your review.

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Art deco kitchen cabinet ideas

Art Deco Kitchen

Art deco kitchen with wooden cabinets should also have wall decorations. These wall decorations should be art deco paintings or pictures that match the décor. They can be of great value or just decorative pieces. These art deco decorations can be hung on the walls to enhance the overall décor.

Art deco kitchen table ideas

Art Deco Kitchen

Appropriate art deco kitchen table ideas can also be considered. The art deco kitchen should have an art deco table as well to match the overall décor. This table should be very similar to the style of the chairs used in the dining room.

Art deco kitchen light fixtures

Art Deco Kitchen

The lights that are located in a modern art deco kitchen should be art deco lights. These lights are chrome in color and will match the décor of a kitchen that is painted in colors of grey, brown, white, or black.

Art deco kitchen tiles ideas

Art Deco Kitchen

The tiles located in an art deco kitchen should also be very similar to the décor of the walls. They should have geometric patterns and be of varying shades of green, brown, and grey.

Art deco kitchen backsplash ideas

Art Deco Kitchen Design

The backsplash located in a modern art deco kitchen should have the same color as the walls. The light color of the walls will make up for the dark colors of a backsplash. A glass mosaic should be used to make this backsplash.

Art deco kitchen faucet ideas

Art Deco Kitchen

The art deco faucet of a modern art deco kitchen should be very similar to the décor. It should have geometric patterns and be of varying shades of green, brown, and grey.

Art deco kitchen island ideas

Art Deco Kitchen Design

An art deco kitchen island is the focal point of the room. This island also acts as a countertop for your stovetop or as storage for foodstuffs.


How about a classy and masculine touch to an art deco space?

An art deco pendant light with the centerpiece of bronzed glass and the metal frame is a good idea for this. It should be in a square or rectangular shape to give it a masculine feel. It will look stunning in the living room or dining room.

What elements define an art deco kitchen?

An art deco kitchen should have strong geometric lines and minimal decoration to make it look sleek and sleek. A high-quality laminate flooring and wood cabinets for the kitchen wall will give it a bold look and classy appeal.

How to include art deco in your interior?

It can be done by using a color palette consisting of dark blues and greens and using art deco furniture like the freestanding console table and art deco cabinets that stand out in the room. Light-colored tiles on the floors will bring in a contrasting look.

What’s not to love about art deco?

It adds a lot of personality to your home with its bold and geometric shapes and non-combustible materials. What’s more, it was revolutionary in its time.

How can we apply art deco to today’s neo-20s interiors?

There are several ways to create an art deco look for today’s homes. A mix of the old and the new is what you can work for. Use modern and bold furniture along with old-fashioned art deco pieces to create an unusual look.

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