Kitchen Details That Will Make You Say ‘Wow’

FeastHome – What’s a home without a kitchen? This room is so quintessential that it makes sense to invest in keeping it modern, clean, functional, and attractive.

Most people will start a redesign project by considering the colors and appliances. While you can add as many items and details as you wish, kitchens are primarily functional. Focusing on the layout can do wonders for your overall results. The details add the cherry on top.

Today, we bring you the best kitchen design tips. We’ll also suggest some details that add to that ‘wow’ effect.

A Word on Kitchen Layout Triangle

It’s critical that you’re able to move around your kitchen, access tight spots, and work with people. Ideally, the layout will maximize movement and promote multifunctionality.

A fantastic approach to reaching this goal is the ‘kitchen work triangle,’ which relies on the room’s three critical elements – the sink, refrigerator, and stove. A triangular arrangement lets you move seamlessly between these three areas.

Going for Multifunctionality

Over the years, kitchens stopped being only the practical spots for cooking. They became more versatile, serving as points of relaxation and fun as well. So, modern designers emphasize an open and inviting atmosphere.

A kitchen island with seating creates an environment of socialization and coziness – great for parties and family gatherings.

Making Details Match

Ideally, every aspect of the kitchen, from the appliances to the countertops, will accentuate the space’s appearance. If you’re remodeling, try to find details that match your home’s interior features, such as the size, ceiling height, and natural light sources.

It’s much easier to purchase elements that fit than to try to make different, mismatched pieces work together. For example, if your dining area is all dark wood and deep reds, don’t go for a bright, minimalist kitchen.

The Cupboard Effect

Cupboards are a critical detail that gives a professional touch to any room.

When it comes to the practical side of things, organize them according to how you use the space. Situate items that you commonly need near each other and make them reachable.

From an aesthetic perspective, clear, well-organized cupboards make a massive difference in how modern your kitchen seems.

As one best online cabinets shop explains, light cupboards make the room seem more open and airy; an excellent solution for stuffy, smaller spaces. Darker ones work better with broader, well-lit rooms.

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Finally, keeping them clean is the best way to enhance the look of your cabinets. A matt finish over the kitchen elements can help prevent greasy fingerprints and give your kitchen a slicker look. If you go for gloss, choose paler colors to avoid streaks.

Sprinkling Details on Top

The accessories you add to the kitchen depend on its size, layout, and color, but some fundamental principles can help you make the best choices.

The new trend of white furniture is fantastic, as it lets you accessorize easily. You can add a statement dining table, a bright floor, or other vivid elements that’ll still fit while not making it seem over-the-top.

Moreover, overhead lighting is enough in most rooms, but not in the kitchen. You don’t want to cast a shadow over the workspace every time you approach it. So, under-cabinet lights could be a huge boost, aesthetically and functionally.

If you don’t enjoy the look of appliances, you could hide them with paneling. It creates a clean, balanced look, uninterrupted by stainless steel, especially if you’re going for a warmer design. You could also conceal the microwave in a wall cabinet with a lift-up door.

Regarding trash, don’t forget to leave sufficient room for recycling and garbage cans. Depending on the rest of the room, you could choose a cleverly built-in compartment behind a cabinet door or a sleek can that complements the place’s high-tech look.

Tech Extras

Finally, modern additions to the kitchen can improve its appearance and functionality.

Pop-Up Sockets and Chargers

Kitchens are all about ease of use, and they need a lot of power. Sockets at convenient places improve multifunctionality and reduce clutter.

You can even build USB ports into your kitchen socket boards. Listening to music while cooking has never been easier.

Electric-Opening Cabinets

If you’re big on minimalism, you’ll love electric-opening cabinets, eradicating the need for handles. All you need to do is touch such a door, and it’ll open. Plus, it can help a lot when you’re cooking, and your hands are messy.

Final Thoughts

Finally, don’t forget that the details that’ll amaze you depend on your taste and preferences.

If you’re looking to get inspired, the ideas we listed are an excellent place to start. Still, you can go out of your way with flowers, rags, and a mug board if you want – it’s your kitchen, so make it fabulous for you.

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