10 Copper Kitchen Design for A Warm Kitchen

Copper kitchen design

FeastHome – Do you want a warm atmosphere to be present in the kitchen at your house? Then, copper kitchen design may be suitable for you. Both the copper colors and the material itself will make your kitchen looks so warm.

Moreover, a copper design is able to be combined with various styles and element. So that you do not have to be worried about your kitchen will be looked plain and flat.

Check these inspirations of a copper kitchen design below.

1. Mediterranean Copper Kitchen

Copper kitchen design

This kitchen is dominated by the copper color and natural wood color, making this area looks very warm. The natural pattern of the wooden floor is kept in order to bring a natural touch to this kitchen.

The French glass window and the unique faucet make the Mediterranean style so strong. And the copper design is strengthened by using the sink made from a copper material.

But the patterned kitchen wall and marble countertop are used in order to bring a little bit touch of modern style so that the area will not be looked boring.

2. Modern Natural Copper Kitchen

Copper kitchen design

tobeagirl.orgThe natural colors from the wood material and copper material blend very well in this copper kitchen design. And look at the dried leaf patterned kitchen wall, brings a unique view in this area.

The copper sink is so beautiful. It looks like it is made from a melt lava because of the color and the pattern. The copper sink also has quite a large area, making it easy for the householders to prepare or garnish the meal.

Besides modern and natural, this kitchen idea also looks so elegant.

3. Victorian Copper Kitchen

Copper kitchen design

macdgran.comThe selection of copper tone added with the lighting carry the perfect elegance in this kitchen. Look at the patterned kitchen wall, making the elegant style even stronger.

The householders place the faucet in a unique way. All the copper elements in this kitchen beautifully match with the white wall built-in cabinets. Even though the stainless steel stove is used, it does not ruin the elegance of this kitchen.

The small marble countertop with copper color is installed in order to maintain the copper design.

4. Farmhouse Copper Kitchen

Copper kitchen design

uebeautymaestro.coFor you who love a traditional and rural style, this copper kitchen idea may be suitable for you. With the unfinished touch, this kitchen looks beautifully traditional. It is suitable for you who want to feel like being in a small village.

The unfinished touch kitchen cabinets and old look copper kitchen walls, make the rural style feels really strong in this area. The stainless steel stove and oven cannot even break the traditional and rural style.

And as you can see, an alarm clock is used instead of a wall clock! This kitchen is very unique indeed.

5. Fancy Copper Kitchen

Copper kitchen design

neytri.netOne word about this copper kitchen design: fancy. This kitchen looks so fancy because of the light copper used. The dim lights that reflect the marble countertop make this kitchen look even fancier.

The sink which is made from a copper material strengthen the copper design. The decorative dish is placed in order to bring out the style in this kitchen.

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Moreover, the plaid patterned kitchen wall blends prettily with the natural pattern of the marble countertop.

6. Chic Copper Kitchen

Copper kitchen design

convencionhispana.orgYou may wonder; is this kitchen design able to be called as copper kitchen design? Actually, the householders carry the copper design in a unique way, they use a copper material in some elements.

Such as the hanging lamps, the mugs, and the faucet. The white color that dominates the area makes this kitchen looks very chic. But the classic copper hanging lamps add a classy touch to this kitchen.

The glass wall built-in kitchen cabinets are used in order to display the beautiful kitchen sets. So that it can also be used as the wall decoration.

The white flower pot is beautifully placed side by side with the kitchen utensils above the stove, bringing a sweet look to this chic kitchen.

7. Charming Copper Kitchen

Copper kitchen design

standalonepost.comThis kitchen area looks mysteriously charming because of the perfect blend of copper-colored countertops and black kitchen cabinets.

The black kitchen cabinets and grey kitchen wall and floor make it looks modern, added by the glass wine and sophisticated oven and microwave.

The unique hanging lamps and neon lights strengthen the mysterious and modern look in this area. This kitchen has a lot of kitchen cabinets in order to store the kitchen sets and kitchen utensils so that it looks neat and clean.

8. Simple Small Copper Kitchen

Copper kitchen design

deavita.netAgain, the copper design is brought in a uniquely different way. The householders take out the copper style by using the copper round hanging lamps.

The shiny hanging lamps are placed right under the big light so that they can be the kitchen decorations as well that reflect the area. Even though this kitchen is small, it is still practical to do the cooking activity.

The dining area is placed in the same area like the kitchen area in front of the sink. Making it easy to put the dirty dishes. The stove, sink, and dining table are also close to each other. The bar dining chairs are used in order to add a modern look to this kitchen.

9. Wood Copper Kitchen

Copper kitchen design

www.internalhome.comThe shiny copper hanging lamps match perfectly with the wood material which dominates this kitchen. The householders choose the light natural wood tone in order to make the area looks warm and homey.

The natural wood pattern is even maintained so that the warm and traditional style is being kept. Look at the candle, so traditional.

But the black dining chairs are placed in order to add colors besides the natural wood color so that this area will look less boring and flat.

10. White Copper Kitchen

Copper kitchen design

elledecoration.co.ukThe copper is used for the kitchen walls and countertop, making it quite dominates the area. A rack is placed above the sink to store the glass which can be a display as well. The white kitchen cabinets add the brightness of this kitchen.

Copper design can bring various style. If you properly combine it with other elements, it will create an amazing kitchen in your house.

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