5 Interesting Artsy Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen

FeastHome – Kitchen decor and design are continuously evolving. Designers are exploring how to make this space feel more liveable, especially as home sizes get smaller. And why not? After all, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home.

Now you can leave the mass-produced food prints and cliche “eat” signs in the past where they belong. Here are five interesting, artsy ways to decorate your kitchen.

Utensil and Dish Storage as Art

Living in a home with a small kitchen doesn’t have to be a design nightmare. In fact, it’s an opportunity to combine fashion and functionality in an artistic way. Rather than hiding your dishes and utensils away in the cupboard, display them on the wall with open shelving, hooks, and clips in an artistic arrangement.

Create a wall of mugs or arrange your colorful seasonal plates to fill a blank wall. Get crafty by upcycling wooden utensils, dipping the handle in paint to suit your decor scheme. Use vertical space to your advantage when creating storage displays.

Custom Paintings and Pieces

One of the burgeoning interior design trends in recent years is to display gorgeous works of custom art in the kitchen. While these pieces were typically relegated to bedrooms and living rooms, displaying custom art is a unique way to breathe new life into the kitchen.

Use Instapainting to commission one of your cherished memories or photos into a custom piece of art. You can also upcycle thrift store finds or find a piece celebrating a local artist at a market. Arrange a few paintings on a small shelf away from moisture and temperature fluctuations or use an oversized piece to fill an entire wall.

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Oversized Paper Flowers

Paper flowers were a big hit in wedding and event decor in recent years. They’ve also made their way into kitchens as a creative alternative to floral prints and wallpaper.

Create an arrangement of oversized paper flowers on an open wall. You can swap these out seasonally for a creative array that’s always fresh and eye-catching. If florals aren’t your taste, use handcrafted pinwheels as a whimsical alternative.

Graffiti-Inspired Wall Art

Chalkboard walls are overdone, especially in a kitchen. Instead, designate an accent wall for a graffiti-inspired mural that looks fantastic with any color or design scheme. The graffiti art can add a funky, artistic twist on traditional kitchen art, depicting images of food, coffee cups, utensils, and kitchen-related words.

Graffiti art looks particularly fantastic in industrial-inspired decor schemes as well as traditional subway tile and white ceramic kitchen themes.

Shadow Box Faux Fruit

Having a bowl of fake fruit is a design trend of a bygone era. For a fun, modern twist on this look, place faux fruit in matching shadowboxes to display on the wall. This artsy kitchen decor looks incredible with the popular all-white kitchen trend, adding a fresh pop of color that draws the eye.

You can accentuate your shadow boxes with a clear vase filled with faux citrus fruit to complete the look.

Stop thinking of your kitchen as a purely functional space and start considering how you can make it a relaxing retreat within your home. Get creative and showcase your personality in this oft-overlooked space.

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